Thursday, 28 April 2011

Coz we need to hibernate...

There was a time, a few years ago in my pre-blogger days, where I went through a very tough period in my personal life between April and May of that year. I’ve found that every year since then, around this time of the year, I still feel an odd sense of uneasiness... kinda like some sick twisted post traumatic disorder.

It usually begins right after my birthday, when the air gets significantly cooler. Then one morning, when the cool air is suddenly cold, I feel that familiar sense of dread creeping up on me... an anxiety I cannot explain. The feeling is exacerbated by the onset of Easter celebrations where weeks seem to melt into each other right into the month of May. I hate everything about April, particularly the way my soul feels like it’s sprawled on the ground, dying amongst all the bronze and gold Autumn leaves.

Obviously, the wise thing to do would be to re-program my mind and build new, happier and pleasant memories that would substitute all those awful memories and in a way, reclaim that part of my life (and that part of my year)... but who wants to be wise when you can have chocolate. There are some days when dwelling in a state of despair seems mandatory, but then I remember all the public holidays (and boy do we go all out with the public holidays here in SA) and an all-you-can-eat chocolate feast to look forward to... and that gets me through.
All our public holidays here in SA

But the thing about holidays is that they make you lazy. Especially when those days are cold and blistery and all you want to do is sleep all day or sit wrapped up in your cosiest blanket watching movies and eating everything where the main ingredient is fat.

That’s exactly how I feel. LAZY. We’ve had a good dose of public holidays this year, with an added holiday on the 18th of May to accommodate elections because our Government are so intent on getting us to vote, that any such day is deemed a public holiday. Not that we’re complaining.

Yesterday we celebrated “Freedom Day”. Not that most of SA actually cares. I always maintain that we... our generation (and I'm on the old side of "our generation") will never really know or comprehend what our parents and grandparents went through during the Apartheid era. Sure, at my age I experienced some unpleasant scenarios like being denied access to an all-white public swimming pool... but that pales in comparison to endless rioting and being shot at and running for your life. And that’s why it irks the shit out of me when some non-white asshole born in 1993 tells me that "we suffered"... yeah dude, you suffered because you grew up in a four bedroom house in Houghton – never mind what your parents and grandparents went through; or all the other people who went for weeks without food and had to walk miles for water. It's for this reason I refuse to talk about Apartheid. It's over. Done. We can never forget, but we also cannot undo what happened or fully comprehend the atrocities that occurred.

Anyways... I do wish they had made tomorrow, the 29th of April, a public holiday too so that the 25% of the population that are actually at work can have the day off to watch William and Kate Catherine get married. And seeing as we are part of the Commonwealth and were colonised by the British all those years ago, I don’t see why we shouldn’t be afforded the privilege of watching the wedding in the comfort of our own homes.

It’s difficult to believe that there is so much foreign interest in the royal wedding... like it’s the event of the year that everyone has been waiting for. Personally, I couldn’t care less, but that could quickly change if they wanted to give me an invitation. And even then, I’d only attend if there was Halal food on the menu.

Of course I’d love to see how it all transpires... all that pomp and ceremony in these modern times inspire the same kind of awe and disgust one might get from watching a nuclear explosion detonate over a small defenceless city.

For now though, there's still some leftover chocolate Easter eggs and another long weekend to get through. Then gym-time resumes. Although, I suspect that I'm going to be completely useless in my personal and professional life until the end of May. 


  1. My predictions for the royal wedding are that it will begin with music and solemn faces, then the couple will say their vows, then there will be a lot of smiling and waving in front of cheering crowds. It would nice if someone farted or mooned, but I don't think the police would allow it.

  2. Weather has a lot to do with how we feel about -- more or less everything as do the lengths of days. Some people dismiss it because you can just flip a light or a thermostat, but I think it's more primal.

    The antidote, as you know, is chocolate...

    I'd be thrilled to have a front row seat for the Royal Wedding. I really don't care that they're getting married, but any excuse for a party. Ok, it will be a stuffy British party, but I'm sure that I could liven things up a bit if I was there beyond merely spiking the halal punch (without your knowledge, Azra).

  3. Ah, it's winter for you guys. You should visit Canada, summer is (almost) here!

  4. I never felt as patriotic about UK as I did watching the royal wedding live..and I dont even consider myself patriotic o---0 ..Also I guess everyone's got a month they dread because it never seems to go gotta push through. Good luck.

  5. We're finally here! It's May! April is over! :)

    I saw the beginning of the wedding - a bunch of old women wearing tiaras and looking like fools. I liked Kate's first wedding dress, though the balcony kiss should have had a bit more passion! Then again, I suppose they ARE English.

    Oh dear me, chocolate. I couldn't take it anymore the other day and bought Nutella. It's so amazingly...comforting.

    Racism is just horrible. It mostly comes from ignorance, fear, and certain human beings needing some sort of EASY "power" to feel superior. I just had a HUGE incident with racism this past week while I was trying to get my residency card and am debating on whether or not to write about it. I wouldn't want to upset my parents by letting them know about these hardships. But this is the sad reality, I suppose, and the fact that I'm not Caucasian-looking doesn't help in certain countries.

  6. Mr. GB - Seems like the Royal Wedding was one of the most understated weddings I've ever seen. But Catherine did manage to wear a better dress second time around.

    LL - I have to agree with you LL. I think the change in weather definitely has me more depressed then usual. And I'm crazy enough sober, I can't imagine what I'd do drunk! haha!

    mezba - I'd love to visit Canada some time. It's winter here yes, but our winters are quite warm. Today is a balmy 24 degrees Celcius (75F) but the mornings and evenings are quite cold - fluctuating about 5 degrees just above or below 0 degrees celcius (32F).

    Roshni - Hello & welcome. I guess for most people outside the UK, the Royal Wedding provided some escapism because everyone likes a fairytale-like ending :)

    Michi - I really liked Kates second gown with the diamond encrusted center thingie. I think it was very elegant and made her look more relaxed.
    I've heard that some amongst the Spainish can be very racist. Here, everyone is racist - even when they're denying it ;D

  7. Make sure it doesn't happen to you this year, stranger. I mean... 'sick twisted post traumatic disorder'? Not good. Not good. This year is ALL about fun, remember?
    - Randy