Friday, 3 December 2010

I Can't Think Of One...

I have the most fantastic stalking skills. I guess it’s not something to be proud of but I’m always amazed at what I can accomplish if I just put my mind to it. I should have been a detective. So who wants to know where Diego Forlán lives? I’ve got details on the house, the estate, the district, which municipality is falls under, which highway gets there faster; and for those of you on a budget, which bus routes to take... all this and I’ve never even been to Madrid.

It’s Friday already and as I sit here at my desk, acutely aware that I should at the very least pretend to be working, I can’t help but think of how fast this year went... one week blurring into another until the months fade away into obscurity. Sometimes it’s even difficult to fathom that we hosted the World Cup this year because it seems like a life-time ago.

When I was much younger and still at school, every day seemed like a week and it felt like every week dragged on for a month. Now, being somewhat older, I see that time means nothing and I have to wonder, is this how it’s always been? I’d like to speak to a few older people and get their opinion on this... has time as we know it begun moving at a more rapid pace as we move into the 21st century, or has time always moved on at the same pace and it’s just our perceptions of it (and our contemporary lifestyles) that has changed?
In any case, I’m looking forward to my two minutes at home (because that’s exactly what my weekend’s feel like) because this past month has been a nightmare with long 20 hour days and little sleep. For the first time in a very very long time I will not be going on a holiday this December... we usually have our holidays booked in December or January but since I’ve just come from a holiday, I’ll be at the office for most of December. I guess it’s going to be weird working alone... but there’s a getaway lined up in February so all is not lost.

There is a saying "the truth always reveals itself"... and throughout history, time and time again, this has proven to be true. It's still a wonder then, how (and why) do people think that they can do something and get away with it *wink-wink* *nudge-nudge* *cough-wikileaks*. There are just way too many gossipy people on earth and with the advent of technology, such secrets can not and will not remain kept or hidden.

And oh yeah, I think Anni Dewani's husband had her murdered for the insurance money.


  1. the first time i worked in December was my first job - and it wasn't nice being at work while the whole summer atmosphere was going on. but i came to accept that that's life - the life of a (working) grown up.

    it's amazing how we don't appreciate those long school and varsity holidays until we actually lose them.

    as for that murder case, it's dangerous to make assumptions. i'll just paste what i wrote on the subject at Hamish's blog:

    "it’s still just a situation in progress – so we shouldn’t jump the gun on conclusions. We can’t base our opinions based on speculation – ESPECIALLY if the media is leading us to certain conclusions. At the end of the day, for them, scandal and speculation and sensationalism is most profitable – it sells their newspapers / publications.

    For this Cape Town case, we should also bear this in mind: the media are not to be held as beacons of truth.

    My view on reading too much into these media reports are that we should just leave it alone – ESPECIALLY the speculation.

    We can’t listen to speculation and we can’t believe a lot of what we read or hear in this world. To take Allah’s advice on this, we should always remember Surah Al-Hujarat (49), verse 6:

    “O ye who believe! If an evil liver bring you tidings, verify it, lest ye smite some folk in ignorance and afterward repent of what ye did.”

    Verify, verify, verify! Always check – ESPECIALLY if the source is questionable. I’m not calling all media ‘evil’ – but a lot of them hold ‘questionable’ moral standards. Especially the tabloids.

    And there’s another verse in the same surah about avoiding suspicion:
    “O you who believe! Avoid much suspicion; indeed, some suspicions are sins….”

    That verse then goes on to talk about backbiting.

    Now – if we suspect this dude, chances are we’re going to say bad things about him – backbite him.

    All of this based on speculation and suspicion.

    There is no court case conclusion yet. There is no confirmed, definite truth that’s come out of this story.

    We don’t know the truth – and until we do, we shouldn’t be feeding into the media frenzy – because it’s not only dangerous for our own selves (in terms of the conduct befitting of Muslim character), but it also doesn’t serve any benefit (unless, of course, we’re actually part of the legal proceedings or investigation – and what we say is based on professional standards; not the media).

    So my view is to just leave this alone until the truth comes out; and carry on with our lives doing things that are actually useful or beneficial."

  2. OMG!
    And I thought it was only me.
    I <3 stalking. Its creepy. I know but sometimes i just CANT help it.
    Its like you give me a name and i'll tell you everything about that person.
    From Dirt to financial status.
    Ok no.
    I feel all bad about myself suddenly.

  3. i keep forgetting your summertime is during our wintertime!

    i liked your post about time - i felt the same way about time during my youthful days - now the days are flowing by so swiftly, i have to hang on!

    David in Maine

  4. dreamlife - I agree totally with respect to getting accurate information from reliable sources. My statement was made in jest, based on classified information I received (I'm closely connected to some of the investigators on the case because we once worked in the same fields ;P)

    Niyathi - I think the allure of stalking is the fascination with other people... I'm always intrigued to know how others live their lives and I love watching other people because it reminds me that I'm not alone in this world and when it comes to certain celeb-like individuals, it de-mystifies that "god-like" status attributed to them by the media and fanatics and its great to see that they are just ordinary people too :)

    FiveReflections - And what a hot summer it's been! Time as we know it always fascinates me because its a concept that only exists on earth... it's how we measure our lives. It can be so tangible, yet intangible at the same time :)

  5. Salams azra

    An aalim told me once that H. Gibraeel RA will come down to earth 10 times after Rasoolallah(SAW) death.
    And each time he comes, he will remove something.
    The first thing is the barakat in time.

    I cant remember the others- something like patience in the poor, generosity in the wealthy...etc etc... the 9th was quraan and the last was imaan.

    I dont know how accurate this is- but...there is definitely No barakat in time...these days;P

  6. pserean - wasalaam :) I heard a similar story... in fact I think I even heard that it's one of the signs of Qiyamah approaching. And only The Almighty SWT knows ;)