Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Coz there are a million things you don't know about me & these are just some of them...

I was just reading about the earthquake in Pakistan on a news site and together with all the floods and other disasters world-wide, I wonder if this is the big catastrophic event that I was expecting or if the worst is yet to come.

Anyways, enough doom and gloom, at least for the next few minutes. I was sitting idly at my desk, using every procrastination tool I could find and thought of the things-you-don't-know-about-me hash tag that trended on Twitter a few months ago. And because I'm feeling so generous, I thought I'd share a few tidbits here. Now I could have very well mentioned one or two of these before but heck, I'm getting old now so how the hell am I supposed to know. And I can't be bovvered to waste my time trying to remember what I'd mentioned previously and what I didn't. It's not like I'm trying to impress anyone...

- I'm going to change the URL of this blog soon. I'm in the mood for something different. I will announce any changes on Twitter (@a2ra) for those who'd want to be in the know.

- I’m kinda OCD about public toilets and always walk around with sanitized wipes that kill germs, 2 ply toilet paper and an Istinja bottle no matter where I go in the world. And even if the toilet looks clean, I’ll clean it anyway. Think I'm gonna die when I go for Hajj.

- I don't resemble anyone in my family, I'm completely different compared to everyone else. I would have thought I was adopted but was told that I do bear some similarities with one of my ancestors.

- Everything you’ll ever read on this blog is true. However, I always change names, places, locations and the nature of people’s relationships with me when narrating the “story” as both a precautionary measure to ensure everyone’s privacy is protected as well as for the simple fact that I’m not Gossip Girl and this is not a gossip site. I’m not interested in being God and I don’t give a shit about who’s done what (unless it directly involves me). Instead I like to reflect on every incident, event, occurence and try to take the lesson from it. And most times, the story is essential in order to learn the lesson.

- I was offered a job working for the Presidency in Tunisia about 2 months ago. It was a great offer that included accommodation in the Presidential Palace as well as my own personal driver. I was supposed to leave on the 27th of December 2010 but many things got in the way… and in the end, it didn’t work out. I was a little dismayed when it seemed that it wasn’t going to pan out. And then I found out that mass riots (that would eventually lead to a revolution of epic proportions)  had broken out in the capital on the 25th of December, 2 days before I was scheduled to leave. And even as I type this, there is social and political unrest in the country. So sometimes, things happen for a reason and I can testify that God Almighty works in wonderful inexplicable ways.

- I have a rare (non-fatal) blood disease that’s apparently quite common amongst people living in the Mediterranean region.

- I used to be able to speak Arabic as a kid, only conversationally, but fluently. It dissipated through the years (along with my patience) due to the lack of procedural formal and non-formal conversations in the vernacular. But I will get back to it one day soon InshaAllah. My late paternal grandfather was proficient in 9 languages and could further understand and communicate in a few others so I’m guessing it’s hereditary. I pick up languages like the plague, all I really need is to be in a supportive environment where the language is practiced or spoken regularly and the desire to learn.

- I’m a selective cheapskate. I’ll refuse to pay more than R150 for a pair of shoes but mention any overseas destination and I’d be willing to drop R100K without even blinking. I. FRIGGIN. LOVE. TRAVELLING. more than anything else in this entire world excluding my parents.

- I have the most eclectic taste in music. I love almost everything from Linkin Park to Celine Dion, Scissor Sisters, Madonna, Alejandro Sanz, Neyo, Micheal Jackson, Akon, Maroon5, The Commodores, The Stylistics, James Ingram, Eminem, Lady Gaga, NKOTB, The Gipsy Kings, Lenny Kravitz, Josh Groban, Britney Spears, Tiesto, Death Cab, Gorrillaz… you name it. Yes even one or two of Justin Biebers tracks. I can like any tune given enough air time and a dance floor.

- My absolute favourite dancing style has to be Flamenco. I also like Hip-Hop and Salsa too.

