Monday, 23 August 2010


So while I'm pondering what to wear under this dress (black polar-neck, or pink...), I'm going to do a quick recap:

Over the last two months I've been seriously channelling my inner fashionista. Well that’s not entirely true. These were borne out of necessity and in one instance, out of just plain curiosity.

It began in the middle of June believe-it-or-not when I saw this gorgeous wool and had a sudden urge to knit a scarf. I know how to knit, but I’ve never actually knitted an entire scarf before and boy it took me forever, I mean FOREVER to knit this damn thing.

Firstly, I started over 3 or 4 times... so I’d knit like ten or twenty rows, and then my OCD impulses would take over and I’d find some fault with it, and then begin all over again. Then the fluff of the wool made it incredibly difficult to knit fast and accurately because the stitches weren’t quite visible which made the task very annoying and frustrating but I was determined to complete it. So in between traffic jams and Gossip Girl, I knitted. And when it became too irritating, I gave it a rest for a few days and then began again. And finally,I saw the result of all my hard work. Unfortunately, the pics documenting the process were on a computer that crashed, so this is all I have for now:

Then I had to attend a dinner and went around to the shops looking for something sparkly, decent and cheap. key word being CHEAP, but to no avail. So I decided to take an old-ish top of mine and do some hand-beading on it myself. Thing is, I was not prepared to spend hundreds on a be-dazzled top that I would probably never wear again – I like to keep my wardrobe functional remember, I hate hording like that. And again, it was one hell-of-a-process, but I found that I enjoyed the beading much more than the knitting:

And finally, I bought this plain black suede pump for next to nothing and thought of jazzing it up abit. I’m such a girly girl like that... just point me to all that sparkles. I then went to the haberdashery store and bought a packet of sequins and some fabric glue and with a tweezer, I got to work. It went much faster than the beading, even though I still had to wait for the glue to dry on each row before proceeding to the next. And this is the result:

Now I’m done playing Coco Chanel, but may still dabble in it here and there, as needed or required :)


  1. Your bejeweling ways remind me of my mum:)
    How long did the shoes take to do?

  2. wow, I love your stuff, it all turned out so well! did you bedazzle the top or how did you do it? I bought one a few years ago and have never used it, waiting until I'm retired or on holiday at home :)

    the dress is so pretty, where did you buy it? I wouldn't wear a black polo neck under, rather a pink the same colour as the flower.

  3. Love what you did. I also know how to knit but I don't tell people that, lol :P

    Your dress is very pretty. Over the weekend I bought a little pink short elbow length jacket (knit) - cross between a bunny jacket and bolero. Combined with your dress, it would go perfectly!

  4. I find that knitting requires plenty of patience. Whereas crochet is way faster and easier. Love the beading on the top. Did you glue them on or sew them?
    I recommend a light cardigan over the maxi dress. In pink.
    The shoes are lovely and sparkly.

  5. o wow i love ur pumps!
    and i hv planned to knit something for my yet to come in to the world nephew/niece..:D :D ur scarf motivated me even more hehehe

    good job!

  6. Saaleha – Your mom a resident of Blingola too eh ;) The shoes took about 4 days… but collectively, around 8 to 10 hours to complete. Because fabric glue doesn’t dry on impact, it was best to give them a rest after every second row.

    Chantal – I bought the dress at Ackermans for R99… that’s my number one top *cheap* shopping tip. Try the big stores and try to go to more than one… so go to every Ackerman’s in a 20 mile radius – because most have different varieties of good quality clothing at very reasonable prices. I bought 3 dresses, a cardigan and 2 ankle length tights all for under R500. Coz that’s how I roll. The top I hand-beaded… good ol needle and thread although I’d love to try out a bedazzler :P

    Nafisa – Thanks :) And that little jacket of yours sounds cute. Yeah, the knitting look a lot of patience LOL. My sister even teased me, saying that by the time the scarf would be ready, it would be summer and she was right lol!

    Fathima – Thank you :). I hand-beaded them on… it took a solid 3 weeks, around 3 hours a day. I even had to abandon the knitting for that time because I had a Dinner deadline to meet :) I have a cardigan, but its black… so I was re-thinking that this morning… guess I will go out and find something pretty.

    Mubi – Thank you :) Post pics if you ever decide to knit something for your niece/nephew :)

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  8. I would have gone with a black poloneck under the dress, or cardigan over. But I have an aversion to too much colour ;)

    Very impressed by your handiwork. I can totally relate re the scarf! I've knitted a couple in my little lifetime but get bored so quickly... most of them my grandmother ended up finishing for me :D

    I'm so going to Ackermans! Never occurred to me to look at their clothing! I always think of Ackermans as a kids' shop but you're right, they would have some really cool stuff (see, I have to re-teach myself where to shop post conversion;).

  9. Zuhayra - Thanks! I was leaning towards pink because I'm abit of a colour whore. Anyways, Ackermans has some great stuff... and the best part is, they're supplied by the same manufacturers that supply Edgars... my aunt in CT confirmed that (she manages one of the main production factories and they produce clothing for everyone from Truworths, Edgars, Woolies, to Ackermans!) Once I was looking for PJ's so I went out browsing and I found the EXACT same PJ top and bottom at both Edgars & Ackermans... it was the same fabric, same colour, same outline, even the teeny buttons were the same! The only difference was that on the Edgars product Winnie-the-pooh was on the top left corner of the PJ top&bottoms and on the Ackermans product, it was on the bottom right. I have loads of cash-saving shopping secrets to share! ;)

  10. @Zuhayra - Oh and I should mention that the PJ set at Edgars was R220 and R120 at Ackermans...

  11. Things like this put me in my own little heaven here on earth :) I <3 and value handmade, upcycling way above store bought.
    Way to go.

    I know how to knit, but I don't have the patience for it :/
    Although i'm busy with a project which is requiring a lot of patience.

  12. Fatima - I definitely derive some sort of gratification from creating my own things... and I like to keep myself busy with small projects. The only issue I have is that time is rarely on my side :P

  13. I *LOVE* the ballet flats!