Friday, 22 October 2010

The Only Thing On My Mind...

I’m sure this “Black Disco Night” by Gianmarco Lorenzi fetches for more than just a few pennies (more like two month’s rent) but they’re so pretty innit. Most females will know what I'm yakking about. They're the perfect pair of piss-me-off-&-I-will-straight-up-cut-you shoes. Hmmm... wonder if I could get a pair of knock-offs in China Town... man I love cheap Fong Chong goodies.
Happy Friday Bishes™


  1. *drools*
    I'd prefer it without the platform sole though.
    I'm perfectly comfortable in 4 inch heels, but these 5inch heels which are now the norm are impossible for me :-(

  2. Absolutely stunning! just my kind of killer heels, with the added bling! For comfort, I'd go for the original instead of fong kong

  3. Ooooh wow! That can double up as a pretty, glittery weapon! :)

  4. mezzaterra - yeah me too, but I think the platform could have been designed better and for the length of this particular heel, it seems necessary. Can't imagine what walking would be like though :P

    fathima - It's my pleasure... more of my favourites will arrive soon...

    DD - Yeah I'm sure the originals are more comfortable but at fong kong prices, I'd get one in every colour for a fraction of the price :D

    Prixie - I think that's the allure for me.. "Killer" heels lol ;D