Monday, 7 November 2011

Coz I'm looking for the nearest exit...

It should be illegal to be this tired. I'm guessing there must be something wrong here - either a serious health issue or maybe it's just that time of the year. I'm guessing it could be a little of both.

I haven't had a decent break this year - it's been all work and no play all the way. It's very unlike me because  I'm usually all play and more play. My bank manager seems to agree, being the second person (in as many weeks) to suggest I have my own reality show. Twenty more requests and I may consider thinking about it.  That not grammatically correct? I don't give a shit. There are more important things to worry about then syntax. 

Like Facebook. Ever since they tweaked the site and had everyone from yonder exclaim how wonderful it was, all it's become is one big YAWN. Seriously. Never been so bored on FB before in my life EVER (actually, the last 5 years is more like it). Boring. Just talking about it makes me want to ZzZzZz...

And then this evening, I put on the telly hoping to escape into something funny and interesting (like our usual Monday night comedy line-up) and what do I see? Horses. Yes, a show about HORSES! It's not the first time, I saw it last week and thought it was a practical joke. But no, tonight again with the HORSES. That's the kind of viewing that's usually reserved for 5pm on Sunday afternoons, just before one of those National Geographic specials on the mating rituals of gecko's versus lizards or something like that. 

SABC is the WORST broadcaster in the ENTIRE universe and you can tell them I said so. They probably hire drunk gatte who play spin the bottle with our programming schedules. Whoever decided that Outsourced should be moved from Prime Time on Monday night to 06:30pm on Tuesday should be shot - execution style.

For some reason, I've been getting a lot of visitors over the past week who come here searching for "the end" or "the end is nigh". Yes I'm all apocalyptic sometimes because I cannot ignore the signs, but I find that very strange. Guess Greece and Oklahoma and all it's fellow occupied cities have people freaked out. No doubt about it (mainly due to the ever-increasing fuel price) the situation in Greece really bothers me. Probably more than global warming bothers me. But much less than a bad hair day bothers me. And significantly less than not being able to recall the name of the new posthumous Michael Jackson song that played on the radio two months ago bothers me. I'm almost positive the DJ said it's "who's loving you now" but alas it isn't or I can't find any record of it and I've been going bonkers over it ever since.

The neighbours are having a party tonight. Specifically those four guys next door, along with twelve other guys, so really it's like a guy's night in and therefore no invitation. But I did get a plate overflowing with lamb chops fresh off the grill. And it's well done, just how I like it. It's a good thing that it's just meat. I've been living la vida Gluten Free for the past month so that means NO bread, or bread products, or anything that looks like, smells like or even resembles wheat, yeast and any of it's derivatives. No bread since like forever... no wonder I'm so cranky.

I do need some sleep. A lot of sleep. Any sleep really. I feel mentally, emotionally and physically spent. I could do with a snooze on Iker's comfy bed. His duvet looks like a marshmallow. It calls my name. Ok, it doesn't really, lest someone be tempted to call the nutty police.
Spanish footballer Iker Casillas teases us with his snoozing skills.


  1. Thank goodness you added a caption to the pic.
    For a second there I thought you'd taken this whole Movember thing a bit too far ;)

  2. I hate this time of year, it makes me super tired. But we do get good TV. You need bread. Bread is the answer.

  3. Being tired isn't such a bad thing, Miss Azra. It means you're living an active life and ready for a good night's sleep. As for TV, has anyone on their death bed ever regretted not watching more TV? I think you should find out about your neighbours. Are they rugby players or gay?

  4. I could get the general gist of drunk "gatte" but googled it for the exact meaning. Your website popped up so if you have a visitor from that, go ahead and put me up there with the "end is nigh" people.

    Gluten free must be rough. Hope you get more play thrown in soon! (Don't think that came out right...)

  5. This post made me laugh. Your thoughts are like a runaway train. :) Please do get some sleep.

    PS: I agree on the SABC. Three weeks ago, I got DSTV for the parents - they're in telly heaven now.

  6. Take a well-deserved break! Your body, and mind, will thank you.
    Check your iron levels, & go for weekly Vit B shots.

    I'm so glad my debilitating constant fatigue is over. Living in Cairo impacted badly on my health.
    I still tire easily, but it's manageable. I find the weekly Vit B shots are helping.

    Again, schedule a holiday!

  7. Alright, no fun for you until you have at least 2 good nights of sleep. Is there any hope in sight of being able to take a few days off? Maybe a long weekend to relax and rejuvenate the spirit?

  8. Kaloo
    I love Iker. I love Iker's bed. I love watching Iker sleep. You get the idea :)

    There's something about November that screams "I need a holiday"... I have to postpone the bread for while, for health / allergy reasons *sigh*

    I'm sure it does, although the problem is that I constantly feel like I'm ready for a good nights sleep. Even in the morning or the middle of the day. My neighbours were having a poker night I think.

    "Gatte" (pronounced with gutteral gh) - plural for "Gat" which means "hole" in formal Afrikaans (SA's version of Dutch) - which means "asshole" in colloquial Afrikaans :)
    Gluten Free is not pleasant but necessary due to allergies. Yeah I hope I get more play in too :D

    Prixie - DSTV would be lost on me because I'm hardly ever at home long enough to watch tv. But every now and then when I do want to watch something, some crap is on... so maybe I should look into getting DSTV too...

    bb-Aisha - I'm overdue for a Vit-B shot, so I have to go soon. Chronic fatigue must be one of the worst things to suffer from. It ruins everything in your day. Not to worry, a short holiday is being planned :)

    Angie - It's end-of-year crunch time so I won't have a day off until mid December. Will see then :)

  9. Quite the rant there, it was a bit of a "stream of consciousness" style, I liked it. ;)

    I think I'm going through that time of year blues, too. The weather here changed drastically, but thankfully I'm happy enough knowing I'll be home soon enough for a visit. You'll have to squeeze in a weekend a getaway - hopefully our bodies will adjust soon and get rid of some of the fatigue.

    I didn't know you had gone gluten-free! I'm going to read more about it and give it a try come January (post-Master's and post-holidays). Any advice would be appreciated. :)

    There's gluten-free bread out there - there are a lot of children here (in Spain) who have various types of celiac disease, and there's one major supermarket here that offers all sorts of gluten-free products (such as plum cake, chocolate cake, baking flour, and all sorts of other goodies). Perhaps I can mail you some. :)

  10. Michi - We're having a heat wave here and trust me, 35degree weather (95F) is not pleasant!
    I had to go Gluten Free for a wheat intolerance and I feel better already. It's a little difficult, but once you're in the swing of things, it's great. That gluten free store sounds awesome. I have trouble finding gluten-free flour here and I want to try making corn-tortillas - all in good time ;)
    I'll mail you the details.

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  12. Poor you, but you're right, there are more important things to worry about then sintax or spelling or facebook. You'd have to pay me to ever find me there in this lifetime. Sorry, people. I'm not saying you should quit the habit. But, come on, 'Randy, why aren't you on facebook?' I mean only yesterday my best friend called me a dinosaur because I'm notob facebook. Freaking hell, I've got my own website! Shit, what's that all about, right? It's so YAWN YAWN YAWN. Follow the herd, baby. And, yes, that duvet looks good. Just too bad there's this guy in the same picture. You may want to disagree, of course...

    Take care, Teach.