Sunday, 18 September 2011

Coz this is everything that is wrong with the world today...

The perfect recipe for disaster on a social catastrophic scale:

Er... He? She? It? Thing? What exactly  is ZARA selling?

It's the 21st century and in the third world, food is still a foreign concept...

...while in the UK, 6.7 Million tonnes of edible food is thrown away annually amounting to £10.2 Billion each year. In the US $43 Billion worth of untouched / unopened edible food is discarded each year.

Want to be famous? The great news is that you don't need ANY kind of talent... just a pretty face and a penchant for whoring your life to the world should do it.

War zones are not playgrounds.


  1. 100% accurate. Though there is a so much more to say about how shameful it is that so many of us live this way, I can't deny that I am guilty of being wasteful at times.

    The Toddlers and Tiaras disgusts me, but wow that Zara thing creeps me out in a totally different way.

  2. Toddlers and Tiaras is obscene. So is Zara. So are places where governments are instituted at the end of a bayonet.

    I think that those of us who have can always been justly accused of excess.

  3. And the saddest thing is if they sent all that waste food to a famine-struck country it would have gone off by the time it got there. Maybe if overweight humans ate less, the poorest could afford to buy more food.

  4. i hate that toddlers show on telly. think it is so damn crap.

    this post left me feeling a tad depressed.

  5. Well wow. that was really depressing...

  6. Can I add to this list? Real Housewives of whatever...where they show you what it means to be a spoiled, rich, rude housewife. Have not really watched this...but have read articles in the news. Am I judging a book by its cover...maybe. Cribs and sweet 16 only make people especially the youth jealous and envious of all the things that they don't have. I'm sure there are much more... something needs to be done.

  7. Won't even get into the rest of the crap sold on television, in advertising, and elsewhere. The sad thing is, most believe everything they are fed without an ounce of doubt. I wouldn't trade my real life experiences for the life of a close-minded spoiled brat for the world. We just have to try and remember that there are good things and good people out there, too.

  8. Totally agree 100%. What values do we teach our young one about life? Having a great bod, pretty face will get you places? I think not.

    The wastage of food is another thing that totally sickens me:( we forget about those that are helpless and dont have a morsel to eat. Spare a thought and think if you were in that position...

    Society is somewhat baised & only there to suit themselves!

  9. Angie - I think that's exactly the problem... that most of us are guilty in some form or another in endorsing this lifestyle, whether we're doing so consciously or unconsciously. The Zara ad reminds me of those sentiments by some that the fashion industry is run by a bunch of gay men that want women to look like the adolescent males in their fantasies.

    LL - Excess is a global problem LL. Here in SA, excess is associated with status and in a country where the majority had no status, excess has become a norm and some sort of validation to the insecure SA psyche. It's really sad and in some instances, pathetic.

    GB - Indeed if humans practiced the art of moderation, we'd have much less wastage. The core of the problem though is a lack of consciousness about things.

    Prixie - Sorry for making you depressed. I shall post more of Damon Salvatore (Salivatory more like it hahahaha) to make it up to you :)

    Deidre - Yeah it is... sorry to depress you. But on the bright side, depression is better than complacency and that numb feeling ;P

    Lady T - I have to agree... all these shows that endorse an unrealistic impractical lifestyle should be banned. They do nothing except make people feel bad about themselves by making them think that they have to compete with the Jones's in order to be worthy of their places on earth.

    Michi - Exactly... the media has become a demon of sorts by perpetuating and endorsing absolutely atrocious behaviour and lifestyles. And yes, there are still good people out there - like you ;)

    Princess - I think that's what we're lacking in today's societies. There is no greater consciousness... everyone is so consumed with their own lives, to the detriment of the world at large *sigh*

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