Friday, 14 January 2011

Coz we can't control everything now can we...

A very good friend of mine once told me that if you don’t have your health, you have nothing. And she was talking from a point of experience because a few years prior to that moment, she was admitted to hospital with a severe case of Malaria. She said that it was undoubtedly the most horribly excruciating thing that she ever went through and that it was one of the worst moments of her life.

But the good that came out of that experience was that she realised how valuable her life was, and she vowed never to take her health or anything else for granted again.

I can’t help but think how much we take for granted on a daily basis. The fact that I can walk, see and hear without any difficulty is a colossal blessing. And chances are anything I complain about in the next hour will be really trivial, minor and inconsequential. And for that right there, I have to be sincerely grateful.

There are many people going through tough times, suffering through circumstances that were / are way beyond their control. Last year, the world shook with a series of devastating earth quakes. This year, it’s flash floods and mud slides almost everywhere from Australia to Malaysia, South Africa and Brazil and who knows where else. And it seems that every day is a snow day in most parts of the northern hemisphere.

And through it all, I can’t help wondering if those people feel the same way my good friend did back then when she was suffering in hospital... vowing to never take anything for granted again. I’m always in awe of how vulnerable we are to certain elements like Mother Nature. It’s amazing how something so essential like rain, can become so devastating.

Even more amazing is that for all our technological savoir-faire, we’re rendered absolutely useless at such times. The truth is that none of us are exempt from any kind of natural disaster, nor can we predict it. We are completely and utterly at the mercy of a much Higher Power.

And coupled with other strange occurrences... like all those birds that literally dropped dead from the sky and those fish that mysteriously washed up ashore, equally dead... one can’t help but wonder if it’s time to look out for the Anti-Christ and Jesus (Isa AS) or whether we should all start moving to the Drakensburg Mountains...

Let’s just make sure that whatever we do decide to do, that we:
1. Repent and say a prayer for all those afflicted with adversity; and
2. Ensure that we have enough Nutella stashed away for those rainy days.


  1. Sometimes I look at people who are oppressed and afflicted and the only response I can muster is, "there but for the grace of God, go I."

  2. AA- Azra,

    And so with all these blessings, one must inevitably end up wondering how to best thank the Lord for His endless Grace?

    The answer I end up telling myself is to worship Him as best as I can.

    But all too often, I find myself falling soo short. How sad that for all that He has given me and continues to give me, I can't muster up several moments of sincere worship each day in order to show my gratitude?

    Thank God that His Mercy overcomes His wrath.

  3. I liked Naeems last line :
    Thank God that His Mercy overcomes His wrath.

  4. LL - Yeah we have to be grateful because who knows where we'd be with a change of fortune... its a terrible thing to witness though.

    Naeem - Wasalaam. Thing is, all we can ever do as human beings is to worship whole heartedly, as best as we can - while trying to do better each day. Our Creator knows that we're but lesser sons and daughters of greater sires. We weren't brought up around the Prophet SAW, or any of the Sahaba so for us, its really difficult to maintain that level of inspiration - but InshaAllah we will be rewarded for that and Allah SWT will have mercy on us because He knows that we are just human after all. But we can and should endeavour to do better each day.

    Kaloo - I will second that. The Almighty is indeed Most Powerful, Most Merciful.