Friday, 27 August 2010

"i do. yes i do. yes i'll make the beans. yes i'll make the rice"

It’s not my aim in life to spend all my days thinking of ways to make each other as miserable as possible. I don’t want that kind of marriage. If that is the case, then why bother getting married at all.

I don’t want the kind of marriage where my husband’s actions or inaction turn me into the nagging wife. I’ll never be that woman.

And I don’t want to lose myself. Change is inevitable yes. Priorities change. Schedules change. Our needs change. But that doesn’t mean that I have to give up who I’ve become without him.

That is all.
*Title taken from a line in an episode of Martin starring Martin Lawrence as Jerome.


  1. you want a marriage that makes you more you with him, than without him?
    (thats the way i used to think of it.)

    hope you find it azra...jumma mubarak..

  2. the idea of the entire commitment scares me though i know its inevitable but when and how marriages turn into huge compromises and complexities is what gives me goosebumps

  3. Marriage is all about compromise.

    I have no idea what that means.
    You know how when something gets told to you a thousand times, you start believing it? Well... I have no idea what that means either.

    Wait.. I know I had a point in this comment...

  4. All I want, is to be a good wife. And my girl-friends think i'm selling out when I say that.

  5. Pserean - Exactly :) And Yeah I really hope for that InshaAllah Ameen.

    Mubi - Marriage is a huge step, and I find that too many people trivialise it in this modern day and age. But even though its such a big deal, people have been doing it for ages, so i'm positive that it can be done ;D

    Kaloo - LOL. I think it's called "respect" and "lets just take it one day at a time" :)

    HW - I know exactly what you mean. I want to be the best wife that I can be... not so much for him, but for me, so that I know that I'm doing my part... who knows what will come of that. InshaAllah, he's thinking the same way.

  6. That is all and it's enough.