Monday, 5 March 2012


So seven weeks ago, the Costa Concordia sank off the Italian coastline. And then last week the Costa Allegra lost power after an electrical fault leaving the ship floating in the middle of nowhere for three days while food and water had to be delivered to passengers by helicopter...

One would think that these catastrophes would put me off sailing into yonder for good. But no. I'm a masochist like that.

If I had a hundred Squajillion bucks at my disposal, I'd be sure to buy me a place on The World. Who wouldn't want to OWN an apartment (and a stake) aboard a luxurious ship (aside from the passengers and crew on the Concordia and Allegra)?

Who wouldn't want to sail at their leisure to just about every place on earth, seeing parts of the world that most people will never get to see... complete with on board entertainment and all the embellishments of a 5 star cruise?

And all that for only USD$600 000 for a studio flat or USD$2 950 000 for a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment - & a further USD$20 000 a month (for the smaller units & up) to cover fuel, crew, maintenance and a meal allowance.

The ship has 165 residential units, all owned by the ships residents. For on-board entertainment there is Internet access in each residence, a movie theatre, library and music performances. In addition to shore excursions classes have been offered on board in topics such as dance, navigation, language, cooking, arts and crafts, music, computers, and photography.

I actually saw this beautiful ship on the day we left port to Bazaruto Island. The ship, it's residents at sea (from 40 different countries) and the crew circumnavigate the world at a snails pace, stopping at every port for up to 5 days at a time.

Some people live in the light.

Anyways, in the real world, I'd be perfectly happy to just cruise around like a normal person for a week or two at a time on the Med or in the Carribean. Which brings me to #5...


  1. I'm trying to imagine the boredom of travelling around the world in a luxury apartment with a view of the ocean...and not having much success.

  2. I'll admit, this one is by far my favorite!! I didn't even know this sort of living arrangement existed! It sounds fantastic, and wonderful flat moving leisurely around the world. If D-Man and I made tons of money working from home - by all means, count us in!

  3. *a* wonderful flat.

    Gorilla, not boredom. I think it'd be worth a short for a few months, no?

  4. a *shot*.

    What is wrong with my writing today?!

  5. Sign me up. Now... Or we can share the flat and hang a bra on the door if one of us gets lucky! haha

  6. It sounds boring to simply sail around on a cruise ship, even if it is your own suite on a ship you own a share in.

    I'd rather bounce around the Med - week here, week there, rent a yacht for two weeks, etc. Which I think you're headed to on #5.

  7. Oh the fab life of the rich and famous...

    If we could win the Lotto, or write a best selling book...

  8. Wow, never heard of The World before, what an amazing concept. Usually The World would mean the Dubai manmade islands. Of course, owning that would be awesome too.

    I have never been on a cruise before, but the pictures of The World are amazing.

  9. I could live like this on a part-time basis. It'd be a lot more interesting than just having a (land-based) summer house somewhere.

  10. Good thing money doesn't make us happy. I keep telling myself, money doesn't make me happy money doesn't make me happy no sir it doesn't what doesn't money doesn't but I suck at brainwashing myself. Brainwashing students... no problem, but myself... See, I've got all of these character flaws. I guess this was #4.... thousand ;)
    Have a nice evening, Azra!

  11. GB
    I'm sure it's the kind of sedentary lifestyle that most people dream of - where your biggest problem is if the deli runs out of cheese.

    The best part is that people can choose when they want to be on the ship - not everyone travels all year (although the ship travels throughout the year) and there are between 100 and 300 residents on board at any time.

    It would be a dream. And yes we can hang our bras or socks on the door if we're ahem "busy" LOL.

    They go from place to place too LL - and many of the residents aren't there full time, opting to sail at specific times of the year.

    I'm guessing we'd have to write several best selling books since maintainence costs are quite hefty. And we'd have to stock up on Nutella, no doubt about that!

    Do yourself a favour and go on a cruise. If you love the ocean as much as I do, I'm sure you'll love it. I'm always depressed for a couple of weeks when the cruise ends, so a place on The World would be ideal.

    Roving Retorter
    That's how most of the residents live - on a part time basis. It's like a holiday home to some of them... only it floats from place to place.

    Yes money can't make you happy but the LACK thereof will DEFINITELY make you miserable. And I'd rather cry in a 5 star suite on The World off the Dalmatian Coast than alone in my two bedroom apartment ;)

  12. OH MY GOD I want one! Who lives on this boat?

  13. The most I know about vacationing is "time share" which my husband thought was a rip off. We spent most of our money trying to survive and educating our kids. That's all. Did not know where time went, and now it is kind of late to travel as both my husband and me are on the older side.

  14. The most I know about vacationing is "time share" which my husband thought was a rip off. We spent most of our money trying to survive and educating our kids. That's all. Did not know where time went, and now it is kind of late to travel as both my husband and me are on the older side.

  15. Sadly, I'm not a fan of the ocean. Gotta admit thought, that the whole idea seems a bit appealing :)

  16. Azra,

    I am with you! I gotta tell ya, when I cruise I sometimes don't get off the ship with the other guests. That's kinda antithetical to the purpose of cruising for some, I suppose. Still the ship is empty, I'm on the deck facing the water, and I have a string of attendants lining up the Mai Tais :-)

    I think the World is something like that. You live there. You can disembark and enjoy or you can sit back on deck and take in the sea air. I often stroll when on a long sea leg, just walk (sometimes jog). The sea air in and out of your lungs for days is a cleansing experience.

    So lets go for it! Me, Angie, and you! On-board the World for the rest of our lives. What ya say?


  17. Juliette
    I'm not sure who lives there, but I guess most of the units belong to successful business men and their wives and everyone else who has too much money for their own good ;)

    You know what they say... better late than never. It's never really too late, as long as you're breathing and healthy. Who knows :)

    Terra Shield
    The idea of not living on land appeals to me too. I can't imagine having problems like traffic :)

    You know I'm always in - it's up to Angie. Besides, I'm sure we'd only be able to afford it if we share a unit lol... oh if only my dreams came true ;P