Thursday, 9 September 2010

Shalom. Salaam. Peace.

I can remember being a little kid looking for the moon the night before Eid. We’d sit in the lounge at the window, starring out into the pale sky at dusk, desperately looking for anything resembling a crescent. Most times we didn’t really see anything but we were always so excited and nervous. We’d wait at the front door, impatient and anticipating my Dad’s return from the Mosque to hear the news.

Most times it was announced that the next day would be Eid, although I remember the year we were told that we had to fast for one more day. We were gutted… heartbroken… our small minds unable to fathom and comprehend the insignificance of waiting for just one more day. I mean, it was going to be Eid eventually, all we had to do was wait a couple of hours. But our irrational disappointment didn’t last long and in a matter of hours we were all jubilant, bouncing off the walls, preparing for the big day’s festivities.

Sometimes I miss being that excited for Eid. I still love the day but nothing I feel now could ever compare to that pure unadulterated joy we experienced as children. I can remember taking out my Eid clothes the night before, and looking at my shoes and stockings and accessories in admiration and impatience. We were always bursting at the seams with excitement, restless and exhilarated… too awake to sleep and too tired not to.

Sadly, I haven’t attained the level of peace that I wanted to this Ramadan… it seems that there’s just too much hate going on. Hate from non-Muslims, hate from Muslims… everyone is just obsessed with hating. It’s exhausting and disheartening. And so pointless. Hating never got anyone anywhere.

This is how I feel regarding current issues…

The ground zero mosque issue… I believe that we should be sensitive to people’s feelings and even though the Mosque and Islam as a whole has NOTHING to do with the terrorist atrocities committed on September 11th, as a Muslim I think that they shouldn’t go ahead with it or find another spot…because when the people of Makkah revolted against our Prophet (SAW) and didn’t want him in their city, he moved hundreds of miles away to avoid antagonizing them further.

But I have to add… America calls themselves a “Democratic” nation. I want to know if that Democracy is only reserved for Christians because apparently, it’s ok for Reverend WhatsHisFace to burn the Qur’an if he wants to… that’s his democratic right… but it’s not ok for Muslims to pray where they want to.

And this is just one of the hundreds of issues I have with the concept of “Democracy”, a concept which I believe contradicts itself and is a fallacy. It’s the single biggest lie sold to mankind (next to the concept of the “Brand”) … but that’s a whole other post on its own.

I still believe though, that as Muslims, we should be the better people. Yes we shouldn’t be doormats, but we should pick our battles.

As for Reverend WhatsHisFace, my stance on him and his whole Qur’an burning debacle is that I don’t care. He can go and burn 100 000 Qur’ans, it means nothing to me y’know why? Because I know who I am as a Muslim… nothing he can do will take that away from me. And I don’t believe in indulging idiots. I don’t agree with what he intends to do, but I also know that The Almighty will deal with him accordingly. Why should we waste our energies and give him the attention that he so desperately wants, attention he’s getting. Why should we attempt to punish the man when The Almighty will obviously do a much better job… because no matter what we do in retaliation, it would never come close to the power and might behind God’s justice.

And so I would urge Muslims across the globe to calm the f@#$ down. Choose your battles. There is no place for fundamentalism and terrorism in Islam… at the end of the day, that’s what they want. They’ve named us, and they’re waiting for us to live up to that name by provoking and prodding in our directions, waiting for us to act like the animals that they clearly are.

But I refuse to. Islam is a religion of peace. A time will come when we have to defend ourselves, but until then, we should not offend. It’s not right.

How I wish that every fundamentalist and terrorist in every religion and culture and nation would just curl up and f@#$ing die already. They’re ruining this world for the rest of us. Hello, some of us are trying to live here...

That said, I want to wish everyone a blessed Eid Mubarak and remember that even though it’s a day for celebration and feasting… it’s still a holy day. No need to go out and act like f@#$ing animals ok.

And for my Jewish friends L'shanah tovah tikatev v'taihatem. May the year bring about peace and joy for you and your families.

Shalom. Salaam. Peace. Now there’s a word I could live with.


  1. You know, i read your blog regularly.
    And I always want to be like you.
    So many stories to tell.
    So many.
    I Love.

  2. NG - I read your blog too and your life seems way cooler than mine... more relaxed and easy. I wish I was like that sometimes ;) Much Love!