Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Coz we live and learn...

So Michi has nominated me to participate in the 7 Links project by Tripbase. The ultimate goal of this project is to get bloggers to dig into their archives and regurgitate those posts that had an impact on the world in some way or form. (I've tried to stick to 7 links... really I did. But I'm a dynamic woman and nothing is ever that simple with me). Anyway, here goes:

1. My most beautiful post
Ok so this is already difficult and I haven't even started yet. I cannot think of a beautiful post... especially since it's all relative innit... one man's beautiful is another man's yawn. It's a toss between Tumbleweed and Weird Encounters. I'm sure I've posted more touching stuff, but I can't remember right now.

2. My most popular post
This is also difficult because there's no one definitive answer. I cannot mention the number of people who come to this blog looking for answers to the complex female psyche by searching for what women say and what they really mean. It's staggering! And then there's the other huge contingent fascinated by prophecies  and the foreboding of Gog and Magog before The Last Day. And it's safe to say that the entire Latin American audience came here by searching for pictures of the Soccer World Cup and it remains one of my most searched, most viewed posts ever.

3. My most controversial post
Definitely the LIVING Islam range... Part 1, Part 2 and the third installment. This is mainly because there are currently 72 factions in Islam... some are more closely related to others, while other's couldn't be more different. Everyone's interpretations of what it means to be Muslim differs across the spectrum. And not everyone is wrong. Not everyone is right either, with some even losing sight of what Islam actually means and stands for. The rituals of prayer and worship are not what define us. It's the kind of people we are. There is no place for evil and evil actions in Islam. The Almighty is very clear about this in several passages of the Qur'an. But people will always see what they want to see. And the unfortunate truth is that most people don't realize that the key to their connection with Divinity lies in their Humanity.

4. My most helpful post
Well, for some reason everyone wants to know How to deal with a Psychotic Bitch. Seriously. The only reason it's not at the top of the list in question 2 is because it's been deemed helpful. Ironically, it's right up there with the what women say & what they really mean post... er, does anyone else see a pattern here?

5. A post whose success surprised me
Has to be That Special Kind of Asshole, Part 1 and Part 2!

6. A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
I don't write for attention, but I would have to say Stop embarrassing yourself, you're Asian! tops this one. However another current issue really grates my cheese. I ardently believe that we, the human general public, are being played like puppets on strings. Firstly our governments lie to us telling us we have Freedom of Speech when we clearly don't. Like I said, we never had freedom, and we never will. And secondly, the monkeys people who do have this freedom abuse it. We are all too ready and willing to believe every single thing we read in our media. And when you have a media that is driven and motivated by sensationalism to promote sales and increase their revenue, a media that is not focused on the truth and integrity, we have a HUGE problem. I highlighted this when I re-posted Charles Thomson's lengthy article "One of the Most Shameful Episodes in Journalistic History" which detailed the facts surrounding Michael Jackson and his trial, and brought to light actual factual information from the trial itself that was contrary to everything we heard on the news! It literally left me with a hole in my gut and my jaw dragging on the floor in absolute disgust.  To ruin a man's life because you want to sell newspapers is beyond despicable. Murdoch and his kind should burn in Hell.

7. The post that I am most proud of
This is a toss between Girls Behaving Badly - I still believe I should have my own candid camera show on tv - and Coz things are different, it doesn't necessarily mean they're better... as I've said in a comment on another blog, I'm an anti-feminist but my definition of feminism doesn't include abuse and violence etc. For the most part, my idea of being "free" and "feminist" is NOT having a man telling me how to think/feel/speak etc. As for the rest of it... I think it's utter bull that we have men these days proposing with a ring he expects you to help him pay off - detailing how much the woman has to contribute to the rent. If it is her choice to contribute, then by all means, go ahead. But he wants to sit by the pool with his friends, a drink in one hand while smoking weed with the other, while she works her bum off all day, then STILL has to come home and look after him and cook and change lightbulbs and worry about the service on her car and all that other caca.
I'm like: be. the. freaking. man! Change the light bulb! Mow the lawn! Tell me about the freaking Hydraulics in the car and wait for me to roll my eyes like you're speaking Greek! Get up in the middle of the night and go see what that noise is all about! Show me the kitchen, I will be more than happy to cook for everyone. But EVERYTHING else is your problem coz you're the man.
Only because I've spent most of my whole life having to worry about things I shouldn't have to worry about because of a lack of a male figure in my life.
Again, I don't account for abuse etc. because I see it as a non-factor. It's unfathomable (to me) in a sense because a man who even *dared* raise a hand to me would go to sleep and wake up in his own version of Guantanamo with a life sentence. Death would be too easy.

Anyway, there you have it. There are so many people I'd like to nominate that it's difficult to remember everyone. So I nominate everyone who reads this... especially because I know some people wouldn't because it's not their kinda thing. I would like to mention a few specific people though, just for the hell of it: Angie, Kaloo, Deidre, DeanNas, SadyAfrocentric Muslimah and GB, even though I know gorillas are too busy for such things. There are others I'd like to mention too but like I said, I get the feeling it's not everybody's thing. Either way, do it or don't - it's up to you.


  1. I cringe reading my stuff - so yeah, not for me!

  2. You certainly did your homework on the Michael Jackson case! South Park also concluded he wasn't a child molester in an episode called 'The Jeffersons'. They did criticise him for being infantile, though.

  3. You made me think and blush! Thanks for the nomination and thank you for giving me a list of YOUR work to look back on. Tumbleweed was amazing!

  4. Looks like fun- I'll give it a try soon :)

  5. Loved it!! You've given me quite the load to read, and I'm so glad because I was able to look back at all the oldies but goodies I would have never found myself. I enjoyed reading a lot of them!! :)

  6. Ah I visited each and every link!
    And this is the second time I've been nominated to do this, so I guess I might as well get on with it aye?

    Thank you.

  7. You put me in some rather esteemed company there Azra :)
    Thanks on two counts.
    First for highlighting some of your material which I may have previously missed. Brilliant.
    And secondly, thank you for including me in your list. I loved the opportunity.

  8. Prixie - I cringe sometimes too... but it was fun:)

    GB - Michael Jackson had his issues, like the rest of us do, but his biggest flaw was that he was too sensitive for the world, always trying to please everyone to his own detriment.

    Angie - It's true, you're pretty amazing :)

    Sady - Yeah giveit a try...

    Michi - I cannot believe you read all of it, I feel so honoured that you'd take your precious time to read my crap. Thanx lady :D

    Nas - Can't believe you've read all of them either... I'd like to read your list!

    Kaloo - Great stuff... liked reading your stuff too!

  9. So sorry sweets, for missing that I was nominated here :(
    Next time you do something like that, just mosey on over to FB or Twitter and give me a poke or a cyber klap. And I will be sure not to miss it. Thing is, I've been reading blogs off from my phone. And yours, for some reason, doesn't display in mobile. SO it's kinda tough to read:(

    Sorry again. Fixing that post :)


  10. Saaleha - Ag please Lady, you have like 6 kids! You can never do anything wrong in my eyes... don't worry about it ;D

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