Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Coz sometimes we look for meaning where there is none...

So I went out to this restaurant last night where after a lovely meal, I defied a couple million New Years’ Resolutions and ordered a decadent chocolate dessert - y'know that cake thingy that’s all chocolate and gooey inside? Yeah that one.

Anyways, it was d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s... smooth and creamy and all shades of decadent indeed... until I found something unsually crunchy between my teeth.

I spat it out viciously, suddenly nauseated, trying not to scream like a banshee. At first I thought it was a termite and I was tempted to ask the waiter for some bleach or arsenic to wash out my mouth. Then, upon closer inspection, we saw that it was in fact, a bee and for some reason, this revelation made me feel slightly less grossed out.

The manager came over apologising furiously and I joked around saying that they should call an ambulance. I don’t like making a scene or being rude (unless it’s absolutely necessary) so I told him not to worry about it. It clearly wasn’t their fault. I could just imagine that the dessert must have been so delicious that the bee thought “hey, let’s make some chocolate honey” and dove right in before being shoved into the oven.

It was during the drive home that I began to think about it. Why me? Why the bee? What did this mean? Why is it that on the day I decide to have dessert, something like that happens? Was it God’s way of helping me through the no junk food policy? Was it some kind of a good luck sign – like when a bird shits on your head? Did this mean that something great was going to happen (because symbolically bees are generally associated with good omens in various cultures)? Was my life going to change by this single arbitrary incident and be everything that I’ve ever dreamt of it being and more?

And while watching the clouds gather and the sun set on the horizon, I came to the conclusion that sometimes, we think too damn much about a whole lot of shit. It was just dessert. It was just a bee. And better a bee than a fly innit. I think next time I’ll just order one of these cakes instead ;P


  1. & sometimes we ignore the signs flashing bright red..

    & go on, indulge :-)

  2. Happy New Year

    There is no conspiracy in a cloudy day. The water evaporates, form clouds and they float over the just and unjust.

    BUT -- a bee in the chocolate after you'd vowed never again???


  3. Nothing happens without a reason...but sometimes we can misread that reason.

    It could well be that it was meant as a deterrent.

    I've faced such situations myself. As recently as 2 days ago, I went to get an ice cream (at Steers - cos it was near, and their ice cream is cheap :) but alas, the ice cream machine was not working. That's happened before too - when i knew i was wanting ice cream just out of desire and luxury, and not because i actually deserved it.

    (Anyway, as for 2 days ago, it turns out my wife had bought us a box of ice creams that day - and i then had 2 that afternoon...we were having a heatwave, and i was greedy.)

    Anyway - I think it's better not to think too deeply about stuff like this sometimes. If you want to take it as a sign, take it as such. But don't spend minutes trying to figure out what it all meant. Just move on...

  4. Funny story, though sorry you had to go through the experience!
    Yes, sometimes we certainly do think too much more about something than it either requires or is necessary.

    Good message!

  5. mezzaterra - Very true, we ignore the ones we should pay attention to and pay too much attention to the ones we should ignore. It's the devils playground I tell ya :P

    LL - LOL! & Happy New Year to you too! Lets hope that theres a fantastic year ahead ;)

    Dreamlife - lol, yeah things do happen for a reason. Like my appointment being cancelled meant that I wasn't on one of the trains that exploded in London on the morning of the 7th of July 2005...

    Serenity - Thanks for visiting and I'm glad you derived some enjoyment from this post.