Sunday, 10 July 2011

Coz we've become accustomed to social niceties...

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  1. If you cook on an industrial scale, you're going to attract coyotes and raccoons.

  2. social niceties are as futile as the conversation.
    But you also always pay to be blunt. Fail No?

  3. that time of the year: ramadan prep.
    my suggestion to not do it and serve our usual supper was not well received. oh well.
    i feel your pain. going to be pasting samoosa tomorrow.
    as for social niceties: it's a lovely way to be sarcastic at time.

  4. Bwahahah!

    Oh my word, might as well open up your own bakery!

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  6. Mr. GB - We have no choice because Mother hates being in the kitchen every weekend and likes to give away half of whatever we make anyway.

    NiyatiG - It's true. There's no win-win situation here :)

    Fathima - lol. Compared to other people we keep on the moderate side... my ex-neighbour used to lay the table with at least 10 different types of savouries every single night. We're keep it to 2 variations. And yep, I like the sarcasm sometimes too...

    Prixie - I'm sure you don't envy us :) It irks me though because we'll be slaving away and my Mother will just give away 60% of whatever we've made. Not that I mind her giving... sometimes I just feel like 60% of my efforts were for nothing.

    Tauqeer & Nas - Guys are lucky, you're not plagued with such problems...

  7. Does Azra's Samoosa and Pie Factory ship to Canada? :D

  8. tickle999 - If you pay for shipping maybe :)

  9. hahahaha
    how the hell did i miss this?
    just goes to show na?
    Stay off FB for a few days and that's when all the good stuff happens.

  10. Saaleha - How can anyone blame you, I mean your life is so busy outside FB with your Afrocentricity, and your adoring husband and ALL your beautiful kids and AAALLLLLL those absolutely delicious treats you post pics of for us to salivate over :) You're like a Super-Woman!

  11. That's quite a conversation.