Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Coz if you've ever wondered what my mornings are like...

07:11am at the kitchen table drinking coffee with the sibling...

Me: I can't believe that I have to go to work today while everyone else is at home, probably still sleeping.

Sis: Tell me about it. I just want to sit here like this for the rest of the day.

Me: Yes, it's a good day to just sit here, like this...

Sis: Well actually I just want to go to London, go have a coffee at Starbucks, walk around Oxford Street, go to H&M, buy some stuff at Lillywhites, eat a donut, sit in Leicester Square and think: this is so much better than New York.

Me: haha. I'm biased. It's funny because you don't actually realise how "British" we are until you go there. Come to think of it, you don't realise how "Dutch" we are either... until you go to Dutch-land.

Sis: Hmmm, that's so true. Colonialists.

Me: But we're quite Americanized in some of our social habits.

Sis: Yeah. Funny thing, I found Americans to be very nice. Which was a bit of a shock to me because we're always hearing about how rude and arrogant they are on TV and in the movies. So I was quite surprised to find that they are actually quite friendly, polite and warm - I had all kinds of people, complete strangers, greeting me and smiling. In some ways they're even better than us! I'm sure you'll find a few racist prejudicial people, they are in every country, but for the most part they're really nice and polite... and that was a pleasant surprise.

Me: I blame the media. The media dictates how we perceive each other... it's the negative media on our side of the world, and the negative media on their side of the world, that influences the way we see each other. But it's hardly fair for everyone on the outside to judge, and in some cases punish, over 300 million people for the views and actions adopted by their government. It's not fair to judge anyone on where they come from and the views of their government. People are different and have their own beliefs and opinions on most things.

Sis: Yep. We should go to America. I'm sure it would be a lot of fun if we went together. We could go to San Francisco, Seattle, LA, Florida and New York...

Me: Yeah we should go! We should go everywhere they tell us not to go. We should go to America and Iran and Colombia and North Korea... and if we die in any of those places, then at least we can say that we died on holiday. It would be better than dying in a hospital bed surrounded by sad, depressing people.

Sis: Yeah. That would be great... it's 07:28am. Do you want to go?

Me: Just one more minute. I just want to savour this moment, before I start running around like a headless chicken for the rest of the day...


  1. In the Murder on the Orient Express, Agatha Christie notes that how only in America can someone be Italian, Hispanic, British and Italian at the same time! You and your sister's conversation reminded me of that tale.

  2. Well, good morning to you, too, world citizen. Funny your sis should want to go to London and go straight to H&M while she's there. As for judging people - I agree we shouldn't judge people based on where they come from. I mean, you're from SA so you must be smart. It's a ridiculous habit of the entire human race. Must be a biological explanation for it - if not a psychological one. What we don't know scares us. Pop shrink RC speaking. Anyway, I'm fortunate enough to meet at least 500 students from all over the world each year. Helps me maintain a healthy perspective. How about you, Teach? Are things going as planned?

  3. Yep we shouldn't judge anyone but hey I'm a hypocrite! Not good :D

    I honestly can't imagine living anywhere but London. It's so cool! I've tried to move away so many times but I just can't do it.

  4. Well, Azra,

    I think you should start here first for two reasons: 1. Its where I was born and 2. its where they make that Chocolate you have been munching :-),San+Francisco,+CA&cid=0,0,16074565527832541252&ei=rUvyTsKqDoHX0QHh_62fAg&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&ved=0CCYQ_BI

  5. Colonialists...bwahahha. Very interesting 17 minutes in your household.

  6. I would go to Vietnam in a heartbeat. I'm not sure how that relates to your post, but I just thought I'd throw it out there :)

  7. YES! I'll come with you!! I'll be your token American. ;) Where to first??

  8. I think North Korea is actually pretty safe as long as you're not South Korean and keep your mouth shut. They have a no-nonsense approach to crime over there.

  9. If you come to America and don't let me know, I'll be hugely offended.

  10. mezba
    It is fascinating. However, you should come to SA, we take diversity to another dimension ;)

    H&M is one of our favourite stores Randy. And so true - what people don't know, scares them, hence the ridicule. People only ridicule that which they can't identify with. Overall, I'm ok I suppose. Only time will tell :)

    There's a saying that when you're tired of London, you're tired of Life. So I can understand your love for your home town. I share a similar love for London too :)

    I've always wanted to go to San Francusco so I look forward to the day. Thanks for the chocolate too :D

    That was one of our "boring" or should I say reflective sessions. You should hear us when we're having one of our crazy days :)

    "Putting it out there" is the first step to pursuing your goal. It's that intention that manifests itself into reality :)

    I'd love to have you with me... I don't know where to start though. Flip a coin? ;D

    I support no-nonsense approaches to crime. I think I will enjoy North Korean austerity because I'm a masochist like that :)

    I wouldn't dare going to the US without dropping by and seeing first-hand what life is like in the LL household :)