Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I can't tell you how to make it go¹⁰

I’m going to pull a mirfaan⁰ just because as my brother from another mother, he’s a little more than fucking² awesome¹.

One of the things that I really really want to do now that I’m the big three–oh³ is to quit stressing. I become too anxious and stress way too much for my liking over absolute shit*. I want to internalise⁴ the fact that there are many things (and people) that I can not change and that I really should stop trying to.

Speaking of age... it kinda irks me that people look at me and think I’m still in my mid twenties. Jamais!⁵ I wish I looked my age. Guess I must be the only female on earth wasting wishes.

I will⁶ live really and truly⁷ fearlessly⁸.


0. and because pulling anything else means risking serious injury
1. just ask anyone in the Southern Hemisphere – yes the men too
2. pardon said French
3. 30 on the 30th, how eloquent is that?
*see footnote ²
4. as opposed to just realising and accepting it; been there done that
5. that’s Never! in some more French
6. because I’m done wanting things, and saying that I want things, it’s time to just shut up and do it
7. I’m sure there’s an Adverb in there somewhere
8. in a time when truth is vague and obscure and uncertainty reigns, this is no time to be a chicken shit Frances
9. I have the naughty urge to tell everyone to fuck off**
**there's some more of that beautiful French
10. Title taken from Linkin Park's By Myself


  1. Excellent reference to footnote 2.

    Double kudos for re-referencing/cross-referencing (?) with the asterik.

  2. Congratulations. Tis better to celebrate your 30th birthday than die at the age of 29. I'm glad that men in the southern hemisphere know something!

  3. Absolutely brilliant!!

    Need a footnote near the word earth* though...

    *Capital E

    I know, I know so effin' pedantic!

  4. Don't live life such that you're 'wishing that it was'.

  5. oh nice footnotes, Azra !
    i used to wish i looked my age but now i dont.
    i've realised that im so used to looking this way that if i look my age (or older), i'd be depressed.
    to look young is a blessing indeed (although ppl can underestimate us all the time).

  6. ipenka
    Haha. Thanks! I have an eye for detail.

    Irfaan is a special breed of genius on this side of the world. We all have a super crush on his abilities.

    It was done on purpose to show how little I think of life on this world ;)

    No Regrets! Yes, I believe that too :)

    I'm sure I won't have the same sentiments as I get older :)

  7. WAIT A MINUTE. Hold your horses and hide that hanky. You're not the big three oh, for you don't look that big to me. In fact, you look quite small. So let's use the term little three oh instead. That said, I think you can forget about not stressing. It all starts at thirty. Not being able to cope with the extra stress that's put on your plate when you're the said little three oh will only result in you being disapointed in yourself for having stressed while you so promised yourself you wouldn't, which - surprise, surprise - only leads to more stress. Here's what the blue four oh (plus ignorable 1) hopes you will do: try to stress less. That's all. It's doable and leads to that beautiful smile on a warrior's face. You know what I mean.

  8. 30th March? or April? Assuming it's March, then Happy Birthday!

    Looks like we have a similar problem. I don't look my age too. People have been chopping off up to 7 or 8 years off my age the past few years.

  9. RCB
    You've obviously haven't seen the size of my backside. If you did, you'd know there's nothing "little" about me LOL! ;D

    Terra Shield
    Thanks and yes it was on the 30th of March. The biggest problem I have with not looking my age is that people don't take me seriously and it's only when I take out my bitch claws do I get some respect.

  10. Hahahahaha! I didn't see that one coming. You're now responsible for my first big laugh today. Shame on you. No, I clearly haven't seen it because I'm over here and you're over there, and checking my pictures of you know who, I can't say you've made an effort to include it. Anyway, I'm six feet so in my book you're still... little, sizable backside or not. :))

    Have a nice weekend, Azra.

  11. Hi there stranger. Hope you had a great weekend. I checked my comments and it seems there's a VERY long one for my friend Azra.... Click HERE.

  12. RCB
    Thanks, I saw that and responded.
    And FYI, my ass is HUGE... the size of this world LOL

  13. OH COME ON!!!! I bet you mine is bigger. In fact, let's put our money where our mouth is. Mine is 105cm, roughly 41".

  14. RCB
    You want me to measure my ass? Seriously? I don't think there's enough tape!!