Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Coz the world's gone to shit but we still need to eat...

Whenever I feel like being a masochist, I hop on over to What Katie Ate and proceed to die salivating. She certainly has some amazing culinary skills. Just check out her home made pasta dishes especially the Cannelloni and the delicious looking Chocolate Salted Caramel Hazelnut Pie.

I spend a lot of my time off cooking, and love it. I can make almost anything but I'm certainly no professional. I'm sure if I had a chance to do a career makeover, I'd be a chef. It's another public holiday (aren't we lucky) and I found myself channelling my inner domestic goddess - it wasn't so much hunger than it was the need to keep busy that kept me going before breaking my fast.

So feeling very generous, I offered to cook for everyone and took orders. Mother wanted grilled fish and scones... for separate occasions of course... the fish was marinaded in a blend of crushed garlic and ginger, cumin and coriander (cilantro) spices, salt, lemon juice, fresh coriander finely chopped and olive oil.

The siblings wanted pizza... lots of it.
And so I prepared this Cajun Chicken pizza. The chicken is cubed and cooked with Cajun spices and sauces and the pizza is topped with chedder, green peppers and oregano.
The Pepper Steak pizza had steak strips previously cooked in a marinade of salt, pepper and Worcester sauce and the pizza is topped with a combination of Gouda and Chedder cheeses as well as sweet Italian peppers. 
And then I had to decide between the fish... naturally I went for the less healthy option and chose the pizza instead. 
And then there was dessert. First up Sweet Pumpkin, cubed and thrown in a pot with a half cup of brown sugar, a few whole cinnamon sticks and a drizzle of olive oil cooked on medium heat until soft and sticky and served with dessert cream.
Mother had a scone but she didn't like it. Served here with Nutella, bananas and cream.
I guess you win some, you lose some.

So, does anyone need a personal chef? ;)


  1. I think I need you as my personal chef, but I couldn't eat your dishes while you were fasting. That grilled fish sounds amazing, I hope you can get it nice and fresh.

  2. That fish looks absolutely amazing. Salivation in process as we speak. The pumpkin dessert makes me think of autumn! Arghhhhh So hungry!!

  3. To honest, Azra, I'm already stuffed. And I mean stuffed big time. So when I decided to check out your blog, feeling all stuffed, and I came across those pictures of all that belly enhancing food - well, let's just say I wanted to run straight to the gym. Do you know what I mean? Luckily I'm too lazy to even go looking for my car (which I need to drive my butt to the gym). I'll have another look tomorrow - when I'm starving.

  4. Ah a fellow cooker! :) Everything looks great. All the best for Ramadaan...

  5. Hey next time I want an invite :P

    Fish looked yummyyyyy

  6. Well, Azra, I must say pictures of food look much better when you haven't eaten yet. Yesterday evening just wasn't the right time for me. But I was wondering as a non-religious ignorant outsider - if you had children, would you have expected them to be fasting right now, too?

    Take good care :)

  7. There's your new career, become a chef.

    It's not cool putting up those pics in ramadaan, or even out of ramadaan, knowing others cannot make such things

  8. It all looks so good. For some reason, we don't eat fish in Ramadan.
    But I want fish now.

    I love cooking too, but certainly won't be so generous as to take individual orders. You have my respect for that!

  9. OMG OMG OMG - your food looks DELICIOUS!!! COME COOK FOR ME NOW!! :D

    I've been experimenting with pizza recipes, recently deep-dish style pizzas, but your Cajun-style pizza had me SALIVATING. I'm not exaggerating, I haven't eaten yet, so I almost cried when I saw the pictures because of how mouth-watering it all looks.

    We should pair up and travel the world, collecting the most delicious recipes along the way, and become famous international-food chefs on the Food Network!

    P.S. I'm going to use your grilled fish recipe. I never know how to cook fish, and yours looked delightful (seeing as how it was smothered in my favorite thing on earth - GARLIC). :)

    P.P.S. PLEASE post more of your cooking adventures! ;)

  10. P.P.P.S. I totally give you special permission to defile my blog's comment section, hahaha.

  11. EVERYTHING looks delicious. Can't wait to break fast.

  12. scrumptious on the eyes... and cruel on the fasting but hey... food porn!

  13. Saaleha - Thanks :)

    GB - I wouldn't mind, just tell me where to sign up!

    Angie - Funny enough I rarely eat Pumpkin, even though I quite like it... it's certainly good comfort food in the depths of winter.

    RCB - I would expect my children to adhere to the laws of Islam which states that once they hit puberty, they are compelled to fast every day provided that they are healthy and able to. Here in SA, most kids want to fast because it gives them a sense of kinship... so many start fasting as early as 5 or 6 years old. Some of them have the ability to go the distance while others at that age go through a "practising phase" where they fast until midday or half the day for a while before attempting a full day fast.

    Prixie - Thanks! I hope we have a Chocolate Monday to look forward to soon!

    Chantal - You're always invited :) Just say when.

    SS - I could give you a detailed account on how to go about making whatever it is you want to make.

    bb-Aisha - We eat fish because we don't eat a lot of red meat. And I need any extra Omega 3 & 6 in my diet.

    Asma - Done!

    Michi - Y'know that veggie deep dish you made looked just as good! Mail me if you want any additional pointers on the fish recipe. And I will be posting more in the future. Actually, I need to email you and explain what I wanted to say about D-man and his Portuguese :D

    Tauqeer - Thanks! Hope you enjoyed your meal!

    Fathima - I guess when one is fasting it's not ideal... ;P