Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Mother Nature

At some point in time, every woman has this innate need to have a child. And it doesn’t matter if we hate kids, or they annoy the shit out of us, whatever – there’ll always come a day when you look at a Pampers commercial and drool “aaawww I want one of those”. Like I said, it’s innate. Blame it on the E-E-E-E-E-Estrogen (Jamie Fox eat your heart out) and Progesterone ok.

My recent bout of broodiness is quite disturbing, especially since I’ve taken to more erm... botanical elements to compensate for what I’m so obviously lacking. See, when some people get lonely or broody they get pets like Dogs, Cats, Parrots…you name it. But I’m completely averse to the animal kingdom and quite frankly anything that breathes and isn’t human freaks me out.

So I’ve taken to more ‘earthy’ alternatives and have begun adopting potted flowers and so far, I have two beautiful healthy kids. It began after Augusts’ challenge, when I invested some time and effort in the development of my little herb garden. Soon after the completion of my little project, I began to yearn for something more pretty. Red and pretty to be precise.

When I was an annoying kid myself, my Grandmother had a huge Hibiscus tree in her courtyard. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and every spring/summer, I’d wait for the tree to sprout its gorgeous red flowers and spent hours in complete awe of it. I’d always pick one of the flowers, and place it strategically, just behind my right ear, in the black ocean of curls that is my hair. I can remember that feeling of splendor, reveling in the notion that I was some tropical island princess every time.

Those are some of the best memories from my childhood and the beauty lies in its simplicity…the best things in life are indeed free, or they belong to someone else. Anyway, for years after my Grandmother passed away, I wanted a Hibiscus tree, but it just never happened. The red hibiscus eventually became my ‘favourite flower’ even making its debut as the National Flower of The Promised Land.

Then about a month ago, while I was casually strolling through the mall, I saw a tiny version of the tree at a Florist. It was embedded in a pot with a single red flower in bloom. I knew right then, that I had to have her no matter what. And what a pretty penny she cost too…but it was like love at first sight. I named her Arabella, took her home and had her planted in a nice little spot where I can see her. Hopefully, she’ll grow nice and strong and one day gives me hundreds of pretty flowers to gawk at.

It didn’t end there. This past weekend, I was once again strolling along on my merry way, when I saw my second love. She was just sitting there on a shelf with her contemporaries, with three violet flowers in bloom, looking all forlorn and lonely and it just felt right. She is known as a Gloxinia and I had to adopt her too; had her wrapped up, named her Illyria, and brought her home with me. Her spot has been picked out and hopefully, she too will give me many years of botanical bliss.

So who needs whiny messy kids and pets that eat everything and shit it out later, when you can have two beautiful plants that demand nothing from you except your unconditional love and water. I think I’m good, for now anyway.


  1. Your words bring such vivad images 2 mind! Love this post

  2. lol! beautifully written Azra... although- even flowers wont give you the same joy your baby will :-D for one.. they can kiss you! or hold you tight, or tell the whole world in so many mumbles and ga ga baby talk that their mum is the shizzle! Aaahhh tis wonderful... you fall in love every day!

  3. Princess - Thank you :)

    Zahera - I'll take your word on Motherhood. My flowers still make me very happy though :D

  4. Oh hun you're not the only one that is broody. I swear it's gotten to the point where I might actually work out of the shop with someone else's kid.

  5. LOL! YAY! THANK GOD. Because I've been feeling the exact same way lately, and after reading this post, my ovaries finally shut the hell up. I'll go grow some bonsai trees or something. ;)