Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Coz I'm a soldier to my own emptiness, I am a winner...

Adele's "Someone like you" makes me want to dig out my cochleas with a spoon and donate them to the nearest implant centre. Not that it isn't a good song. I just have a minor problem with the whole wrist slitting sentiment it elicits.

I'd rather spend my time fantasizing about driving a car with the top down looking out at the ocean with the wind in my hair and a balmy breeze caressing my face, listening to Goodluck taking it easy or even listening to this:

Lady Gaga ~ Marry The Night (Live)

Anyways, if you've been living under a rock or if you're not from SA, we've had some major changes over the last few days which may inadvertently affect the future of this country on some level. Maybe if I cared more, I'd be bothered to go into detail but I've been disillusioned with life in SA for the longest time. I blame London and the UK for that - those bastards colonized my mind in the two years I was there. They just can't help themselves can they? So for now I'll copy and paste a friend's Facebook status:

October 19 1977 - South Africa's Apartheid government bans several local newspapers for publishing news articles about the beating and murder of Steve Biko at the hands of the police... the ANC protested this violently.

Fast Forward...

November 22 2011 - South Africa's ANC government passes the Protection of Information Bill allowing the incarceration (for up to 25 years) and banning of any journalist or entity that makes public information about the corrupt nature or actions of members of government.

Now everyone knows I'm not a huge fan of the media, especially those behind reckless and irresponsible reporting - but to have your notoriously corrupt government pull the plug on the open / transparent information act so that they can hide all the shit they get up to - well even I can see something heinously wrong with that.

It's just contributed to my belief that we're regressing as a nation. And it's become reason #37 to leave for good and never come back. Reason #3 is Eskom - the nation's infamous power supplier that sporadically plays spin-the-bottle with the country's power supply and conveniently runs out of money / capacity to supply the nation with power, while all its fat-cats sit with Millions in self-allocated bonuses firmly ensconced in their pockets. But that won't be our problem anymore... not if the Protection of Information Bill has anything to do with it.

On the brighter side, I don't know what's funnier - the fact that someone edited the ANC's Wikipedia page  under the Criticism banner (click on image for larger visual):

Or the fact that Nando's never fails to cash in on any piece of controversial news:

South African's can laugh at just about ANYTHING. That's the #1 reason to stay.

In other news... Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating!


  1. Why do people always get "banned" in South Africa? I remember this banning stuff going on in the apartheid era. No other country "bans" people and I'm not even sure what it means.

  2. That is one thing about South Africans - we gotta laugh at ourselves! Else we will all end up in an asylum, I reckon.

  3. GB
    The only reason I can think of is that government here clearly don't have enough work to do. So they sit in their offices and twiddle their thumbs all day thinking of the ridiculous and absurd... like "who can we ban today" or some other crap like that.

    Laughter in the country is essential. You'll never survive without a sense of humour :)

  4. It's depressing but fits in perfectly with many people's perception of what politics is all about, including mine. So have you started packing yet?

  5. P.S. Censorship - don't you just hate it?

  6. Thinking of you on this Thanksgiving Holiday, Azra :-)


  7. Az,

    You know that's not what the bill says right?

    The bill talks about prison sentences for people who disclose classified information - not the same as information about corruption.

    Also the bill makes specific provision that information can't be classified to hide corruption, negligence etc. and mandates prison sentences for those who try do so.

    Lastly, the bill makes specific provision for disclosure of information where laws have been broken i.e. corruption - check section 18 of the bill

  8. RCB
    I'm permanently packed :D Unfortunately, the rest of the world is going to shit too... so where to from here?? *sigh*

    Hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic!!

    I know what the bill entails. Unfortunately, I don't have much faith (or trust) in this country because politics is both fickle and volatile and more often than not, the (previously) oppressed become the oppressors. The Zionist regime is exemplary of that.

  9. Plenty of countries are regressing at the moment - their Golden Age passed long ago thanks to greedy government officials and their bffs, the guzzling bankers. We should up and move to Brazil. See you there! :)