Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Coz the only thing worse than public displays of affection are public displays of adoration...

So I have a teeny tiny problem with my students. It seems like they love taking photos. Specifically, they love taking photos of me while I'm teaching or when they think I'm not looking.

Thing is, camera's and mobile phones are not allowed during lessons at the institute. But people bring them anyway. The result is that every now and then I catch one or two sly bastards sneaking pics of me with their cellphone cameras. And when I reprimand them, they pretend to know nothing and then continue with their sneaky photography sessions.

Now, I'm the Queen of Kook, but even this is beyond me. I find it quite odd. Is this normal? This can't be normal. I get the whole being enamoured with your teacher thing... wondering what they're like as people, outside the class. I've been there, done that and got the stalker trail to prove it. But this is a whole new level of quirk. I don't think I have the user manual for this kind of freaky.

And forget about leaving my hair hanging loose or wearing earrings. It's like everyone wants to touch me or my hair - and being aware of the very stringent laws against flirting with students and vice versa, I ensure I have absolutely NO physical contact with any of them. Even the females. I don't even respond to any of the adoring "my teacher" comments.

I'm thinking if it continues like this, I may need to look for another job.

Anyways. So it must have been one hell of a party the other night because the following morning on the way to my car (to go to work), I found a note neatly folded and taped to the windscreen. It said "Please send me a message, if you don't mind. Just a message, nothing else. Here's my number:" I'm guessing it's one of the neighbours. I've been tempted to call the number but at the same time I don't want to open up a can of worms. To message/call or not to message/call... that is the question. WWYD?


  1. The students who want to touch you may be showing their reverence, like the newly freed slaves who tried to touch Abraham Lincoln. I think you should cut them some slack.But don't have anything to do with the phone number. No respectable man leaves notes like that on a woman's car windscreen.

  2. To message.

    For life is too short to wonder 'What if...?'

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  4. I probably wouldn't message them back - but I also don't call people back when I don't know their number on my phone and they don't leave a message so I'm probably not best to ask.

    People take pictures of me all the time and also want to touch my hair. But these are strangers and not students.

    How old are your students?

  5. Eek, those snappy happy students sound a bit freaky. Hope it is just an initial phase and once you've been there for a while, the novelty will wear off.

    If that person that left their number was brave enough to call you to let you know they are interested, they would have. I think they are taking the easy way out by leaving it up to you?

  6. ehhh I would be rather irritated if ppl took my pic, you don't know where it lands up etc. Obviously you are very pretty though :)

    As for the hair touching, just NO, that is gross, don't people have boundaries and respect other ppl's personal space etc, that would really freak me out, dirty hands on my hair :/

    I wouldn't msg the person, coz they could turn out to be super annoying and not leave you alone.

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  8. Noooo don't message. That's creepier than the students taking your picture AND could well be one of your students who take the pictures. :) No need to put your # on their phone, right?

  9. Haha, stalker trail to prove it bit was funny. I think the cell phone bit is just their generation's way of expressing it. Harmless imo.

    Not sure the about message on car though. Secret admirers is all fun and games until someone gets abducted.

  10. Don't message back! The note would needs to be much more romantic than that to message back... did the note-writer even jot down his/her name?

    Besides, nothing wrong with playing hard to get. ;)

    Or it could very well be a creeper. So, no!

    As for the students, how old are they? I would pretty annoyed if my students took pictures of me, and would straight up walk over to them and take the phone away for the rest of class. Mine are teenagers and younger though, I don't know what I would do if they were adults.

  11. GB
    The students make me laugh, as weird as they are.

    I just don't trust some people...

    I'm used to people ogling me, but it's a little difficult if you can't escape them. My students range between 13 and 60. Most of them are in their 20's.

    That's how I feel too, like it's an act of cowardice and presumptuous to expect me to call. But then again, I have been told that I can be very intimidating...

    That's my only concern. With technology these days, one never knows where those pics will end up!

    I wish I knew what that meant :P


    I figure whoever it is, should at least have the balls to come up to me right...

    lol @ till someone gets abducted. Yes it's true, and I don't feel like being kidnapped this month. Maybe in January...

    Michi - No name on the note. My students are various ages... as young as 13 and as old as 50! But the largest demographic are in their mid-20's.

  12. I would have to respond to that message! The intrigue would kill me! It's already killing me and it's not mine! Just so long as it isn't one of your students! EEK!

  13. Well, well... what can I say after reading your post, my DEAREST teacher? Make sure you don't end up on YouTube, that's one. And, second, teach those sly slackers a lesson, and I mean A LESSON. Could it be that you're too nice to them in general? You seem like a nice person, so that could be it. I'm only nice to my students with that big grin on my face, so they know who not to f*ck with (f*ck with stands for fuck with in case you don't read PC language and, yes, it should be 'whom'). But seriously, what do you think you should do about it?

    - Randy

    P.S. Something completely different, Azra. An upper-advanced student of mine is looking for someone to proofread her fantasy thriller to be published by, if I remember correctly, ABC. If you're interested in making a few bucks (I don't have time and I don't think she's rich), go to or just let me know, OK? :)