Friday, 3 September 2010

Soul Mates: A Love Story

I've been browsing around, scanning old photographs. Back in the day my Grandfather, Mother's dad, was quite a looker and a ladies man. He was charming, bold, eccentric and charismatic... a James Dean of his time minus the whole gay-foray-having-sex-with-Marlon-Brando-thing.

Anyways, legend has it that almost every woman in a 20 mile radius was in love with him... and he was a bit of a player-player.

My Grandmother on the other hand was a beautiful non-conformist. Independent and incredibly feisty, she had decided in the early 1950's, at the age of 21, that she wasn't going to sit around and wait for better days and subsequently left her parent's home in the suburbs and moved to the city where she found a job as a seamstress at a clothing factory.

Grandpa always said that when he saw my Grandmother, it was love at first sight. Every other woman, all of his mistresses (and there were quite a few) ceased to exist as he set his sights on Grandma and set out to win her heart.

But he found it incredibly difficult at first to woo the object of his affection. Every word was met with a sarcastic rebuttal and every act was brutally rebuffed. And every woman in the 20 mile radius could not fathom what he saw in her, especially since most of them were practically throwing themselves at him and Grandma wouldn't give him the time of day.

But he must have done something right because in less than a year, they were married and Grandpa paraded around the neighbourhood with his new bride, beaming with pride. Their years together were filled with love and drama, fueled by passion and ardor. They had their ups and downs along with the best of them.

It was often said that they were soul mates... when my Grandpa's right arm hurt, Grandma's right arm would hurt too in the same spot, at the same time. When one of them felt sad or angry, the other would reciprocate unconsciously, even when they were apart. Each knew when something wasn't right and each knew exactly how the other felt.

The very moment that my Grandpa passed away in hospital, Grandma was busy with one of her garments at home when she stopped suddenly, sewing needle in mid-air. A part of her felt hollow and empty and immediately she knew he was gone.

They were married for a few decades and a few years later, Grandma passed too. In the years after my Grandfather passed on, Grandmother lived a full happy life, traveled and took many extended holidays with her friends. But she never looked at another man again and passed away one Thursday afternoon, 8-odd years after her beloved had left this earth.

I'd like to think that they will be together forever... where ever they are.


  1. He was a handsome man. I expect that your grandmother was also a beautiful woman.

  2. This post is as beautiful as your Grandfolks undoubtably were :)

  3. However likely/unlikely the existence of soulmates is, there's something oddly comforting about the concept :)

  4. LL- People say she looked like the late Brit actress Vivien Leigh. I wish I could time travel sometimes :)

    Kaloo - Thanks :)

    Niyathi Gandhi - There is indeed a strange comfort in the concept! Here's to hoping ;)

  5. mA it's always nice to hear about such a couple.

  6. mezba - And hopefully, some of us will get to experience that too ;) Ameen

  7. Such a sweet story! I'm so glad you linked back to it. And your grandfather does look like quite the heart breaker in the photo. ;)