Thursday, 14 July 2011

Coz even Kylie concurs...

Dear Usually-Cold-Wet-Miserable-Winter-in-Cape Town

Johannesburg requests that you return their warm balmy 23°C winter days that you've hijacked a few days ago. Please note that hijacking is a felony and punishable by Tsunami.


El NiƱo


  1. So you've got fed up of the cold weather already? Doesn't surprise me. We primates like the sun on our backs.

  2. Sigh, CT trumps mine dump JHB any day. I wanna leave...

  3. Mr GB - I've never been this cold in my life... not even in the worst of winter in the UK. Hope it's making some part of me stronger.

    Prixie - I hear you. Laid back lifestyle, less rush, fresh breezes, clean air and mountain views are very appealing. We should consider!

  4. it's been quite chilly in melbourne this year too. It's not the cold outside I mind, it's the cold INSIDE that makes me batty.

  5. Alright, what exactly are we calling cold? Like -15 C?

  6. Last week was awesome - but the cold is coming back this week. Still not too bad though :)

  7. Tauqeer - :)

    Diedre - That is EXACTLY what I'm talking about. It's colder in my flat than it is outside, it drives me insane really.

    Angie - You're going to laugh ok, but minimums between -2C and 1C and maximums between 13C and 18C - it usually goes up to the mid 20s here in winter.
    I'm a whiny mofo because I just moved into a new place and its freezing. I mean FREEZING. If I had nuts, I'd have no nuts kind-of freezing. Our buildings here aren't made to withstand extreme cold because it never had to. But with changing weather patterns... we're going to have to invest in some central heating or something!

    Dreamlife - You guys have been the envy of us Jo'burgers. Even my Dad was complaining and he has a grand fireplace to keep him warm.