Monday, 5 September 2011


Azra is:

perceptive, observant, reflective, painfully shy, emotionally sensitive, vulnerable, self-conscious, a believer, a perfectionist, brutally honest,

constantly searching,

too intelligent for own good, too passionate for own good, cynical, sarcastic, masochistic,

believes equality doesn’t have clauses, believes stupidity doesn’t have a cure, believes laughter is the only cure, believes the concept of superiority is a disease in the minds of all its employers,

likes structure, prone to episodes of spontaneity, addicted to caffeine, resentfully realistic, ninety-eight percentile open-minded, reliable, doesn’t trust anyone, brave, afraid to make the wrong choices, often misunderstood, optimistic, driven, pessimistic, pro nationalisation of Nutella pancakes, always questioning convention, selectively motivated, feisty, opinionated,

always getting the broken one,

idealistic, romantic, an emotional chocoholic, occasionally foul-mouthed, more likely to get mad then sad, cautious, terrified of failure, a non-conformist, an outcast, severely impatient, loves people, hates people, extrovert, introvert, a loner, loathes weakness, abhors arrogance

convinced the memo was lost in the post,

a lover, a fighter, anti-feminist, anti-capitalist, anti-culturalist, squandering untapped potential, nationalistic, unpatriotic, living too much in the past or future and not enough in the present, a reluctant wanderer, always wondering why she can’t be fucking normal,

perpetually seeking,




concept stolen from Irfaan, guess that makes me a thief too


  1. I always wonder why I can't be 'fucking normal' too, but then I think I really wouldn't want to be 'normal'!

    This is a beautiful post!

  2. Didn't Charles Aznavour write a song about you? Here it is.

  3. Hi Azra!!!

    I would like to know to what this refers:

    "always getting the broken one"



  4. Prixie - I'm on a whole other dimension of abnormal... I'd even settle for regular quirks... some form of *ok*...

    GB - Perhaps Charles Aznavour was talking about someone more angelic :)

    Left Coast Guy - The answer is: everything. Perhaps its because I like things to be perfect (because I don't allow imperfections in myself) that everything I get, from toys to cookies to guys are "broken"... some literally, others figuratively *sigh*

  5. wow
    this post is so thefingly beautiful :P
    well being a theif is also a hard task..!
    it is so much fun to actually describe to the world who you are but then still you feel "OH i FORGOT TO MENTION THIS "
    but i like it
    keep writing

  6. Lovely stolen post full of inspirational words that we can in a way identify with coz Azra is an intuitively awesome blogger.

  7. That was an advertisement, right?

    Because that's how ads go: too good to be true.

  8. suvaiba - Thanks for the kind words :)

    Fathima - I'm glad that at least one person thought it inspirational ;P I think I'm a nutcase most of the time.

    Candide - That is the unfortunate dichotomy of Azra. Neither here nor there is the theme of my life... much to my apprehension and discontent.

    Lady T - You'd know ;)

  9. So, it's neither too good to be true nor is it true?

  10. Candide - Everything you read in this post is 110% true. Whether that's a good or bad thing is subject to interpretation :)

  11. I have only two eyes to watch you.

  12. ... and 110% is too much for them.

  13. Candide - maybe you'd like to borrow my glasses? Hahaha :)

  14. Why not! Your look at the world is indeed inspiring.

  15. We're in the same canoe, you and I. And for some reason we never seem to accept those calm waters in the distance, we're always going towards the ones with the more interesting fish, the ones with the bit of choppy waves that will make our canoe jump and smack down onto the water time and time again. And that's okay. :)

  16. Michi - After all, what is life without the kinks and quirks yeah? I think it makes me a better person - at least I hope so ;)

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