Friday, 18 February 2011

Coz if diamonds are a girls best friend, then shoes are our long lost cousins...

There are only two things that most girls need to maintain a happy status quo: Shoes and Chocolate. In all my life, I've never ever come across any female that didn't like shoes. If diamonds are supposed to be a girl's BFF, then shoes must be our long lost cousins and chocolate, the husbands we've always dreamt of.

Whenever I’m having a tough day and all the chocolate’s gone and I need a pick-me-up and I’m done looking at my personal collection of THESE... I come over here and reminisce about this. It was a good day.

If anyone's been wondering what I got for Valentine's this year... (I love presents!! Well I didn’t get them as a gift FOR Valentine’s I just happened to get them ON Valentine’s - there’s a difference, trust me) ... let me just say that it was better than a bunch of flowers.
These are a part of my sit-in collection... coz I'm only ever going to wear them when I'm on my way to some fabulous place where the only walking I'll be doing is from the car to my seat. I'm not a masochist and I'm definitely no Carrie Bradshaw that goes traipsing about the length and breadth of New York in those killer heels (no pun intended) feeling all "cute" while her feet commit suicide.

I have a few other favourites this year...

Sergio Rossi in red... can't ever go wrong with red snakeskin... unless you decide to wear an orange leotard - but even then we can work something out. It screams I'm-blazin-hot-and-dangerous-and-you-can't-handle-this (unless you're Ian Somerhalder, then it's hello-I'm-fabulous-please-marry-me-and-I'll-make-all-your-dreams-come-true):

And for them days when you're feeling a little quirky. For me thats almost every day. I wish they had Snow White dresses in my size (they probably do). I'd love to go out dressed like Snow White with these on. And any random wicked looking potential step-mothers beware (a heel up someone's backside always makes for interesting conversation): 

But these thigh high sequined Manolo Blahnik boots are all kinds of O.M.G. I'd put these on my plate with some cheese and garlic sauce and eat them if I could. If you were looking for the corner of Sexy and Smokin' Boulevards, you found them right here:

Prada have come out in full force for their 2011 collection and I'm absolutely loving it. If someone had to put a gun to my head and make me choose, I really don't know which one I'd go for, its like asking you to choose between one of your children. They both give me butterflies in my tummy (ok thats a teeny lie... the red/black/gold ensemble gets my heart pumping a little more). If I had that kinda cash and I was a sadist I'd buy both: 

Dior 2011 also comes to the party. Now we're talking! I love anything that wraps around the ankles and if it wanted to wrap around my calf, that would be fine too. I'd wear these with absolutely everything if I could... even those overalls I throw on when I'm cleaning the house:

From the late Alexander McQueen, he may have had issues but the man sure knew style. These look like they were made for Cinderella before the Grimm Brothers decided that she needed to wear glass on her feet... like WTF... who wears shoes made out of glass? Who in the entire history of the world ever wore shoes made of glass? Sounds like something concocted by the French. That's a 911 call just waiting to happen:
McQueen outdid himself for the 2011 collection. I love how flamboyant he was. So ostentatious with that edge. So... so... so... Me! LOL. I imagine wearing these under my wedding dress so that if anyone irritates the shit out of me on my ahem "special day" (*eyes-rolling-to-the-back-of-my-head*) I could break these out and kick them in the shins... guessing that gold metal plate in the front will make it a very pleasant day indeed. Because I tend to be hardcore like that.

Then there are the basiccs... I call them my weekend shoes. Everyone needs a pair so that you can walk around without breaking something. In a cupboard full of moisturizers and butt firming creams... you've got to have soap to clean those grimy pores innit. These are the essentials... those shoes that I'd wear while I'm walking from the Garage into the car... the shoes I'd wear once the night is done and I'm crawling my way home... or just spending the weekend chilling:

And while Doc Martens were never my type, I'm sure there are others out there that will appreciate them:

And there you have it... my choices for 2011. Now to take this shopping list to China Town so that I can get one in every colour for a mere fraction of the price. Coz I'm a cheapskate remember...


  1. You know, I have been sooo good, I haven't bought shoes in over a year!
    Well, minus that pair of ipanema's for summer, I haven't bought any 'REAL' shoes in a while.
    This makes me wonder if I should visit my favourite haunts.

    Azra, if my bank balance dwindles, it's because of you! :P

  2. Doc Martens? Aren't they popular with lesbians? Was your remark about them coded?

  3. I was very sad about having to spend this weekend at home, finishing schoolwork...and then I read this.

    Clothes, shoes, and chocolate = true love.

  4. Those grim cinderella's were the nicest, i think.
    as well as the snow whites...guess I'm a sucker for fairy tales on steroids;)

    (but whilst these are all lovely to look at, gimme ballet pumps any day. they're comfy, cute 'n feminine... and they're probably the nearest I'll get to being a prima ballerina;)

  5. I have read sooooo many heel related posts recently it's like is it really 'talk about heels day'?

    I have a heel story to tell (this is probably the 6th time I'm telling it.

    Anyway, a friend wanted to go heel shopping one day, and because I had nothing better to do, I decided to go along. While at the shop, she said to me I should try on a pair, and see if I could handle it. And I went ahead being the idiot I am and put on heels that were like 4 inches high :O. Walked a few steps and fell over. 8-)
    The shop assistant lady just looked in my direction and LOL-ed.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Fatima - I love my iPanemas :D - I have two pairs and I want a third one (I think thats being greedy). I bought them 4 years ago (for R54.97 each!) and they're still in excellent condition I'm done buy shoes for now... I have so many new pairs (including two pairs of Uggs) that I received as gifts that I don't have time to wear lol.

    GB - Seriously, I was never a Doc Marten girl even when 99% of the SA population were donning them with glee... I don't think I'll ever go down that road.

    Michi - My first inclination is to ask "What is there to be sad about when you live in Spain"... but I know better :) Hope your weekend is going great!

    pserean - I have 4 pairs of "ballerina Pumps"... I call them my work shoes :D

    Nas - LOL. Funny story ... wish I could have been there to see it :)

  7. I want to go shoe shopping now! Well, bought a pair of sneakers recently but that was out of practicality.

    Haven't bought any heels in 2 years! But that's because I'm living here in Egypt. Can't wait to be back in SA so I can buy, & wear heels again.

    I have a pair of red snakeskin peep-toe stilettos-love them!!

  8. PS: Love the pair you received as a gift.

  9. PS: Love the pair you received as a gift.

  10. Azra - This post makes me wanna go shoe shopping :p

    have a pair of black snakeskin stilettos - i simply love them!

  11. BB-Aisha: Two years is a long time... when I lived in London I never wore heels - had a few pairs but could never wear them because it's London and it would have been impractical (and painful) ;P

    Princess - I have a pair of black snake skin stilettos too. I have acquired so many pairs of stilettos its quite embarrassing. I could open a shoe museum :)

  12. For me it's bags and then shoes :) More bags i suppose. Just splurged on one last month, but have been 'studying' Anya Hindmarch's spring/summer collections since a week ago. NOT good for my bank account! I have a collection of heels, but i tend to wear the same 4-inch everyday. It's a well made pair, so my feet don't hurt, but i know what you mean by feet suicide. Some pairs are just evil.