Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Evacuate The Dancefloor

So true to my word and in keeping with my festive spirit, when I encountered a small group of 6 year old kids yesterday (who were campaigning and raising funds for Cancer Research), I made them dance for their donation. My sister said I was horrible and it was akin to prostitution... but it really couldn't have been that bad because two of them were laughing hysterically before they finally started shaking their little asses. They were so cute, I even took pics and made them promise to come visit me so we can dance some more.

I don't know what it is about dancing that makes me love it so much but ever since I was a child, I LOVED it. I think my first influence was Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean" Live in concert... the King of the dance floor. Then as I grew, I really really wanted to be a backup dancer for one of Janet Jackson's tours. The dancers always looked like they had the most fun on tour.

My love for dancing is the reason I love Britney Spears so much, because from the younger generation, she’s a superb performer, and I don’t give a rats ass that she lip syncs etc. because I want to see her dance and sing effortlessly, not huff and puff around on stage. Very very few people can command an audience the way she can (bar that infamous MTV performance where she was high). Christina may have the voice but she doesn’t come close on stage. However, the title of “Queen” of the dance floor would have to go to Janet Jackson. She’s like the black older version of Britney. Madonna comes in the top 5. I also find that very VERY few artists can sing and dance at the same time… and most who try SUCK. Chris Brown is one of the good performers. And with those moves, he can “Hit me baby one more time” :P

And so I would watch in awe, as these artists displayed their art with graceful, eloquent movements of their limbs, in such a manner that to my perception, it looked like they were liberated and tasted freedom every time they moved on the dance floor. And every time, I’d also want to be emancipated and liberated from the confines of life and just be free!

And I (I mean WE because I hardly ever dance alone, I have my crew of 5) must be pretty good (or exceptionally bad) because wherever we are and whenever we dance in our little group, the crowd initially gets out of the way to watch, or they want to dance with us. See, the trick to great dancing is synchronization because no matter how great you are, or how awful, or how WHACKED your moves may be it ALWAYS looks great if more than one person is doing it. And not to mention, it’s the best way to exercise, for real :)

In other news, I'm ardently against fortune telling i.e. foreseeing the future... But I have to say that I do believe that people from the same astrological sign share certain characteristics. This is something I've experienced and witnessed over time. That said, a friend sent me this on email to commemorate my birthday...

People born on the 30th, March:
There's a magnetic force field around March 30. Most people can't resist the crackle of lightening which accompanies this person. It's simply more fun being with them than not being with them. Even though they may possess physical beauty, they may spend their childhood pursuing ordinary delights without any seeming distinction.

Then one day this magic child puts down her butterfly net and sets out with a bigger one to trawl the skies, riding on stardusted wings until she reaches her chosen star. And still this ram seems less than notable to those who can't see the soaring creativity which makes this person special. Whatever this individual does works. Both sexes make everything seem so easy, that again, others can't understand their success.

Some will be painters, musicians, sportsmen, scientists and become household names. Others may not glitter on the world stage, but in their own locality they are well loved. This is the person who makes things happen in your town or village. He or she may run local authority or state departments. If there is no theatre or the church needs repairing, they build and mend. If a specialist hospital is needed, both sexes campaign until it happens.

What they say at certain moments in life, other people will remember for ever because these are the shapers of others' destinies. March 30 is always on the telephone because someone has rung for help, maybe to solve an academic problem, ask the name of the author of a favourite book, what colour to wear to a wedding, and, of course, who to marry. The glimmer about them is part sex appeal. They do not realise that the telephoners would like to be lovers, but settle for friendship because they know that's all they can have. March 30 mustn't hold on to these friends so tightly they can never be free to find someone who will love them back.

Sounds so glamorous innit. Whether it's true or not, I’ll still be dancing like no one is watching ;D


  1. OH MAH GOD!! azraaaaaa.. youre like a girl after my own heart! I love britney spears looll she dances wicked! and OMG step up *faints*

    What about this, its ABSOLUTELY beautiful:

    and what about the bollywood dance queen!?!?I dont care what any one says but Madhuri is by far the most graceful,effortless, elegant dancer of all time (dont know whether your watch bollywood or not) and shes past 40 and still dances like a dream:

    Have always loved this one :

  2. You spoke of forcing children into "prostitution" in exchange for a donation. I can only hope that you didn't make them disrobe before dancing...

    just kidding.

    You're the Dancing Queen for sure!

  3. Zahera - Save the last dance was great ;) I'm not as clued up on Bollywood although I love the choreography in Marjaani (Billy Barber), Mauja Mauja (Jab we Met)and Hardippa (movie Hardippa).
    I'm busy watching your other links :D I reckon soon, we can do our own routine for Abdullah no? Hope his dad wont mind lol!

    LL - You had to see these kids. They were adorable (and fully clothed) LOL! & most of them were very enthusiastic about the dancing :D

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  5. I also love to dance but I have 2 left feet with no rhythm. I always imagine myself doing Chris Brown or Michael Jackson moves, if only. Btw happy belated birthday, may you have many more Insha'alla

  6. seriously. i'm jealous of those kids.
    you just made fund raising a million times more fun.

    Sometimes you've JUST got to dance it out :D