Thursday, 29 April 2010


Before I go on to detailing this month’s challenge, I thought I’d report some amendments to last month’s shenanigans.

Ok, firstly, in my When Life Gives You Lemons post, there’s a typo in the quantity of one of the ingredients in the Lemon Cheesecake. It says 500ml Fresh Cream when it should have stated 250ml Fresh Cream. *Sheepish Sorry*. So the ingredients once again are:

1 pkt Tennis or Digestive Biscuits
100g Butter or as required
250g Cream Cheese
250ml Fresh Cream
½ tin Condensed Milk (optional)
2 pkts Flavoured Jelly
1 tsp Gelatine or China Grass
Fruit to decorate

The preparation directions remain the same. Note, for a less sweeter version omit the condensed milk. And if you want to, you can add a few pieces of fruit into the cheesecake mixture itself, for more flavour and texture.

Secondly, some amendments were done to the d├ęcor of the room (for the MARCH challenge) and here they are:

Firstly, I decided that a flowery/ butterfly combo would do nicely for the wall... these were inexpensive too.

Then I saw this stick-on and loved it, didn't know where to put it initially, so I removed the yellow centerpiece in the black frame.



Then we removed the blue and green butterflies from the side of the drawers, leaving only the yellow ones and mounted the yellow centerpiece above that. Still, I thought there were too many "masculine"colours in the room and put up this neon pink frame.

The front of the drawers also got spruced up with these inexpensive decorative sitckers.

In retrospect, it wasn't intentional, but the entire theme seems to involve butterflies or flowers of some kind. This was purely accidental and we only realised it when we were done. I'm a girly gal at heart ;)

On to this month…more so then ever before, I’ve come to believe that our thoughts and words are very powerful and often manifest themselves in our realities. I’ve seen evidence of this in my own life, where I often say things and then they occur and I find that I want to kick myself for not wishing for a Squa-jillion bucks instead.

Keeping in tune with the theme of giving myself a life make-over, I’ve decided that for this months challenge, I wanted to do a social experiment on myself. The objective was to create a more positive aura or atmosphere by toning down on the cussing in my everyday speech and conversation.

The idea behind this was that the F-word tends to satiate any emotion it’s meant to convey and because most of the emotions associated to said F-word are negative, it ignites or rather magnifies such negative emotions to unwarranted proportions.

Now I go through phases where for non-specified periods of time, my relationship with the F-word will vacillate between complete abstinence to voracious gluttony and then back again. I generally like swearing and derive some sort of satisfaction from it (it’s my only vice ok!).

But I do want to tone down on the bad language because often, what we say is what we begin to feel and what we feel influences our thoughts, which in turn influences our speech again (it’s a perpetual cycle)… but ultimately, what we say becomes our reality. And I want a great reality and therefore must begin with good words and good thoughts.

So with the help of my supportive sister, we developed our own dialogue to substitute those negative words with more positive ones. We then implemented this alteration into our daily speech and conversations offline and I must say, that it has worked wonders. We’ve both been calmer, more centered than usual and there’s a general positivity that emanate from both of us – instead of feeding each other’s frenzies, we’ve actually helped each other walk on the pacified side of life.

Here are some of our substitutions for words in the normal expletive vocabulary:

F#$k -> Flower
Mother F#$ker -> Magna Flower
Sh!t -> Sugar
A$$hole -> Unicorn
B!tch -> Butterfly
D!ckhead -> Daisy
Rubbish -> Rainbows

Needless to say, some of our conversations are pretty hilarious and even when we do get upset, angry or emotional, just using these substitutes sound so ludicrous that we usually burst out laughing and said negative emotion is alleviated.

I don’t think that I will refrain entirely though (trying to be realistic here), but the main goal is to remove expletives from negative emotions so that we don’t breathe life into them. I think it’s a little different with positive emotions. And also, we should keep in mind that most things in life can be justified with butterflies and rainbows, but for some things, nothing short of a F@$%*#@#$%! will do. ;)


  1. i love your space! so cute.

  2. I need to quit swearing :( I've been doing it too much.

    Somethings just sound better with a cussword.

    I used to have a 'sin bin' for every swear word I would donate R1 to charity. I sometimes used to add R5 at a time :/

    So perhaps I will join you in this venture.

    I do like the colours in your room!
    So pretty! :)

  3. your floral and butterflies are simply adorable.

    i tend to favour floral motifs of incredible colours.

    when i was in high school and because i was brought up not to swear my friend and i used code words too which stuck right till now.
    they were:
    flying star.
    the ever lame word rubbish ( this was assigned by the school authorities to prevent rampant swearing(serious))
    and the sign language for bullshit

  4. Fathima: shucks, that must be so disappointing! :/

  5. floreta - thanks :D

    Fatima - It's not easy, especially since one derives a sense of satisfaction from expressing yourself with a cuss-word in the negative. But I want to quit amplifying the negative... so I'll assign the f-word for more positive days - on rare occasions - like a treat lol!

    fathima - I love love love colour. Lots of it. And the brighter the better. I also love butterflies - they're as close as I come to being an "Animal Lover" lol.

    Fatima - I think this comment directed to fathima published on the wrong post but who cares :D

  6. lol, whoops. i guess i wasn't paying attention when i hit 'comment'