Thursday, 27 October 2011

Coz it's what the doc ordered...

Remember when I said that I often find that I don't have anyone to talk to when I'm in a crisis? Well, it's like The Almighty heard me whining and sent me someone. It's more like this someone has taken it upon himself to be my counsellor and saviour and whatever else I need that I've been lacking at this juncture in my life.

I recently had dinner with my mom's (single) thirty-something year old doctor who is absolutely brilliant in his field (and breathtakingly beautiful) . I have met him a couple of times before, but Mother has been going to him for the better part of 10 years and they're quite friendly.

To make a long story short, Doc thinks we're fascinating (my sisters and I) and tres fun to be around and we think that he's fascinating and lovely blah blah blah...

So back to dinner... he tells me that he cannot believe that I'm still single. For some reason, he just can't understand why. So I told him that's what most of my students tell me too, and that I cannot believe that he's still single - especially because this is a guy with a couple hundred squajillion friends and everyone loves Doc. EVERYONE. His family, friends and a couple thousand of his patients too. Even the men. He's just that kind of guy.

Anyways, there was more of the back and forth admiration thing- "you're fantastic... no you're fantastic..." seriously though, you should see this guy. It's like the cover of GQ grew a pair of legs and came to sit at my table. If Mr. Perfect came in a bottle, you'd find Doc in aisle 7, between the air freshner and the 3 ply toilet paper. And honestly, if it wasn't for the HUGE cultural and religious barrier, I would have been ALL over him, like butter on toast.

But I know better than that. And he does too. So we've settled on trying to help each other see the bigger picture. He thinks I'm hung up on a guy I was talking to for a while (which, of course, I vehemently deny because I can not possibly be hung up on someone I've never met - can I?) and I think his ex-girlfriend slash ex-fiancée is a psychotic cow and that he's idealistic and slightly delusional.

He has managed to give me some perspective on a few things though.

He asked me what's my definition of the perfect guy. And I replied quite absent-mindedly, with a straight-face, "You!... well an Islama-fied version of you". He thought this was hilarious but I could see him blushing from the corner of my eye. We spoke about life in general, our expectations and preferences. I asked him all the stalker questions... y'know, what time he gets home, who cooks for him, where he lives, if he has a bath I could use (my place only has a stand-in shower), who does his laundry, who irons his clothes, what colour is his underwear... the usual. He indulged me and answered everything.

After a couple of hours of chatting non-stop, Doc suggested that we (my sisters and I) do a reality tv show and offered to speak to some of his pals in the industry if we were interested. I laughed for about an hour - really, no one would want to watch us in action. I get the feeling that most people would be highly offended by our uncouth non-traditional ways. 

We then said our goodbyes and I found myself wondering, why am I always attracted to the unavailable guys? They're always either physically, emotionally or spiritually unavailable. What kind of a masochist am I?! And it's not about the chase, it's more than that. Maybe my sub-conscious endorses a need to protect myself, so I choose men who theoretically can't hurt me? Whatever the case, it has to end.


  1. I would watch your show :D you have balls I say - I would never have been able to talk to him like that. Sometimes the most attractive is that which we cant have. I bet the guy you'll end up with will be the one you least likely expect.

  2. Sounds to me like you're in love, Teach. I mean, the colour of his underwear? :)

  3. nk -
    My brazenness comes so naturally that it's quite disturbing lol. We were just chatting casually.

    RCB -
    LOL Randy! I'm sorry to disappoint you but I'm not in love with Doc. I do like him as a good friend though. I find his perfection puzzling though... how do you have everything but you're still single? I guess he thinks the same about me :)

  4. ~sigh~ I don't know what else to say to the Doc situation. We're very much alike, you and I. :)

    As to the reality TV show... I'd be all over that! The brazen, uncouth, non-traditional stuff is what I like best about you. Why? Because your heart is always true and you remain true to yourself. If you can do those two things, then the first three things are just icing on the cake!

  5. A. You can totally be into a guy you've never met - When I first started internet dating I fell SO HARD for this guy who never ended up wanting to meet me. AWKWARD.

    B. I don't really have anything else.

  6. I would watch your show, too! I bet it'd be TONS better than the Kardashians!
    Doc sounds like a good friend to have on this path we call life. Makes the road more pleasant to walk on. I hope everything falls into place for you, Azra - and most importantly, I hope you enjoy the journey as best you can. You'll get there, I know you will. :)

    (P.S. ...and when you do get there, you'll come up with something else to look forward to, that's just how we are, love!) :)

  7. But I want you and the Doc to get together! Puulleeeeaaaase! You sound like the perfect match. And do the show! I love uncouth!

  8. Just found your blog recently so first comment here.

    LOL @ "you'd find doc in aisle 7".

    Your posts are longer than my usual fare but such good writing and flow! I'm breezing through the backlog. Hope to have an idea for why your life would make such a good t.v. show soon.

  9. In defense of your subconscious, he sounds like a great guy, so I'm pretty sure everyone would think "what if."

  10. Angie-
    We'll have to see about that reality show although I don't think we have the balls to go through with it :)

    If only other people felt about us the way we feel about them eh?

    He is a good friend and I enjoy his company :)

    Juliette - Doc and I are one of those tragic never-will-be stories that I hate so much. If you guys had to watch our reality show, I think you'd die laughing, we're so inappropriate.

    ipenka - Welcome and thanks for taking the time to comment! :)

    Megan - I'm full of "what ifs" myself... but there's just no way in this instance *le sigh*

  11. Hmmm I think I feel a tad under the weather, what's the Dr's name? :P

    Well I remember the first post that I read of yours, last year after the World Cup, (it was about the WC)it was awesome and I thought omg this girl must be soooo much fun to hang out with, so I think the reality show idea is actually spot on :)

  12. Chantal - LOL! I'm sure you and 1000 other girls would feel under the weather at the mention of a "perfect" doctor.

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