Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Story of Penny...

Once upon a time, when the Institute was still in it's pimply adolescent phase, a new comprehensive program was introduced to the students. It was called Penny. The program centred around a fictitious character, her life and her family.

But there was one teeny weeny little problem.

Every time one of the teachers would call out instructions regarding Penny, the class would be abuzz with students stifling illicit sniggers. As one teacher recalls:

I'd say "Class, please take out Penny and do the exercises", or "Class let's do Penny" and they'd cackle like teenage girls over the latest gossip and I couldn't figure out what was so funny.

It went on for months until one day Boss-woman called a meeting regarding the curriculum and Penny in particular.

They had discovered that the English word Penis is pronounced as Penny in French - even though the spelling remains the same. So having naive teachers walk around commanding students to whip out their Penny's and do exercises was quite amusing to the class. The program was promptly and aptly renamed Jenny.


  1. I hope that Jenny isn't an acronym for vagina...

  2. LL
    No it isn't. Although Corna means Vagina in some colloquial Portuguese circles. So we avoid saying things like "Please stop at the corner" especially if you're in a taxi.

  3. Hahahahaha. Ohhh man, I love stuff like this.

  4. This reminds of the song 'Denis, Denis' by Blondie. I bet a lot of French lads mocked it by singing 'Penis, Penis'.

  5. New Year's Resolutions:

    I will not hang out at the corna anymore.

    I will not brag about how my car goes around cornas as if it was on rails.

    When somebody asks me where I was, I will not tell them that I was just 'around the corna'.

  6. Oh don't you have a trove of these great stories! :)

  7. Michi
    I'm sure you've got plenty of stories of your own ;)

    The list goes on and on LOL...

    I'm sure they did. The French are really subtle like that.

    Incidentally with Spanish speaking people in Spain it's not uncommon to use the word "coja" for a Taxi. But in South American spanish it means "Whore" or something equally offensive like that.

    Oh you have no idea lady LOL :))

  8. So, it's "Jenny Lane" from now on?

    And "On the corner is a banker with a motorcar" shall be sung how? "The little children laugh at him behind his back" gains a whole new sense.

    "Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes". Very strange...

    Goodbye blue suburban skies. Goodbye innocence. You just ruined mine.

  9. Hahahaha that's so funny. Obviously every student knew perfectly well what kind of exercises would be um... suitable. I once had two students with funny names, too. One was a Dutch lady whose name is spelled Hannie and is pronounced 'honey', so I'd say, 'Honey, you're next.' The other one has a bame I can't spell but it sounds like shut up. So I'd say, 'Shut up, you're next.' But Penny is so much funnier. Enjoy the weekend, Azra!

  10. P.S. From now on I'll never say, 'a penny for your thought' ever again.

  11. Candide
    I have trouble believing that you were that innocent to begin with :)

    "Shut up you're next"? That is pretty funny too. "Penny for your thoughts" now sounds like it could be a slogan for a brothel or an escort agency LOL!

  12. Yeah, and the funny thing is I use it all the time, being curious and all. Now my conscious will tell me not to. Thanks a lot. (I know.... what are friends for?)

  13. When I was a kid, the penny loafer was a popular shoe, primarily because they were comfortable. Now I reflect on the subliminal message.

  14. - Penny also refers to "the length of a nail".

    - It's the short form of Penelope. Penélope Cruz is sometimes referred to as "Pene", which is Spanish for penis.

    Those were my two pence for today.

  15. There is a saying "Those who laught a penny will cry for a penny".

    I always thought it meant being frugal but...

  16. So I guess you won't be making them read The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking?

  17. RCB
    At least you'll get a tiny chuckle every time you want to use it :)

    Maybe they were trying to tell you to make your penis popular? LOL Sounds like a porn ad.

    I will never look at Penelope Cruz the same way again :)


    I'm pretty sure that its possible to cry for a penny that's been laught LOL ;)

    The only story that is safe is Tom Sawyer. Unless some new material suggesting otherwise emerges :)