Tuesday, 30 March 2010

When Life Hands You Lemons...

Make lemon cheesecake. Seriously, it’s delicious. Fuck Tequila and sticking ‘em in your bra to make your boobs look bigger. I’ve had orchards of lemons thrown at me for the past 28 years and in true culinary style, I’ve made cheesecake. So here’s to another 28 years of the good stuff.  


This recipe is so easy it’s ridiculous. And the nice thing about it is that it’s not only delicious and fool-proof, it looks tres pretty too. And to spread the glee and merriment, I’ve decided to share unlike some of the koelies (no caps for them) I know that hog all the recipes because they are nothing without them… (hey it’s my Party, I will say what I want to).

Anyways. This is what you’ll need:
1 pkt Tennis Biscuits (Or Digestives to you poor saps overseas who are deprived :D)
100g Butter (Or as required)
2 pkt’s Lemon Jelly (Known as jello to my American buds. Any flavor would do, but you forget this is MY party and we’re having Lemon ok! ;P)
500ml Fresh Cream (Really, do I have to explain this?)
250g Cream Cheese (No need to be picky about brands here)
½ tin Condensed Milk (100g icing sugar with ½ tin Evaporated Milk can be used as an alternative but why would you want to do that?)
A few slices of Lemon (Or whatever fruit flavoured cheesecake you decide to make)

Crush the Tennis biscuits, melt the butter and form a moist crust. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes at 180 degrees centigrade, I think that’s 350F (I’m too tired to calculate the conversions for you pommies). Take one cup (225ml – 250ml) boiling water and pour contents of first packet of jelly, along with a teaspoon of plain gelatine (some of you moulanas will want to use agar-agar or china grass, that’s fine too). Stir jelly and gelatine and set aside to cool. Whip up 500ml fresh cream, then add 250g of cream cheese to that. Add ½ tin condensed milk (sorry I don’t know the equivalent for this in  first world terms), as well as the cooled jelly&gelatine mixture. Whip some more then add the mixture to the cooled crust and wait for it to set. In the meantime, add another cup of boiling water (225ml – 250ml) to the other packet of Jelly (do not add gelatine here). Let it cool and once the cheesecake has set, add fruit of your choice and pour cool jelly over. Refrigerate until set and voila! This was so good, I had to have a slice at 2am last night (or this morning should I say).

I’m making every effort to enjoy this time in my life. These are the peak years for me… a time where I not only feel my best mentally, psychologically and emotionally, but I look my best too. I have a sense of self that’s always eluded me for years, and for that I’m grateful. So yeah, I will be celebrating all week long… not because I’m one year older… but because of who I’ve become and really, I look at some people and there’s no one else I’d rather be.

I look forward to the years ahead because I believe the best is yet to come. I know that there are still many lessons I will learn on this journey called life but I’m grateful that I have the chance to learn them, that I’m not stuck in the dark like so many I know… I'm grateful that I’m ALIVE. And I’m embracing that… grabbing life by both horns and forging ahead. I will be dancing in the streets today (only stopping long enough to pray)... I want to see all the kids faces as dance up to them.

I smell change in the air. If anyone wants to see what I’ve gotten for myself, go here.

“With an iron-clad fist, I wake up and French kiss the morning”


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!

    This cheesecake was the BOMB!

  2. Happy birthday Azra. May you continue to post many more awesome blog posts. Will be trying your recipe this long weekdend

  3. Happy B'day !! The cake looks yummy. I'm definitely making it for Easter.
    Have a nice weekend.

  4. T - Yeah, thats why it was finished by the time I got to the fridge ne? lol ;D

    fathima - Thanks for your wishes :) DO try it, its so easy and it really is nice. I want to try rasberry next.

    mikimbizi - Thank you :D Hope your weekend is fantastic!!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! :D Hope you had a fantastic day :)

  6. Happy belated birthday, Ms Azra!!!

    Here's to 100 + more years of cheesecake, sappy love, and warm gratitude filled with loving embraces!

    much love from canada


  7. ooooo yum yum!! belated happy bday!!!!! :D