Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Getting Down, Down, Down, Down...

Lets get one thing straight. I DO NOT like football or soccer or any sport that involves a ball and a couple dozen crazy-ass men.

But I DO like gazing at a couple dozen half-naked sweaty emotional men with fine muscular asses. I'll have a tall glass of hunk on the rocks, thanks. (Me likes, ALOT. It's almost as good as counting a shit-load of money... that belongs to you).

So it's upon us. And SA I'm happy for you, I really am. But I think I'm allergic to over-exposure. So I kinda-can't-wait for it to end... or they should, at the very least, provide some serious stalking incentives to make it worthwhile (Portugal, I know where you live. I have room numbers. Spain you too... run like your hair's on fire).

That said, I can still appreciate the excitement this ad generates. Props to Telkom for doing SOMETHING right, for once (useless bloody scoundrels).


  1. Pretty decent ad!

    I must say the quality of ads in Canada suck. I always like international ads or even desi ones.

  2. Does your boyfriend play football? If he doesn't, judging from your remarks, he'd better learn.

  3. this is a wicked ad, so close to the Cup, it makes me wish I was in SA for this.
    Go the 'Roo's!!!

  4. hate telkom. love the ad though! :)

    say, you would not happen to know where my Azzurri are staying, eh?! ;p

  5. That's a great ad! I haven't seen that one here yet, thanks for posting.

    As for stalking, it's probably a good thing such delicious eye-candy doesn't come here. I'm not sure they would make it out of the mobbing alive.

    Have fun with the non-soccer parts!

  6. AA- Azra,

    I must admit that ads like this upset me. They present the viewers as zombies induced into a semi-comatose state by the sport they are watching.

    This tactic was used with Jordan many years ago, raising him to a deified status:

    In other words, the world stops when these athletes perform.


  7. mezba - We have pretty good ads here, if I do so say myself :)

    LL - lol, yeah the guy I'm seeing loves his dose of sport... I used to be into sports before (soccer, rugby, F1 racing, etc.) but I seem to have lost all interest :P

    shameema - I saw the Australian team on SATC and thought of you ;D

    Prixie - I could hook you up with some room numbers, no mountain too high... no valley too steep... I'm a pro stalker ;D

    LittleLeslie - Thanks :) The atmosphere is great, even though I'm not a great fan.

    Naeem - I understand where you're coming from and what you're saying, but I think that most people here see the ad as a unifying experience.
    In a country like SA where there are so many diverse groups and (still) climbing out of Apartheid, ads like those are symbolic of National Unity, bringing the country together for what is considered a prestigious event.
    In fact, SA has gone to great lengths to make this World Cup not only about unifying our country, but the whole of Africa as well... even going as far as calling it "an African World Cup" incorporating and including countries like Ghana, Egypt etc. in the title. Their main aim and objective is to share this honour with the rest of Africa and to unify us through this experience.

  8. Brother Naeem, I don't understand your comment at all. The world does indeed stop when such games are on. However the viewers are not zombies, nor are the ads presenting them as such.

    Friends do gather with friends to watch important games, and we do cheer when our team scores or takes a wicket, as the case may be. And sports instills a sense of pride in the country and generally is good for the nation.

    A nation where kids are ingrained into sports have their energies channelled properly and away from crime, and health of the nation is much better. I don't understand what grouse you have against sports, really!

  9. AA- Azra, Mezba

    What does it say about us as a society when we need sports entertainment to politically/racially unite us or to keep our youth away from crime?

    Have we so lost our substance and ideals that we have to resort to such fluff?

  10. Brother Naeem- once again, I understand (and to an extent I agree with) your sentiments but unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world where things like tolerance, acceptance or Arab nations rising against the injustices of Zionism are the norm. So in this cold, cruel world where even people in the same religions are segmented by petty cultural differances and other non-issues, its nice to see people take a moment to come together and unite and just be happy, even if the cause of that unity and happiness is frivolous 'fluff'.