Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A Fortnight In Pictures: Johannesburg World Cup 2010

It's taken me two days to put this post together, seeing that Seacom has been experiencing problems and it's been hell uploading everything with a permanently wonky connection. But I was patient. So far, I’ve taken over 4000 photographs using a digital camera and three cell phone camera’s. Here are just a few random ones I’ve taken in and around Johannesburg over the last two weeks. Some were taken in haste or on the go… so the quality of the photos (especially the ones taken with the cell phone cameras) differ. click on images to enlarge

OR Tambo International Airport in Kempton Park, Johannesburg is bustling early in the morning. Resturants were packed and it is estimated that over 1 million people entered the country in the last few weeks.

The roads leading to and from the airport are lined with national flags from all the participating countries, welcoming foreigners.

Another early morning in Braamfontein which is mostly a business district although it's also home to a few locals and immigrants and is an extention (of sorts) of Johannesburg City.

Watching the game at Melrose Arch which has become a popular venue for locals and visitors alike.

A few Spanish and Honduran supporters are united in song... singing the same songs together in Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton.

Algerian tourists and supporters sit back and relax with a cup of tea. Both are associates of a well known SA actor.

Representing Ghana (along with millions of other people), these two supporters were quite amusing.

Never to be left out, Brazil supporters made their allegiances known, in 3D.

When you have a bunch of girls out and about having a great time, hunger is bound to strike and only a Chicken Triple Decker Pizza from Debonairs will do.

Fast-food chain Nando's and their notorious cheeky ads always turn heads at every outlet. This effigy says "I'll do anything to make our foreign visitors happy" and several people have taken pics here, placing their faces strategically on the woman's neck.

These kids are pro's at blowing their Vuvuzelas outsite Grand Central Café in Melrose Arch.

An epic Japanese and Spanish showdown. The crowds loved it. It was hilarious and these are some of the nicest people I've ever met. I spent a significant amount of time talking to them and getting their views on the World Cup and South Africa.

When they walked into the Square, someone actually said "Don't these guys know they lost the game?". Well they did and were there to sell their tickets for Paraguay's Quarterfinal against Spain, Category 3 at face value which was USD$150. This guy is actually a Comedian back in his home country. Love the arrow going through his head.

The Oriental Plaza in Fordsburg overlooking Johannesburg City. The Plaza is made up of a number of shops and kiosks owned mostly by Asian businessmen.

One can find almost anything here, from clothing to spices, curtains, crockery, the latest trends from all over the world and oriental flair at bargain prices.

People came out in their numbers, despite the cold, to say goodbye to Ghana's Black Stars in a parade starting in Vilakazi Street, Soweto and ending at Melrose Arch's Kia Emporium.

Being the only African team in the Quarter Final meant that Ghana managed to unite the entire continent of Africa as most put their support behind the team. Even Nelson Mandela voiced his support in a letter to the team wishing them good luck before the game.

Even though the team lost to Uruguay, Africa is still proud of them.

I saw these two kids while driving through Western, one of the less affluent areas in Johannesburg. They were so cute I had to whip out my cellphone and take this pic before driving off.

At sunset, a lone man walks down the street in Newclare, on his way to the Mosque. This Mosque is one of the few in SA that has facilities for both men and women.

When I had initially heard about this, I couldn't believe it. Our President, Jacob Zuma was to head a star studded team in the Special Olympics Cup at Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town ahead of the Quarter Final kickoff. When I actually saw footage of him "training" and running on the field like a Teletubby, I couldn't help but laugh in admiration. This is why I like this man and even though I may not always agree with him, I can respect that he's socially invested.  (photo courtesy news24.com)

Everytime I look at this pic, Soccer City with Johannesburg City in the background from National Geographic, it takes my breath away. Yeah, I no longer think that the stadium looks like a dirty spaceship. :)


  1. Nice shots. Are you planning to publish anything formal about the tournament, seeing as how you're taking all these pictures and interviewing people?

  2. JZ Looks almost as fit as Benni did :P

  3. Jayzee is my hero :)

    I get happy everytime I see him in a stadium next to Sepp. He is rocking Durban tonight

    some great pics :)

  4. Great pics! I love the randomness and variety of all the people and their connection to the game and cities :)

  5. I think South Africa will have a severe withdrawal symptom once July 11 passes! :-)

  6. dreamlife - Nah, not doing anything formal... these pics (like this blog) is purely for my own amusement and my records. A journal of sorts, a place where I can collect everything and store them in one place & then one day years from now look back and say "WTF was I thinking?!?!" :D

    Edge - lol! Man you had to see him run (at the practice round). He only needed to be painted purple or something and we could have called him Tinky Winky ;D

    MJ - Thanks! :D JZ is definitely very charismatic, a real people's person and I think for most people it's comforting because it makes him seem like one of us - not this unapproachable, cold demeanor Mbeki had. JZ's warmth and informality makes him a winner :)

    'liya - Thanks! It's a pity I couldn't load more - there are so many I would have liked to share =)

    mezba - I said the same thing... and that I think Government should subsidize Prozac lol :) Lots of people are going to be broke too!