Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A new path lies ahead...lets hope this one's paved...

The last few weeks have been kinda hectic... and weird... but more hectic. Work commitments meant that I didn't have any time to play around online and in the little free time I did have, I found myself in unusual predicaments... the strangest of circumstances, but I'll get to that later. 

I'm typing out this post on my mobile (which is a first for me) in a hospital. My sister has been admitted this morning for a scheduled operation and in true eccentric style, went out last and indulged in all her favourite food with friends... y'know, in case she dies. We laughed a whole lot about that all week. I'm still hoping that all goes well though, and that she has a speedy recovery InshaAllah, Ameen.


  1. inshAllah all will be well. Ameen.

  2. Ma Allah grant her a speedy recovery, & may your universe find calm after the hectic past weeks.

  3. I hope your sister recovers well!

    tell me about business - that time of the year to squeeze everything in!

  4. Hey Azra,
    Hope your sis is fine and recovering well insha-Allah.

    I will email you to give u an update on UK.

  5. Thanks guys and girls. My sister is fine Alhamdulilah...still recovering but things are looking up because she was bickering with me at 5:30am this morning, so it looks like things will be back to normal in no time ;)