Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Coz I'm in mourning...

I’m devastated.

It turns out that Pietro Ferrero passed away this morning in Cape Town of all places... apparently from a heart attack while cycling in Camps Bay.

Who? Someone asked me. Sacrilege! How do you not know who Pietro Ferrero is!? Of Ferrero Rocher fame and more importantly, of NUTELLA fame. Ring any bells? Now most people know how much I LOVE Nutella. If you don’t, then let me tell you:


It’s my favourite thing on this entire planet. It’s even better than Damon Salvatore (and let me tell you, there aren’t many things in this world that are better than Damon Salvatore unless you’re having Nutella with a side order of Damon Salvatore’s abs... but this blog is PG and that’s a whole other tale for another x-rated time).

I’m hoping those clauses and registered trademarks ensure that the Nutella recipe remains the same... and yeah I know it probably would remain the same seeing as he wasn’t the original Pietro Ferrero that actually created it and it’s a standard brand.... but one can’t be too sure innit. Two years ago, when the economic recession hit the world stage, I saw many of my favourite products being altered (to a lower quality) to keep production costs low and maintain some stability in their earnings (greedy bastards).

In any case, in order to commemorate his family’s legacy (note I’m talking about the brilliant mind that created God’s gift to mankind in the form of Nutella, and those who continue to make it), I’ve decided to don Chocolate brown clothes with Nutella painted across my face like a soldier in battle.

It’s sad though, because Pietro was still young and quite a looker too (and he has a brother named Giovanni, get out your stalker antennae ladies)... wonder if too much Nutella can be attributed to his heart attack. He should have learned how to share and then maybe he’d still be cycling around the Cape.


  1. Nutella contains nuts, which are good for the heart, and chocolate, which is possibly neutral. Your link says he died of an accident anyway. I don't see why Nutella is a spread. Why not stick your finger into the jar and lick it clean?

  2. You missed your opportunity to be Mrs. Nutella/Ferrero. Don't do that again!

  3. I love Nutella too, but I think I'm one of a handful of people who can keep a jar of nutella sitting in the grocery cupboard for a few months.

    I crave it sometimes, but otherwise it just sits there.

  4. I love a Nutella crepe, its good. but Damon Salvatore is still better :)

  5. Mr. GB - I don't see the point of Nutella and bread. At best I'll go for Nutella and a slice of banana cake. The only way I know how to eat Nutella is with my finger or a tablespoon ;)

    LL - Haha. I often wonder if people like him consume their own products. :)

    bb-aisha - You're definitely the exception. I hardly ever buy Nutella because in our house, it doesn't last for more than 3 days :)

    Jaya - At least a Nutella crepe loves you back ;D

  6. I heard about this via FB (actually, I think it might have been one of your updates) and I couldn't believe it!

    I went to the grocery store today and totally forgot to buy Nutella. Bah.

    How young was he? I've constantly read about young, active people that have heart attacks...

  7. Michi - He was only 47. I guess when its your time to go, its your time to go, no matter how old or young you may be ;)