Monday, 6 February 2012

Just a few more things you didn't need to know...

I always find it both strange and amusing to be awarded for my thoughts. But other people don't think so... anyway, thank you Randy.
So I'm supposed to list 5 random facts about myself and then pass it on to 5 great blogs that I like and recommend. Problem is, I like and would recommend more than 5 blogs - waaay more.

Thing is, I'm generally a very busy person, so if I make the effort and take the time to read your blog and comment on it, it means that I like it and that you have my approval. And I enjoy reading a wide variety of blogs for different reasons.

So I thought that instead of torturing myself for hours trying to choose 5 specific blogs, I'll substitute it instead with a list of 10 random somewhat unknown facts about me:

1. I’ve started eating eggs again after 15 years of being off them. Only hard-boiled eggs though. It happened one morning on the cruise. The reason I stopped in the first place was because I couldn’t stand the smell.

2. I can't go to bed without washing my feet and drinking a tablespoon of olive oil mixed with water.

3. My Dad’s cousin is a famous pop star in the UAE.

4. I don’t only appreciate male beauty, contrary to what people may believe from what they’ve read here or seen on Facebook. I appreciate all kinds of beauty and openly admire beautiful women and adorable children as well.

5. I don’t say things I don’t mean. So if I say that I care about someone or something or that I think someone is beautiful, amazing or awesome – I genuinely mean it.

6. In real life I'm a very affectionate person. In the words of someone who actually met me "I was expecting a great big lion to chew my head off and all I got was this harmless cute little kitten". I can be fiesty but I love to love, and I'm not afraid of expressing that love. So I'm always hugging and kissing family members and close friends and telling them that I love them - much to their irritation. 

7. The irony is that the people that I love most in the world are the only people I can't express it to - and they're my parents. Just thinking about telling them that I love them overwhelms me to such a degree that I get very emotional, choke up, can't get a word out and I could cry for DAYS.

8. My parents are dangerous people. Mostly because they’re very well connected. When I was younger, I would often fantasize about running away to a tropical island and living out my days there. But I knew that there was no way in hell that would ever happen because Mother would only need to make one phone call and everyone from the country’s top cops and detectives, to the FBI, Interpol and the Chinese Mafia would be out looking for me.

9. My thoughts and opinions are always subject to change. For some reason people tend to think that everything I say is etched in stone. What most don’t realise is that I have mini revelations and epiphanies quite often, so I’m always learning and growing as a person. I also believe that growth and self-improvement is important. Hence what I believe to be true at any particular moment changes every few months.

10. My students voted me as their funniest teacher and one of the best teachers they ever had in a recent poll. The problem with such accolades is that it’s a breeding ground for jealousy from other insecure and emotionally retarded colleagues.


  1. Think of the award as an appreciation for SHARING your thoughts. It doesn't happen every day that I come across people whose thoughts - and the way they express those thoughts- make me stop and think and think again. It's that simple. You may smile now.

    - Randy

    P.S. I hate eggs. I can't stand the smell or the taste. I haven't touched one since I was five. I, too, have never told my Mom that I love her, but it's on my bucket list.

  2. "10. My students voted me as their funniest teacher and one of the best teachers they ever had in a recent poll. The problem with such accolades is that it’s a breeding ground for jealousy from other insecure and emotionally retarded colleagues".

    Screw 'em!!

  3. I knew a woman who wouldn't eat eggs because she couldn't stand the thought of emitting egg-flavoured burps, which is a similar phobia to your own one. I'm sure that's less likely if you eat them hard boiled. Curried hard-boiled eggs might eliminate the problem completely.

  4. wheres the damn like button ?

  5. Wonderful! I love your quirks like: "I can't go to bed without washing my feet and drinking a tablespoon of olive oil mixed with water."

    As for that egg smell - that is why I also stopped eating eggs and I went one step further - nothing with eggs! Makes eating chocolate cake a little harder, but when I do eat it, man do I appreciate it.

