Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Prophetic Or Not, I Say Nothing

Intrinsically, I have come to believe that there is some part of me that must be a natural healer because I tend to gravitate towards people in need; or they find me… I don’t know how it happens and cannot really explain it but it happens.

Every so often, I have prophetic dreams of some sort… dreams or visions that tend to come true. I don’t, however, believe that I’m psychic or that I have any special “gifts” of that nature. I’m rather inclined to think that most people receive messages or warning signals in the form dreams, intuition, visions etc. but that some people pay more attention to it than others.

Most of these dreams are almost always negative, warning signs of sorts. They may either apply to me, or to my family members, or to friends, or to whichever society/place/country I’m living in at the time. And then there are times when, every now and then, I dream about people I don’t really know and have never even met before. Various people fit into this category, including a number of bloggers.

Yes I’ve had such dreams, numerous dreams, of various bloggers over the past couple of years. Sometimes I see the obstacles they face in their personal lives long before they come to know about it… but most of the time, I see them in a way that most don't. I see beyond the façade and the brave face they put on for the world.

I see the grieving, the helplessness. I see the gaunt, distraught face twisted in agony. I hear the soft murmurs, scared and incoherent. I see the suffering, the indecision and the inner conflict. I see their cross-roads and hesitation punctuated by self-doubt. I see some desperately searching for answers, yearning for enlightenment. I see some harbouring fears and others facing them. Sometimes, I see potential dangers… an accident, a calamity on its way, a loss.

And all the time I want to say to them: “I know what you’re going through but don’t worry, this won’t last forever”. Or, “don’t worry, help is on its way”. Or, “relax and take a breath, things will sort themselves out”. Or, “don’t stress, the situation isn’t what it seems”. Or, “don’t take that route for a week and be careful”. Or, “stay away from so-and-so or from this situation”. Or, “go ahead, you’re doing the right thing”. Or, “don’t hold on to this because the more you do, the harder is becomes for everyone involved”.

But then I always think that it’s not my place to say anything. I think that they wouldn’t appreciate my input or intrusion and that it’s none of my business anyway. So I say nothing.

Instead, I say a little prayer. Wherever you are and whatever you’re going through, may The Almighty calm your waters, blow His strength in your sails and help you navigate through your personal storm because:
لا حول ولاقوة إلا بالله
"There is no power or strength except with God."


  1. Dreaming of what's yet to come may be a form of pre-destination/pre-destiny.
    I tend to see tiny fragments of a dream from the night before. A subtle hint of a whisper that's carried away with reality.

  2. That's interesting - and the whole area of dreams are fascinating. In fact, Sheikh Anwar Awlaki did a 3CD set on that a few years ago - detailing the Islamic view of dreams (the 3 kinds of dreams that exist, and more issues around them); which is actually quite fascinating at times.

    One important note is that dream interpretation is a highly specialised field - it's not for just anyone to do. And we shouldn't tell our dreams to just anyone - because there can be detrimental consequences that come with that. (CD1 covers this in detail).

    Personally, I've tended to shy away from trying to interpret my dreams. I'd rather leave them as something which I regard as sacred - and not try to go too deeply into meanings etc.

    My pen-name (Dreamlife) stems from the state of my dreams. How some would feel so real that it was like i really lived them - hence I regarded that as my 'other' life - the 'Dreamlife' - which was (and still is) very real to me.

    Anyway - I think your approach is spot on: to not say anything to the person; but to make a dua for them.

  3. Hey Azra ur such an interesting person im always learning something new and fascinating,sometimes you hear about people and things and reading your blogs i can actually say things like this really happen.Thanks for sharing :)

  4. fathima - Sometimes my dreams are so vivid its almost like they're occurring in reality and sometimes its so real, I find it difficult to distinguish whether it was a dream or if it really happened! :P

    dreamlife - I've become quite good at interpreting dreams... been delving into the subject using the Islamic Scholar Ibn Seerin's texts and work on it for a few years now. & you're right theres three types of dreams. Its all about context and circumstance and your social/cultural beliefs because different symbols mean different things to different people.

    My dreams are wide an varied. I usually dream in a "literal" format or a "figurative" format. In the Literal - I may dream that I'm doing something and end up doing that very same thing in exactly the same manner that I dream't. In the figurative format, I dream in the abstract for eg. Once I dream't that my Dad was planting all these plants in our front yard, he was toiling away in the garden, and when I walked outside it was just this beautiful green everywhere and he was "transplanting" a Palm tree at the entrance by the gate. And a couple of months later my Dad went for Umrah very suddenly, but after a lot of trouble with the agency (the transplanted Palm tree and his toiling in the soil alluded to his troubles and the tree itself referred to Dates one gets in that region).
    I dream something almost every night.
    For weeks before the London 7/7 bombings I dream't that there were armed soldiers everywhere on the streets of London and they were marching us (the public) to our deaths and in another dream, I dream't that I was in a bus and I heard something flapping against the window outside and when I looked outside, it was a man hanging with a noose around his neck from the top of the bus (this was before the bus and tube explosions)... and for weeks after that, armed Police were on every corner of the streets (just like they were standing in my dream).
    I dream't of that devastating Tsunami that hit Banda Aceh two weeks before it happened too... the dream was so disturbing I woke up in a cold sweat and it plagued me the entire day so I emailed my mom and told her about my dream of me looking out into a beautiful blue sea - transfixed - and then suddenly there was an earthquake in the ocean and the water began to swell and I turned to my cousin and told her "we better get out of here"... and a couple of weeks later, I saw footage of people looking out to the sea (the way I had in my dream) before the water came for them.

    I could sit here and tell you all my dreams but we'd be here until next month :)

    Nadia - Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad that you can relate to the things I say and mention and that you can learn something too. Thank you for visiting ;D