Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Coz a picture is worth a thousand words...

I like watching people. I could people-watch all day and I often do, especially when I’m waiting for a flight or if I'm sitting in a park or lounging at a street-side cafĂ©. There’s something cathartic about watching the world pass you by. I’m often a spectator in strangers’ lives and I’ll watch them come and go in their droves.

Most people are usually firmly ensconced in their own realities... doing the weekly shopping, or waiting for a loved one, or complaining to a friend, or running late for a meeting, or going to the gym, or returning from holiday... and all of them are utterly oblivious to me and my voyeur self.

I often sit and wonder where they come from and who they’re going home to, and where it is they call home. I wonder who is waiting for them and what they’ll have for Dinner and what they do on Sundays. I wonder about what they value in life and the secrets they harbour from others. I wonder about their fears and hopes and dreams and the problems that burden their souls. I wonder about their current lives and the lives they have led prior to that point in time. It fascinates me.

And every now and then, when someone catches me taking a peak into their personal space, I smile to indicate that there is no malice intended, and I'm usually met with a smile in return.

Sometimes, I even imagine what they’re saying to each other... aware that there are only a finite number of human emotions and that most of them are visible in someone's body language. But when it comes down to the core of it, I do realise that the outside world will never really know what is going on in someone's mind or what is being verbally exchanged between huddled siblings, or a loving couple, or a group of friends, or business partners. Sure, we can try to guess and there is a good chance we'd even be right - but we never really know.

Anyways, our systems were down at work and I had a whole lot of time to play around. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So here’s my two cents worth: Click on images for larger visuals


  1. I love this post! I was actually going to write a similar post. I know what you mean, I really do love to people watch. It is where I get most of my inspiration from. xxx

  2. I believe that's PRECISELY what they were thinking!

  3. This was great (as always)
    The photos made me chuckle!

  4. i do agree people watching is not just a mere pass tym activity its something frm which I actually learn a lot
    its lyk watching a movie widout paying fr a ticket :P

    i love this post...!!
    keep ryting

  5. Michael Caine wrote in his autobiography that he loved watching people when he was a young unknown actor. He once went to Paris just so he could look at people in cafes. Maybe you should think about an acting career, Miss Azra.

  6. People-watching definitely a fav past-time too. & overhearing conversations.

  7. Ahahahaha! This was such an entertaining post!!! Just the perk I needed. :)

    I love kind, warm smiles from people you unexpectedly make eye contact with. :)

  8. hilarious, especially the cattiness. poor fops that are men. i always thought that david beckham's thought bubbles would be empty. i mean that man is excruciatingly gorgeous and talented. no way he can think for himself.
    and i too love people watching. and analyzing why couples are together and what in God's name do they see in each other.

  9. That Girl - Thanks :) You should do your post too!

    LL - Ha, Victoria Beckham is lovely to work with. Her facial expressions can tell you exactly whats going on in her mind. She's also very funny in real-life.

    Nas - Thanks!

    suvaibaFA - Its true, and quite amazing what we can learn from our environment.

    Lady T - Glad you approve.

    Mr. GB - I tried that once. But to be a really good actor, you have to be a good liar, which I'm not. My face gives away too much.

    bb-aisha - yep, fascinating stuff. I often find that people aren't that different in that respect. Many will complain about or admire the same things regardless of cultural, racial and age differences... for eg. You'll find any woman of any age complaining about some man in her life haha.

    Michi - I'm sure people love seeing kind warm smiles from you too... your aura is very plesant and warm. Most people like that.

    Fathima - haha. I like observing couples too. You can almost always tell who is the domineering one and who is the submissive one in the relationship. Victoria owns David, because she *made* him. She created Beckham as a brand-figure while he was still a snot-kop kicking the ball around Old Trafford. He knows hes absolutely nothing without her.