Thursday, 9 June 2011

Coz this is my kind of beautiful...

You’d think I’d have something better to talk about then the weather. Well I do, I always do but that will have to wait.

So in the early hours of Wednesday morning, 3:05am to be exact, I was woken up by the sound of terrible howling winds and thunder. I must be dreaming, I thought to myself. Thunder? In the middle of winter? No freakin way. And being prone to my regal dramatic episodes (regal because I can be a drama queen of note sometimes) I thought that this must be it... End of the World. Day of Judgement. Armageddon.

Sure, thunderstorms are a normal and almost daily occurrence here in Johannesburg during the summer months. Note I said summer. But in all my life, I’ve never ever ever EVER EVER witnessed a thunderstorm in the middle of winter. Add to that, it wasn’t any old thunderstorm. It didn't just rain, but it poured and came down in buckets. And when the sky got tired of pissing rain for hours, it pelted us with hail stones and I got a good beating running from my flat to the car, soaking all the layers of my clothing.

For a brief moment, I associated the hail assault with stones and punishment. I wondered what have I done in the past few days that I shouldn’t have... maybe I shouldn’t have eaten Jo’s jellybeans on Monday without telling her (but wait, I did tell her eventually so that doesn’t count); maybe I should stop pretending to be hard at work whenever someone approaches my desk... ok I thought, I’ll give it a shot.

But alas, it wasn’t something I did to provoke the sky falling in torrents. It’s just El NiƱo or Global Warming or something of that sort. The repercussions of which was disastrous because it caused severe flooding on numerous roads including the M1 Highway which had to be closed off in various parts – leading to hundreds of vehicles and passengers being stuck on the highway for hours with nowhere to go.

Add to that, there were a number of accidents that wreaked havoc with traffic yesterday, the most catastrophic being a massive truck carrying a fleet of new cars that caught on fire... with some of those cars falling off the truck, it was like a movie. I actually wish I was there to see it for myself, although those that were there weren’t so happy to be in a 4 hour traffic jam. I don’t even want to know about those poor sods that needed to pee. And in a world where every cause has an effect, every other road leading into and out of the city was an utter nightmare because like one tweeter said: Joburg drivers: Instant Idiot, just add water.

The good news was that by the time I got into work, my soaked layers were dry.

The other good news is that today is a beautiful day, although not many people will agree with me. It’s one of those overcast-with-scant-rain days and there might even be snow. Here are a couple of pics of the city taken from the Highway on my way to work this morning:

Now, if only I could go home and snuggle in my bed.


  1. Thank you so much, Azra, for your sweet question, it gave me a chance to return to your beautiful blog! :-)

    I will keep your page open, to indulge later.

    My blog visits have been few over the last semester. University takes up most of my time. Less than three weeks now, then I shall live again, though.

    Til later,

  2. If only our Canadian winters could be that serene!

    For some reason though, this summer (we are having summer now) has been quite violent. Rain, hail, thunderstorms and tornadoes, it's been here in the Greater Toronto Area. Last evening was a balmy 40 degrees C, and I was outside doing some work when all of a sudden the skies darkened and it started to hail - like something out of a biblical movie.

  3. I put the blame squarely on global cooling. We need to burn more fossil fuels to put the matter back into balance...

  4. felt like tunneling into myself when looking at your pictures. Prefer days when the sun's piercing bright and the sky's icy blue. At least a know to avoid the coldness of the shades. It's like being a lizard scuttling for any sunny spot. Pity there's no snow to accompany nature's wintery drama.

  5. All things considered, I wouldn't trade living in Jozi for anywhere else in the world... except maybe Bali, or Bora Bora, or Lake Tahoe, or Zanzibar, or Knysna, or Cape St Francis. But other than those, I wouldn't live anywhere but Jozi ;)

  6. Those clouds look very low - the top of a skyscraper is immersed in one of them. On a day like that I'd want to be hard at work. Sunny days are best for lazing around.

  7. Ohhh. I like storms. They're just sooo ummm, *blank brain moment* 8-)

    I agree with the person above. Either the skyscrapers are toppingly high, or the clouds are really flying low.

    Lovely pics btw.

  8. I'm convinced that our planet's climate is shifting again, as I suppose tends to happen every few hundreds of years or so...I always think of those massive ships found in desserts, and of sea fossils found on mountain tops.

    I love thunderstorms and the beginning gray of winter. :)

  9. Merisi - All the best for the next three weeks! :)

    mezba - I do find most of these weather episodes to be dramatic in a biblical sense. Its both exciting and frightening at the same time ;)

    LL - haha, Global cooling indeed, especially on this side of the world :P My old home had a nice stone fire place... oh how I miss it!

    Fathima - In some ironic twist, I feel my most alive when it's overcast - clouds invigorate me. They're like chocolate, the darker the better :)

    Kaloo5 - haha. Y'know, I love Johannesburg, it will always have a special place in my heart. But then again, I can say that about almost every place I've been to. I'm a wanderer by nature, every place is home :D

    Mr. GB - Those clouds were really low. I'd rather have a mandate that requires me to work during Spring and Autumn. Cloudy days are for snuggling and bright sunny days are for picnics! :D

    Nas - Thank you! I like storms too, as long as they don't take my home with them ;) Our skyscrapers vary in length, the tallest being Carlton Center at 50 stories - the tallest building in Africa I believe.

    Michi - I would say that weather patterns are definitely changing. I just hope that we change with them to accomodate the cold / rain / snow etc, to prevent unecessary problems :)