Sunday, 19 February 2012


I was having a look at someone's bucket list the other day, and it prompted me to think of my own. If I had a bucket list, it would be filled to the brim with dreams of traversing the earth, discovering hidden gems in far corners and languishing through the days soaking it all up like a sponge.

And that's precisely why I never had a bucket list. I thought it would be heart breaking because it would just remind me of everything I don't have and haven't yet accomplished.

But dwelling in the era of change, I've decided that the time has come to make one. And because I have such rich and consuming dreams and aspirations, it would be impossible to encapsulate everything in just one post. So I've decided to divide them up in instalments.

The number 1 spot on my wishlist would belong to Ravello, Italy. Ever since I can remember, I've always wanted to go to the Amalfi coast and stay at Hotel Caruso overlooking the Med:

It's not entirely impossible, but it is a tad expensive ranging from € 1,648 to € 2,068 per night. It's still BEAUTIFUL. And I wouldn't mind saving every penny I had to be able to experience such beauty up close.

For now, it remains a dream...


  1. I haven't dared start a bucket list for the exact same reasons you had! I feel like my list would go on forever, plus, I'd rather just take things as they come (ha, when I'm not planning for a future exotic getaway), and look back on my accomplishments instead (when I'm not kicking myself for not having done more!).
    It's a lovely vicious cycle.

    I love # 1 on your bucket list. I can't wait to see the rest of your bucket list installments! ;)

  2. I'm not interested in buckets so I don't have a list either.

  3. Hotel Caruso overlooking the Med.... is that a fact, Azra? The woman has great taste, people! It's a bit steap, though. Which reminds me of all the folks out there who wish to make me believe money doesn't make a person happy. Well, if that's true, why don't they just give it all to us? Because we're loaded already, I know ;)

  4. That's a great view, but would it really be better than a cruise down the Med?

  5. At least it is still an attainable goal!

    If you start a 'Travel fund' - it WILL be possible. :)

    I looks really beautiful!

  6. Michi
    I want to live without fear. And fear manifests itself in different forms... so this is me trying to break the mould ;)

    Cest la vie :)

    Well I don't believe that money can make you happy Randy, but I do believe that the LACK thereof will DEFINITELY make you miserable ;P

    Actually, I don't think it would be better than a cruise down the Med, but I've got to start somewhere... :-)

    I only need about 5 SQUA_JILLION bucks to make all my dreams come true ;D

  7. I'm with you on this one, Azra.

  8. ...which, of course, brings us to our definition of LACK :)

  9. LL
    It would be awesome :)

    Give me a few months Randy, and all my dreams will come true ;)

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