Thursday, 6 October 2011

Coz I'm a chronic dreamer...

It's true. I spend way too much of my time and energy living suspended between the past, present and dream land. And for the life of me, I can't figure out why. I can't figure out why I can't stay focused ALL the time. Why is it such a constant struggle? It's not Rocket Science. Or Brain Surgery. Maybe my brain is constipated.

Oh boy what a week. What a week... let me give you all some advice. REAL advice ok! Everyone listening? Ok here goes:

Firstly, do not EVER, under any circumstances, go off on a tangent with a prospective employer, especially if you suspect that said employer enjoys your conversation.

Secondly, do NOT indulge said prospective employer in your whims and fancies.

And finally, when said prospective employer asks you what your hobbies and interests are, DO NOT EVER get caught in a dreamy reverie while you proceed to tell her that you love men with a dreamy sigh and an uninhibited determined glint in your eye, as she collapses in a fit of giggles which snaps you back to reality and you’re sure the only reason she likes you is because you’re a professional stalker. OK?!? Get it? Got it? Good!

Anyways, I’m glad to say that the exercise drought is over. Instead of starting on Monday like I always do, I decided to start on Sunday. And boy it wasn’t easy, getting back into a routine is never easy. Then there was a minor setback on Tuesday – I couldn’t get to it because I had other things to attend to – but then got right back on that bandwagon again on Wednesday night. The trick here is consistency, regardless of what happens.

And like I predicted, the first few days were torture and I died a few times. Now my body aches like I’d been run over with a truck for a few days. But so far so good. There are only 3 things really grating my cheese at the moment:

Firstly, speaking of cheese... training regularly means that I’m hungry ALL.THE.FREAKING.TIME! But there’s no point in exercising religiously if I’m going to stuff my face every 2 minutes innit. I need my newly acquired Kardashian bum (aptly named Kimmy) to eff off and never come back again.

Secondly, for some reason I seem to be suffering from fatigue that I just can’t get rid of. I’m so tired that most days it feels like I haven’t slept the night before. And when I’m tired, I say stupid things to prospective employers. Now while I’m not bound to my bed I do get some shut eye at a reasonable hour – 11pm – and I’m up just before 5am. Six hours of sleep has been enough for me before. But these past few days, it's like I'm sleep walking - day dreaming my life away. I’m obviously lacking some essential vitamins here. Maybe I need to find another nurse to illegally administer another vial of Vitamin B12.

And thirdly: The Chocolate. Oh the freaking chocolate. Seriously, it’s like crack. I can’t seem to get rid of the habit. And every day it’s the same story: hmm... what shall I have today... Aero? Nope too many holes, not enough chocolate. Flake? Nah, it's like eating chocolate flavoured air... too many folds, not enough chocolate. Tex? More holes hidden in between layers of wafer biscuit. Seriously Nestlé, what is up with all the holes?!? 

Ferrero? Had a whole box last week. Lindor? The buttery filling makes me nauseous. Côte d'Or? Nah. Hershey’s? Way overpriced. How I wish they sold Godiva here... or Butlers... or Galler. I miss Galler and the dreamy praline wonderment that came with it.

How about I just brush my teeth and go to bed... yeah good idea. G'night.


  1. I like your job interviewee skills... But you didn't tell us whether or not you landed the new job.

  2. Hmm, it sounds as if you like your chocolate chunky, possibly like you like your men. Have you heard of the Yorkie bar? I'm not sure whether it still exists, but it was definitely supposed to be chunky.

  3. From good night to good morning! First of all, I can't imagine you being somewhat of a professional stalker. I know stalkers ( Second, how come you feel the need to share your thoughts with employers? You know that's definite no-no. Third, take good care of yourself, ok?
    - Randy
    P.S. Working at the weekend? That should be forbidden (unless you get pid twice as much)!

  4. That must have been a really funny incident with your prospective employer - wish I could been a fly on the wall!

    Oh my - ONLY six hours sleep? I feel tired thinking about that. My body copes with 8-9 hours. Give me 7 hours or less, and cross my path at your peril.

    Lastly, I may be biased, but chocolate is ALWAYS a good thing. All the best with the gyming too! I have to admit, you're a better woman than I.

  5. LOL, you're just like David. Constantly having chocolate battles over here! My battles are chips. I LOVE Doritos, Cheetos and all that salty junk. I need to stop!

    By the way, if I were your prospective employer, I would hire you just for making me laugh!! :)

  6. Haha I ramble so much in interviews too! How was it? And did you get it?

    lol. Chocolate 8-). I want some!

  7. Now that's an interview conversation I want to hear :-)

    No need for illegal injections. I go to Dischem for weekly Vit B injections. Have your iron levels tested too.

    I'm permanently tired too-at least my brain fog has cleared.

    Dreams can be sustaining...says I, a perpetual daydreamer

  8. Azra, we are living parallel lives. I too, dream away, procrastinating like hell and meet the end of the week with an "Oh, my God, I shoulda, woulda, coulda" but didn't. Whilst I rail against discipline and structure it is the only way to peace of mind and true balance.

    The interview sounds great, you should get the job!

  9. LL - I'm still waiting to find out... will let you know when I do :)

    GB - I've had the Yorkie bar before, it was ok, not a favourite. But you're right though, I like my chocolate the way I like my men: Solid, Sturdy and Reliable in that they always leave me feeling great. No flaky, fickle, fleeting chocolate or men for me thanks :D

    RCB - Well this potential employer is a bit of a kook. As eccentric as they come and I actually liked talking to her. We have a lot in common. What people don't know is that I actually am a professional stalker... I got the Honours degree to prove it and I spent over 2 years working for Private Investigators in cases like Industrial Sabotage, High Profile Kidnappings etc. etc.

    Prixie - It was quite funny, especially how blase I was about it at first. I'm thinking I have to increase the 6 hours to 7 or 8 hours just to cope with my little tired spells. And girl, I either have to gym, or I have to say goodbye to Mochachos spicy chips for good. And thats not happening anytime soon ;)

    Michi - I don't actually put on weight with chocolate. It's the chips that kill me. Like I said, I only have to look at the them to gain 12kg's! lol. But eating chocolate daily kinda cancels out all the effort I'm putting in with the gyming... so I have to cut down temporarily :D

    Nas - I'm waiting to find out about the job... will let you know once I do :)

    bb-Aisha - It was only illegal the first time because I was desperate for one (it was like 9pm in the evening) and I had bought the vials earlier but had way of injecting it myself. And the nurse I went to wasn't authorised to administer the injection... and there was no way in hell I was going to go through the lenghty process of registering with the clinic for a little B12 injection. lol But I'm definitely overdue a visit to Dischem for my monthly shot.

    Juliette - I'm stiull trying to figure out exactly what it is that I'm getting from being such a day dreamer / procrastinator... because there's definitely some kind of gratification associated to that which motivates continued behaviour. *sigh* Maybe I just need a man in my life ;)

  10. Az!
    just wanted to say....I finally watched Bridesmaids;)

    It was a hoot!
    Specially that plump lady-
    'Life is gonna bitecha!'

    Hope you're well, MsDreamy...

  11. I think it is important to show prospective employers who you are a little bit!

  12. pserean
    I'm Alhamdulilah. Glad you liked the movie! :D

    Diedre - I think so too. Coz at the end of the day, we're all just people with similar wants and needs innit :)