- I don't wear jeans. Ever. Initially it was because the fabric irritated my skin, had almost an allergic reaction to it which made it very uncomfortable. These days, its out of habit. I have instead unconsciously developed a very regal style. I say "unconscious" because it was not and is not intentional... its something I've gravitated to and cultivated over the years. If we were the Spice Girls, I'd be a slightly more casual Victoria Beckham. I hardly ever follow fashion trends and when everyone was GHD'ing their mops, I was tossing my long curly tresses spicing it up with a touch of L'OrĂ©al Volumnizing hairgel.
Now excuse me, I actually have work to do...


  1. Never a dull moment in the life of Azra. Wow re job, & yes, indeed Allah does Know Best.

  2. Cool info about yourself :)

    When you change the URL of your blog please post it on this one as I don't use twitter, thanks :))) would hate to miss out on reading your posts.

  3. Flamenco is awesommeee (my best friend learnt both salsa and did some flamenco too and she learnt Italian- dammnn we're so different, guess thats why i lubs her) :-D

    Azra baby- i wear nothing BUT jeans! I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE jeans! seriously i cant believe you dont wear them, i dont find anything else comfortable (except combats sometimes which i love- especially funky ones with lots of pockets and zips).

    Much love and chocolate strawberries to you mwah x

  4. jeans...i've practically lived in them until i realised i had no formal pants.
    looking forwards to hearing a million more things about you on your blog

  5. mezzaterra - Yes, it was a shock... especially since the last time I wanted to move (to New York) 9/11 happened :/ and just popped my bubble of hope.

    Chantal - I will post it here. I just hope that people will still be able to find the blog by searching for "Azras Adventures"... as a last resort, you could go to without registering or signing in, all my updates will be visible.

    Zahera - I do Flamenco twice a week and Salsa / Hip Hop 3 times a week for exercise... my favourite in that category is Cuban Salsa. I also like Reggaeton, Cumbia, Cha-Cha and Samba... most days I'm not picky ;D Much love to our baby x

    fathima - I don't do jeans lol. I have like 5 pairs of black pants all different styles and loads of dresses and skirts and suits... and sometimes on the rare occasion that I'm all casual, I'd go with cargo pants / combats...
    And thanks for reading. These days I dont get half as much time as I'd like to spend online... but hopefully I'll have a little more time soon :)

  6. You know, this opens pandora's box.

    -- Do you snore?

    -- When confronted with the choice between chocolate anything and something else, do you ALWAYS pick chocolate?

    -- Might the tango replace flamenco?

    -- Do you wear heels all the time when going out?

  7. hey =) i like your blog! you can visit mine if you want at


  8. Im with the other girls on jeans. I live in them! also out of habit actually. I need to start getting out of it really, before all my jeans break.

    This was interesting read, Azra :)

  9. LL:-
    - Do you snore? Only when I've ot terrible sinuses and can't breathe.

    -When confronted with the choice between chocolate anything and something else, do you ALWAYS pick chocolate? It's ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS chocolate first ;D

    -Might the tango replace flamenco? Tango could come 2nd...

    -Do you wear heels all the time when going out? Heels most of the time when going out. When I'm at home, I prefer flats.

    Hope that answers all your questions :)

    Jennifer:- Hello and welcome! I'll be sure to check it out thanks.

    NK - Thanks. My mom, dad, stepmom and all my sisters wear jeans, quite often too. But I just dont go there ;)

  10. Where's the follow button?
    I'll read this all properly over the weekend :P.

  11. Nas - The follow button should be there. The new URL is

    Although I think blogger will re-direct to the site - not sure though.

  12. Awh, like you said everything happens for a reason and though the Job sounds WOAH, but the social unrest there is a bit scary.
    May the Almighty help all the oppressed wherever they are.

    Wow! I dislike languages. I'm so bad at them. Spent 5 years learning German, and still did ummm okay, not bad :P.

    I'm sorry for the short comment. Normally I write essays. Just been a long day today.