    Your colleagues can really go to hell. Why can't adults behave as such?

  6. On point 7 - why not try writing a letter?

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  8. Oh dear, way too many facts, way too much information, and way too scary to stay in touch with you.

  9. Great post - love number 10 *high five* :)

  10. I knew you were lovely and you just reinforced it! ~hugs~

  11. RCB
    Thanks again for the award. It's awesome - I'm just not used to such things. I'm humbled by any kind of praise.
    PS - I hate the smell of eggs so much that I won't even eat cake if I can smell the egg in it.

    Hello sweetheart :) I miss you too xxx

    I know yeah :) Pity I have a boss that's so immature and insecure that she feels the need to compete with everyone in the most infantile matters *sigh*

    I'll have to stick to the hard-boiled variety for now... been having some allergic reactions to tomatoes.

    Maybe I should have one? It never occurred to me.

    When I used to eat bread, I wouldn't eat any kind of bread where I could smell the egg... and trust me, I can smell the egg from a mile away lol.
    As for my colleagues, yes I know it's pathetic. And so childish. As a result it's difficult to respect anyone or take any of them seriously. I'm in the job market - as it were. The sadness that is my life!

    I did actually write a letter to my Dad but I never gave it to him. It was so difficult to write though and I think I cried for like 3 days - and that was just trying to put the words to paper! And while my Mother is not as warm or emotional, I know my Dad will start crying if I tell him that I love him, and THAT would just send me off the edge, I don't think I'd ever recover *sigh*. I do think they know how I feel about them though.

    Really that scary? Really that much info? You'll get over it :) :)

    Thanx doll. High Five back at ya. I miss you! xoxo

    Why thank you Lady :) You know you're equally (if not more) lovely :) *HUGS*

  12. RCB
    PS. My late cousin's name was Randy. He passed away about 7 years ago in a car accident / suspected murder case.

  13. You know, when someone reads your blog, you come across as being a no nonsense lady who is not afraid to put her point across as has big balls (metaphorically speaking). But having read this, it was nice to see the other side of you. The softie one.


  14. Brilliant! Ok, I want to know why you wash your feet and eat a spoonful of olive oil? Should I be doing this? Enjoyed finding out more about you and it's a beautiful thing that you're emotional. Worry not about the retarded jealousy- you clearly earned the accolade as you did the blog one.

  15. You hate the smell of eggs so much you won't even eat cake if you can smell the egg in it? Well what do you know - that makes two of us. Ironically, it means I don't like expensive, quality cookies! Too much egg!

    In a car accident / suspected murder case??? I'm sorry to hear that. Say it has absolutely nothing to do with the name that makes some women blush... I once said to a guy, 'Hey Dick! I'm Randy!' No one else got it.

  16. I didn't know about the oil and foot washing fetish, but I love the new profile photo.

    And I don't think that any of us wonder that you're the most popular teacher.

  17. Hahaha, I think I like you even more after this post. Olive oil and water before going to bed? Oooh, does that help moisturize your skin? (Or help you poop in the morning?) If it's either of those, I say I need to try it.

    Happy week, love! And high-five to the awesome teacher that you are! ;)

  18. Nas
    Thank you kindly. Blogs have a way of only portraying one side of us ;)

    Haha. I wash my feet because I'm a neat clean freak. And I drink olive oil because it's great for your skin and hair (and the soul). I don't care much for insecure bitchy girls. Besides, they're no match for me on the battlefield ;)

    That's funny. I wasn't very close to Randy (he was my step-cousin) but we did get along well when we did see each other. His death devastated his sister (my cousin - we're quite close) so it was difficult.

    Thanks! Well the oil is for my skin and I like my feet to be clean :)

    They say that olive oil works the best in it's raw natural form but the problem is I can't stomach it just like that, that's why I mix it with water. It's great for my skin (I tend to suffer from dry skin).
    Thanks for the well wishes hum ;)