Thursday, 22 July 2010

Dear Blog

To: The Promised Land                                    
Cnr. Heaven & My Imagination Blvds.        
From: Miss Azra
Not Quite Dante's Inferno Str.
South Africa,
Milky Way,
Dear Blog

I like you.

You’re my little haven. The one place I can call home. You allow me to bitch and moan and whine and laugh at my leisure. Your world is the epitome of perfection.

There are no wars or injustices. There are no eggs.

In The Promised Land there are no insecure, greedy, hypocritical, transparent, pathological lying, ego-tripping, attention-seeking, power hungry scavengers lurking on every corner.

There is no need to iron our clothing. Ever.

There is no stress or sorrow. My hair is always nice and glossy and never goes home.

There are no queues, traffic or tax laws. And the stapler and printer ALWAYS work… no frustrating jams.

There are no Cultural, Social or Political divisions and constraints.

There are no scars or stretch marks. And no plumbing emergencies.

There are no hidden agendas.

Instead, there’s Peace. Comfort. Love. Hope.

Everyone is Equal. And Pretty.

There are Nutella waffles for breakfast. Laughter for Lunch.

There’s Fun and Adventure. And I don’t ever have to go to the gym.

There is Freedom. Freedom from oppressors, tyrants and dictators. Freedom from Evil. Freedom from Want.

There are endless possibilities. And unlimited bandwidth.

There is beauty in everything.

Life is a game and we’re always winning…

Yes. I like you. And I think I shall reside here permanently.

So much going on at the moment. So much I need to do. So much I want to say... all in good time. 


  1. yeah, blogs are a piece of Utopia! :) I hope things improve - sending you warm and comforting fuzzies, a hug and chocolate for lunch and desert! er, the breakfast nutella waffles may be a bit lonely. :)

    if you ever need to chat, vent, bitch know how to find me. :)

  2. Prixie - Aw thanks!! I'm just re-evaluating what I want in terms of a career/lifestyle... I'll pop you a mail, its a long story.

    dreamlife - To make a long story short...It was STD 9, Science Class, & my friend Mohamed told me that you can't crack an egg if both points are in the centre of each of your palms and proceeded to demonstrate to me and another friend. Problem was, the egg slipped and he crushed it/ smacked it shut with both hands and the little "explosion" meant that we were all covered in egg, head to toe. (Don't ask me how one small egg has such devastating consequences).
    Anyway, we stank for weeks!! And no matter how many times I washed my uniform, or how many deodorants were used, we could still smell that egg. As a result, I never ate eggs again and my senses are so sensitive to the smell that if I can smell the egg in a cake, I won't eat that cake either.

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