Monday, 26 July 2010


This is dedicated to the Father who refuses to let his son live his dreams, because those dreams don’t include working his life away to acquire (and then boast about) his possessions (namely a BMW), all in an attempt to garner admiration, respect and status in society.

This is for the Mother who prohibited her daughter from marrying the love of her life because he “worked too hard and earned too little” and had no social standing in the community; and then goaded and intimidated said daughter into a marriage with a wealthy abusive man who almost killed her, resulting in the most expensive 3 month wedding in history and adultery all around.

This is for the Man who thinks that his possessions are a substitute for morals and character.

This is for the Woman who thinks that spending R5000 on a pair of shoes and R14000 on a bag means that she’ll be more attractive and worthy of love, because those emotional voids don’t fill themselves. (I love shoes as much as the next woman does, but I’d rather skin a crocodile myself then pay R1000 for a pair. I find the mere suggestion insulting and an affront to my intelligence. No self-respecting person will pay obscene amounts of cash to attract attention and admiration. That’s the ultimate form of self-deprecation. If you think you’re a worthless piece of shit, your behaviour & your Manolo Blahniks will ratify and confirm those beliefs).

This is for those who’s self-esteem issues and emotional voids come with hefty price tags and are generally expensive to maintain.

This is for the Guy who believes that he’s not enough and that being a Millionaire is the only thing he has to offer his family and the world.

This is for the Housewife who thinks that the more she acquires, owns and hoards in her home, the more her friends and peers will respect and admire her.

This is for those who believe that Quantity trumps Quality.

This is for the Greedy Moron on Facebook who bought World Cup Final Tickets for R2800 and re-sold them for R16000 each. (Dude, if I’m going to pay R16000 for a ticket, it better include a week in Spain and a GHD).

This is for those Assholes who actually coughed up R16000 for R2800 seats, thus perpetuating and enabling such gratuitous, gluttonous behaviour.

This is for the Acquaintances who have gone to extraordinary lengths, which include indulging in some unlawful activities, to afford their migration to the city of Medina. Because they believe that living in one of Islam’s holiest cities makes them better than the rest of Humanity and exempts them from all accountability for any future atrocious actions.

This is for those (guilty) members of a rather large South African Muslim Asian community who took offense when I pointed out that they cannot live without pomp and ceremony, and that their existences revolve around ‘presentation’ and how things look to the outside world, often incurring debts so that they can garner outside approval and feel good about themselves.

This is for everyone who let’s Hollywood and Bollywood dictate who they should be and how they should live their lives with their warped perceptions and unrealistic expectations.

This is for those who spend all their time, energy and money trying to convince themselves and each other that they’re good enough; and not enough time, energy and money actually BEING good enough.

This is dedicated to my aunt’s neighbour who recently passed away at the age of 42. It was a shocker because he never really had any health problems and spent his entire life working. About four years ago, he built a huge mansion on a hill but never moved in. He never got married or had any kids and was staying with his ailing mother while he “waited for the right time” to live his life. His plan was to get married to the woman he was seeing and move into their house-on-the-hill, with separate quarters for his mother, and live happily ever after. But alas, he never got the chance to because the clock waits for no one and we all have an expiration date. He died having owned a huge fully furnished house that he never lived in, with two brand new German cars in his garage that he never drove. 
Sometimes, there is no “right time”. The time is now. Money is not the root of all evil. Greed is.

And finally, this is for Me. A constant reminder that my time here on earth is like a drop of water in the ocean and that my connection to the world is nothing more than that of a traveler resting for a while underneath the shade of a tree and then moving on.

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. ~ Oscar Wilde

Dunyā (دُنْيا) is a word in Arabic which means, in Islamic terminology, the temporal world—and its earthly concerns and possessions.


  1. To the shopping malls (temples of greed) and the many supplicants who make pilgrimage there to worship -- and to the high priestesses who wait patiently to satiate the desires of their customers.

    Money is not the root of all evil, but the love of money surely is.

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  3. It's rather sad what people do just to please others - whether it's for their own ego or to combat a lack of self-esteem; or whatever else reason.

    It's easy to criticise, though - and think we're not of them. Maybe we aren't so extreme - but I think there's always a danger that this kind of thing can creep in; regardless of how much you think you're 'above' this level.

    It's another reason we should always keep our intentions in mind when we do things...

  4. LL - yeah I agree, definitely the love of money. I did a post waaay back saying that Greed is the root of all evil too because if you look at it, every major sin... gluttony, sloth, lust etc. are all characterised by *excess* or excessive behaviour... and at the core are all just derivatives of Greed - wanting more than whats been allocated, or more than one needs. And Greed in a broad sense usually leads to other sins like Murder, Adultery and Theft etc :)

    Irfaan - Tell me how to go about getting a like button and I will get one just for you... dedicated to you ;D

    dreamlife - I agree completely. The reason I can talk the way I do is because I was one of them! Some 7 years ago, I was no different. I was also driven by acquiring things and money etc. etc. I was terribly terribly materialistic and then a number of events occurred (as detailed on my other blog) that forced me to re-evaluate my life and where I was going and what I needed...and it changed me as a person completely, forever.
    Its like I woke up and for the first time in my life could suddenly see, very clearly, where I was going wrong.
    Its difficult for alot of people because we live in a world where the main culture is consumerism. And I find that I have to constantly remind myself of whats real and necessary... to distinguish my "Needs" from satiating my own desires. At first it was tough, but thanks to The Almighty, it gets easier with time.

    Most of the things I talk about here are things I've experienced or witnessed from others first hand. And these people mentioned are real people, people I know, some of them are family members.
    However, I've come to believe that Hidayah only comes from The Almighty and sometimes you can talk until you're blue in the face, but it means nothing to the person who hasn't been granted that "understanding" yet. But that doesn't mean we should stop talking now innit :)

  5. Salaams Azra, its amazing what people will do to gain other's approval. Some are willing to sell their souls for vitually anything that would fill the void.

    I've printed this for my boss to read, hopefully she reads and takes heed, Inshallah

  6. Wow, You have no idea what impact this has had on me, sometimes all we do is chase chase & get upset when we can't get all the things that we feel we really worked soo hard for. Today I had one of those days, and then I logged on now and read your blog, it's like Almighty God made me see your blog today, just to make realise how umimportant it is to be lamenting over how I wish i had more when in actual fact I actually have enough.
    Your are right, Greed is the root to evil.
    We forget about all the things we are should be thankful for and worry about how unfair life is because I can't have the latest Blackberry & my current mobile is outdated, I have a VW but I'm gonna chase after a Merc.
    Thank you for putting things in perspective

  7. To sum it up....



  8. While reading this I tried turning off the background music, "This is for my people, my party people..." :)

    Eye-opening Sunday read.
    Thank you

  9. Princess - Wasalaam. I hope your boss derived some good from it ;)

    safs786 - I'm glad that you could take something positive from this post. & I've had similar experiences too where I've found the answers I was looking for by reading an article in a magazine that spoke to me or someone else's thoughts. And yeah I too believe that The Almighty has a hand in it :D

    Fatima - Yeah exactly ;D

    Kaloo - I always think "We are prisoners of our own desires". Thing is, no amount of money in the world will help us where we need it most :)