Monday, 30 November 2009


I’ve always wanted to go on one of those Hot Air Balloon rides and decided to make it one of my challenges at some point in time. The perfect opportunity came earlier this month, when I was informed of a Fair offering Hot Air Balloon rides set deep in the country, about 35km's from Johannesburg.Never having been to a real Country Fair before, I thought it would be interesting and it was. There were stalls selling home-made cakes and other treats, as well as other stalls selling everything from snakes to bonsai trees and little trinkets.
Some of the activities on offer included horse-rides, camel-rides and even an electric bull. Fun times. Sadly though, on account of the erratic weather they decided not to operate the Hot Air Balloons and I was more than mildly disappointed. But there’s always a next time.

Then, this past weekend I was dragged off to watch the next installment of the Twilight series, New Moon. And boy, it has a large following. Not just teeny-bopper girls but women and men of all ages too. Tickets were sold out almost everywhere and I had to drive to three different Malls to see if I could make any bookings. We eventually got to see it with a rather boisterous and interactive audience. I’ve never laughed so much for a movie that’s supposed to be quite morbid and serious:

Jacob: Bella, do you like me?
Chick in Audience: Boy I’ll like you if she won’t

Girls in audience moan, grunt & whistle saying things like “Hello baby Jake”

Another girl in audience: Huh-uh don’t fight boys, plenty to go around.

Needless to say, it was very very entertaining. I’m not a Twilight fan at all, but I can see the appeal. And according to most, the movie kept with most of the book’s references, unlike Twilight the movie. I wouldn’t know because I hadn’t read the books and I don’t intend to. Firstly, Edward Cullen has the cheesiest lines ever. And like I said on my Facebook status…it’s not even good cheese like Camembert or Edam or Chedder or Gouda…or even that stinky Brie. It’s more like Melrose cheese spread, or Laughing Cow processed cheese cubes, or even those cans of aerosol cheese. Maybe if I was 16 and not so cynical or tainted by the world, I’d have been one of those women swooning over Edward Cullen (although that Jasper is quite the looker too). It was still palatable though. And I’ll go and watch all the sequels. After all who can resist watching half naked men prancing around in their six-packs, promising to love you (& Bella) forever. Yeah, I like processed cheese. Especially on toast.


  1. i happen to like melrose.

    did you ride the bull?

  2. I'm sorry you missed the balloon ride. Weather is fickle

  3. That's one thing I still want to do. Hot air balloon rides. So Morantic :)

    It is full of cheese! The books are worse. I actually read them thinking that books are normally better than movies, but I was wrong.
    I think it helps to enjoy it with an interactive audience - especially if you're not so into the whole storyline :)

  4. MJ - What do you think? :D

    LL - I can't wait to go on one. I'm busy looking for another company that operates them :)

    Fatima - Cheese Curls :D But like I said, I can see the appeal. 10 years ago it was Britney and Justin. People always need to obsess over something and get all emo and stuffs :) Hope Boston is treating you well ;)