Thursday, 20 May 2010

Multiple Choice


a) would rather dig her eyes out and stuff them with peppercorns than write another exam.

b) may quit blogging soon.

c) doesn’t give a shit about what people think.

d) really wants a cheese burger from Wimpy.

e) has temporarily lost interest in social media.

f) can be an unforgiving evil bitch.

g) is tired of life.

h) will always be successful in whatever she pursues.

i) thinks there are too many pretentious fake bitches in the world.

j) is Chuck Bass.

k) has an annoying case of winter dandruff.

l) wants a half dozen babies.

m) is honest to the point of being blunt and offensive.

n) will never understand some men.

o) can kick your ass while she's tied up and blindfolded.

p) needs a hug.

q) would sell one of her kidneys for a 3kg jar of Nutella.

r) is just another girl who wants a boy to like her.

s) All of the above.

t) None of the above.


  1. s!
    Easiest test I've taken in ages :P
    Why b? I thought u love it?

  2. i say (S)
    though i'd like some pointers on how to do (O)

  3. blumming heck woman... youre all of those things! especially the sellign a kidney for nutella *bangs head*

    Speaking of kidneys.. my cousin just had a transplant. Weird thought that was.. some person dies and she got the kidney... tis life.. but weird.. and wonderful... i think.. no it is... hmm..

    *goes to get more astros*

  4. WIP - Ah, nice to see you're still alive and kicking :D Not all are true... B isn't true ;)

    fathima - Well, fierce confrontation and the element of surprise is key. Intimidation will help you win because most people HATE confrontation ;P

    Waseem - I can't wait for you to be one of us gay people lol :)

    Zahera - Not true, I am not Chuck Bass, although sometimes I really wish I was :D Hope your cousin is doing good and save some astros for me too :P

  5. Chuck does something naughty in the season finale :P

  6. Fatima - LOL! I watched the Finale of Season 1 last night. My sis is going to get us Season 2.

    I don't like Chuck when he's naughty and trying to prove something to the world. I like him when he's the good big brother type helping his fam and friends in that suave-take-control-sarcastic kinda way :D