Monday, 5 December 2011

Coz sometimes we need to laugh...

I had an awesome weekend with my girls. Any moment spent with them are guaranteed to be filled with mega-LOL's. We had lunch at Doppio Zero in Greenside. And we laughed. Man did we laugh. I know some of the funniest ladies.

So we got talking about dates-gone-wrong and one of my cousins was relaying the disaster that was her date the night before. She kept on falling throughout the night. At one point she slipped down the stairs and he tried to catch her but she landed on her bum at the bottom of the stairs. They were on their way to pay for the parking ticket and she just sat there on the floor and told him to go ahead, that she'd wait for him (sitting on the floor).

Man did we laugh. I recalled some of my disastrous dates. The weirdest "relationship" being one via text message. Yeah, I had an entire "relationship" on my mobile/ cell phone. Every time he saw me, he'd run away and pretend he didn't know me. But on sms, things were amazing. It was probably the most fruitful relationship that never was.

I've mentioned this before, but the funniest dating disaster I've ever heard of was from one of my closest friends. She was in love with this guy for like forever... and then one day, he eventually asked her out to dinner. She was so excited and nervous that she wasn't thinking straight. She ordered pasta. As the evening wore on and her food arrived, she proceeded to slurp a strand of Spaghetti into her mouth and was met with shock and horror when some of the marinara sauce splattered all over her face. 

Thinking it was just a fluke, she did it again, and got some marinara on her eyelashes and on his shirt. Then at one point, she realised that she was on a date with him... the same him that she'd spent hours dreaming of... and she became so overwhelmed that she started crying. Crying! And he was wiping away her tears, telling her not to cry. And of course, she wanted to DIE the very next day.

Oi, we can be such idiots. I should know. There was that one time, on that one date, when I accidentally set myself on fire. I happened to be wearing a long black dress and fortunately, the only visible damage was from a few sparks that had burnt tiny holes on the bottom half of the dress. Thanks to the Lord it turned out to be minor and the only injury I incurred was a bruised ego and wounded dignity.

And so we laughed. Recalling old tales and telling new ones. Some of them too PG-ish to divulge here. In fact, we laughed from about 1pm until around 7pm. And we racked up a hell-of-a bill. After contemplating how many dishes we'd have to do versus how much jail time if we forfeited on the bill, we paid and were on our merry way... laughing all the way home.


  1. I don't realize how much I miss my girls until we get seated and the talking starts. One of these times I'm going to chronicle the event's food and beverage intake with my cam. haha

    We are truly fortunate, huh?!

  2. How very sweet of her to cry after splattering sauce over her face! Her date should have asked the waiter for a damp sponge and done the decent thing. Is it humiliating for a woman to have her faced cleaned by a man? I don't see why it should be.

  3. I think the Spaghetti Slurper was cute. I would have asked her out on a date again. Sure I would have worn a hockey mask and a vinyl suit, but heck it would still be fun :)

  4. Laughing with the ladies is seriously the best thing ever.

    Man, dates are just so awkward.

  5. It's wonderful being able to laugh like that with friends! I don't really have any dating disasters, but I did make sure to tell my boyfriend a "naked story" on each of our first couple dates, how classy! lol.

  6. This is such a nostalgic post, brings back many memories. Thanks for sharing this :) laughter with one's girlfriends is Therapeutic

  7. Angie
    Very fortunate. I even had Cheesecake for dessert. The end of a perfect day :)

    I think she was humiliated that she couldn't control her emotions and he knew how she felt about him which made it even more awkward.

    She's very funny and a bit of a nutter too. We have the best times *so* much fun together lol.

    Yeah dates are awkward. I'm at a point where I'm like "don't ask me what my hobbies are or what movies I like". They become so monotonous.

    Classy indeed lol! Well it couldn't have been that bad if he's still with you :)

    We all need those days when we can just kick back, relax and take a break from our stressful lives.

  8. classy! times like these, remind us that life's not movie/series/tv/book perfect. it's real as sauce on the face and a jarring stair to the tail bone. sharing makes it all the more amusing and livable.

  9. Azra,

    Would you believe I have had similar nights out with girl friends? That's girl friends and not girlfriends. My best friends have always been women and I can tell you, they are more creative, more hilarious, and more genuine than any clutch of guys :-)


  10. This sounds lovely, just lovely. Thanks for the much-much-much needed laugh today!

    This post makes me miss my girls. They're all out of the country! **sob**

  11. Fathima
    It's true, real life is less than perfect and more often than not the beauty (and fun) lie in the imperfections.

    I'm sure you've had plenty of days like that Dean... girls seem to gravitate toward you, and for good reason ;)

    A lot of my friends are out of the country too. I'm lucky to still have a few here though. This year couldn't end faster, I really need some R & R.

  12. All of those notches on your lipstick case - all of those memories. Adversity + Time = Humor

  13. That's quite a story about your friend's disastrous date. The worst date I remember was when this girl from the gym invited me to go to the movies - The Punisher. Well, that should've been a clue. To cut a long story short, she scared the hell out of me, coming on strong like Miss Piggy meets the Hulk, so I split. No kiss, no nothing... Just a nightmare to add to my collection of not so memorable moments.

  14. LL - Yeah, humour is the key to life.

    RCB - Just be grateful you weren't falling all over the girl LOL!

  15. I LOVE girl time!! It's definitely one of the things I miss most about home. It's amazing how quickly time goes by when you're talking up a storm and relaying old stories you already know by heart, but that you'll never tire of because it's the most wonderful thing, having these stories and dreams and dating disasters preserved in memory by friends, and most importantly, friends you can laugh about it with!! :)

  16. RCB - :)

    Michi - Shared time and precious moments with special people in our lives are priceless! Nothing, not even distance can change that ;)