Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Coz if I had it my way...

I'd be eating this right now:

Accompanied with this:

While living in this house:

With this little courtyard in the middle:

And this backyard:

Overlooking this view:

On this Island:

Where the downtown looks like this:

And this is what we'd do on weekends:

With a butler / driver that looks like this:

If dreams were horses, we'd all ride... *dreamy sigh*


  1. Haha, too good to be true, but hey! one shouldn't stop dreaming ;)

  2. Replace the last one with Hugh Jackman for me :) And thanks to you I shall now be picking up a pizza on my way home (anything for an excuse, you're it today)

  3. I am actually STARRVING hungry atm, and so those first 2 pictures of the cake and pizza are making my stomach scream even louder!

    The others do look beautiful too.


  4. The real question is why aren't you eating that, in a place you described - with the butler/driver - and the rich, obese 78 year old husband that will die in the night of natural causes as you tickle him to death...

    Or maybe just the pizza? === and the chocolate.

  5. loooollll Azra, youre too cute. Love that house *dreamsss* its gorgeous. Heck- its all gorgeous! (except the bloke- you can keep him,i already have my prince charming and butler in one-loooll).

  6. Tauqeer - Can't stop dreaming yea, reach for the stars is what my Mom always says ;)

    CH - Hope the Pizza was delicious! :D

    Nas - Go to my twitter account, see what I had for lunch today ;)

    LL - If only LL, if only! If only I had a visa and a Squajillion bucks, then all my dreams would come true :)

    Zahera - Thats fine with me, I'm not sharing my butler with you :P lol!

  7. Your butler/driver looks like he's just auditioned for Young Dracula.

  8. and I'd be right there with you!
    such fun
    in New York it's freezing and miserable!!

  9. what you conceive and believe you's all a matter of choices.

  10. Gorrilla - Its a good think I like Vampires, as long as they don't glitter ;)

    Elizabeth - It's been hot and uncomfortably humid in Johannesburg over the last few days so balmy days and island life beckons :)

    LL - You're right. And I'm working on it :)

  11. there should have been a picture of a guy you would be doing, or do you plan to do the help in the alternate universe :)

  12. Tazeen - You know I'm not picky. My criteria comprises of "Decent with manners and humour"... and I'll take anyone from here :D