Monday, 23 May 2011

Coz the end is nigh...

I was quite disappointed when the world didn’t end on Saturday. Not that predicting The Rapture to occur on the 21st May 2011 meant that the world was about to end. But if popular interpretation of the biblical account in Thessalonians 4:15–17 is correct, it meant that all the good people had left the earth and ascended into the air to meet Jesus (lucky gits), leaving the rest of the sinners to dwell on earth, if I’m not mistaken.

If this is true, then I guess I must be one of the heathens... aka Satan’s kin. Damn and here I thought I was trying to be a better person and that it would perhaps count for something. I do however find it amazing that in a chaotic world where religious conflict reigns, the one thing that most religious clergymen can agree upon is that The End is indeed near.

I for one, was mildly devastated and sorely disappointed that there was no big Apocalyptic ending. I’d been looking forward to it since... well, forever really. Or maybe it’s already happened and I’m already in Hell. It certainly won’t be the first time that I seriously considered the possibility of my reality being one of the many levels or dimensions of the eternal blazing inferno.

Speaking of Hell. I’ve been watching Supernatural for some time now. Fascinating show it is, and that Dean Wincester is very funny (and handsome too - but that’s a whole other story). If you know your Eschatology and Demonology, you’ll find the show to be amazingly accurate. And of course, I’m not talking about those details the producers have altered for entertainment value.
I should point out though - for those who aren’t analytically inclined and lack the required background information on various Eschatological beliefs from various religions when making such observations - that the various characters and events depicted in each episode are symbolic and represent different people and predictions found in numerous Eschatological interpretations in almost every religion. But for the most part, it’s surprisingly accurate. Someone at Time Warner has been doing their homework.

What I do find intriguing in the series is Hollywood’s depiction of God and the Devil. It’s intriguing in the sense that they’re always pitted against each other on the same level. It’s like they’ve been granted equal status in the eyes of Hollywood’s version of Man… it’s God versus the Devil... good versus evil and a fight to the death. There seems to be no indication that according to *almost* every religion on earth, it was in fact God that created the Devil, hence good created evil… and God Almighty has the power to wipe Satan off the Universe's map whenever He wants to - which ultimately gives God the eternal upper hand now innit. And in that sense, the show is ludicrous and most of those CW Exec’s know that the only reason we’re there is to gaze at Dean Wincester’s jaw line and listen to his hilarious quips and snide remarks.

But the show is brilliant in that it maintains an authenticity by ensuring that most of their story-lines coincide (and overlap) with existing information and depictions of events from various Eschatological beliefs in several different religions. And the psychoanalytic detail used to define the relationship and the bond between the brother’s and their relationships with the world at large, as well as how their knowledge and work has impacted on their lives, makes for compelling viewing. I quite enjoy reading books and watching movies or series’ with rich characters that overlap each other in a psychologically complex layered tapestry – because the truth is that within the fabric of society, people in general (and their stories) are never as simple and uncomplicated as they portray themselves to be.

Anyways, I was chatting to my Dad recently and he whole heartedly believes that Lady Gaga is the Devil incarnate. I won’t agree nor will I disagree, even though I know almost all the words to most of her songs. However, I’m more inclined to believe that it’s not the likes of Gaga or Miss Britney Spears that we have to worry about. They’re much like Obama in a sense... just a mighty distraction... puppets see and there’s someone else there behind the scenes pulling all the strings. A murderer doesn’t dress up like a murderer with a badge that says "Hello, I'm a Murderer" – he’ll be the nice chap next door that you think you can trust with your life. And it’s not like the Devil is going to pop out from the under the bushes saying “Peek-a-Boo-guess-Whoo”.

In Afrikaans there’s a saying: “Stille water diepe grond, onder draai die duiwel rond”... roughly translated as “still waters, deeper ground, the devil stirs beneath”, meaning that still waters run deep and that things / people are never what they seem because they will never reveal their true identities, and there’s always three sides to a story. There'll always be something dark and sinister brewing when you least expect it.

The way I see it, the world is not what it used to be. So much has changed in such a short span of time and it makes me wonder if the world could change that drastically in the past two decades, what do the next two decades ahead have in store of us? I don’t even want to know. The End is not only near, but the Devil is alive and well within every one of us. In most cases, we are our own worst enemies… prisoners of our own desires… victims of our own doings. And perhaps it’s time for us to stop looking outside at everyone else wondering what kind of Christians / Hindus / Muslims / Jews our neighbour’s are, and reflect on the kind of  human beings WE should be.


  1. Your Dad said Lady Gaga was the Devil? Doesn't he know it's bad luck to insult a bisexual woman? You'd better ask your local witch doctor to tickle him with ostrich feathers.

    The Devil may be weaker than God, but he's less aloof and has funkier aliases like Lucifer and Beelzebub. It doesn't surprise me that some humans would rather pay homage to him than the white-bearded one.

  2. Since the Rapture promised to catch up the righteous to the bosom of God and leave the rest of (we) the wretches behind, I'm positive that it would do NOTHING to solve the traffic problem in Los Angeles.

  3. "In most cases, we are our own worst enemies… prisoners of our own desires… victims of our own doings."

    Spot on!

  4. Awesome post!
    And I agree with a lot of what you have said. We all have a little shaytan (devil) inside us. It's up to us whether we keep him caged or not.

    Might have to check out supernatural (as well). My list of things to watch is getting longer and longer and longer.

    Take care, stay smiling.

  5. Mr GB - Haha. I wanted to say something else in response to your remark about the local witchdoctor... but I think such a comment would be best said if we meet one day in your jungle.
    Thing is Mr. GB, God created Lucifer and Beelzebub too - so He could very well remove them from the Universe as well. In fact, there will come a time, when He's done playing nice and will decide to just get rid of the whole damn earth. Haiti and Japan have been but samples of what He can really do. And until then, he gives us the rope we need to hang ourselves.

    LL - Haha. LA that bad hey? According to Sir Isaac Newton (based on his calculations using figures from the Book of Daniel) the Apocalypse can happen no earlier than 2060. We'll have to wait and see.

    Tauqeer - We have to take responsibility for our actions :)

    Nas - It's true. Humans are the evilest of all because it's our choices that have wreaked havoc on earth... Satan just whispers and makes suggestions.

  6. Thank You for this post...You said what we all think at most time but are too afaid to say anything and rather turn the other way!

  7. Princess - Thank you for reading. I hope you have been well!

  8. Your posts hits a sore spot for many. My greatest fear is the massive amount of suffering that humans will continue to cause one another. And I use "will" freely because as we know, history continuously repeats itself and humankind can be one of the greatest disappointments when it comes to being good people.

    I wonder what Harold Camping thinks about the anticlimactic "aftermath" of Rapture Day.

  9. Michi - You're a girl after my own heart :) I love history. It's only when we look at history do we realize how truly dumb mankind is. I think you and I should be the president of the world... we'd make Nutella & Peanut Butter the food staple of the world, and there's be no reason for anyone to fight ;D