Sunday, 15 April 2012

Life is a comedy for those who Think and a tragedy for those who Feel*

But that doesn't mean we shouldn't feel or be allowed to feel. It just means that we shouldn't subject said feelings to our warped perceptions.  That's all. Nothing in life can be achieved or enjoyed at it's full potential without a significant balance of the elements. 

I had the strangest dream. I dreamt that Raul da Silva bought me a truck load of sweets and chocolates as a gift. For everyone who doesn't know who Raul da Silva is, well he is a South African Portuguese guy and was one of my classmates in high school. We were always friendly and had many laughs, but we were not exactly friends. And having NOT seen him or even given him a thought in over 13 years, you can see why I find it so strange.

I'm beginning to wonder if it has anything to do with latent junk food cravings or if it's more than that. Seeing that my body feels it quite apt to betray me continuously, regardless of what what I eat or despite all the things I DON'T eat, perhaps my unconscious mind is just filtering the hidden secret yearning to eat a truck load of sweets.

Although, I have no idea what any of that has to do with Raul. He's like the last guy on earth I'd ever think of.

Speaking of which, this previous post highlighted the findings in a recent poll conducted among 2000 British women on what they define as the perfect man. They are by no means, my personal views on what I define as perfect.

My personal requirements in contrast, are quite simple:
1. Someone I can respect and trust with my life.
2. Someone who is my friend.
3. Someone who knows the value and art of compromising.

Love cannot exist without the first point. If you cannot trust or respect your partner, you've already failed and you'll never be able to love sincerely. Secondly, at the core of every successful relationship there is a solid foundation of friendship and companionship that gets people through good times and bad - and it's all you really have when everything else fades away. And because no two people are alike life would be simple, uncomplicated, peaceful and pleasurable if we mastered the third point.

And that is that. Everything else is dispensable. Money comes and goes, so do friends and acquaintances. But the feeling that you'll always have someone in your corner, someone on your side, someone looking out for your best interests, someone in the thick and thin of things - that must be priceless. For everything else, there's Mastercard.

In the meantime, it seems like every time I blink I put on a pound. Gosh I hate being a woman sometimes. I remember brazenly giving out advise to Dreamlife and wife over a year ago. Now I feel like I'm batting for the other team. I'm in the market for some miracle cures if anyone knows anything... since nothing else seems to be working.

Anyway, when these Durex ads start coming on late at night, I know it's time to go sleep.

*Title from Horace Walpole


  1. Maybe you're craving him! hahaha

  2. High intensity training is the latest thing, Miss Azra. Just 3 minutes of intense exercise a week. The full documentary is in the BBC iplayer.

  3. Good relationship insight. And success (with pretty much anything) is all about balance - so for every piece of junk food you eat, do a little more exercise. And drinking a glass of cold water with some fresh lemon juice squeezed into it every day is supposed to be one small way to boost metabolism...

  4. i agree with your personal requirements. i guess those are the things that actually matter, Azra.
    when you find that cure, just please let me know too? i cant afford a wider hip...the only saving grace is that i also have wide shoulders.

  5. Cravings: If you wake up dreaming that you ate a 300 kg marshmallow and your pillow is missing, they may be a bit more intense than is desirable. Spread some Nutella on gluten-free toast and curb the insanity... :^)

  6. Try this:

    That advice you referred to at the end - was it something specific, or general? I don't recall...

  7. You're certainly having better dreams than me: "a truck load of sweets and chocolates as a gift." What a pleasure!

    My dreams are plagued by the dreaded wedding - every single night in one form or another! Urg! It is driving me insane.

    If you like green tea, I hear that helps with increasing metabolism.

  8. Raul tells me he misses you, too. ;) He also tells me money doesn't always come, but it sure always goes, and Mr Blue would even go as far as to say that respect is a kind of love. Just don't say it out loud. Don't hate being a woman.

    P.S. How come your list is even shorter than mine?

  9. SI
    LOL. I doubt it. Raul never was (still isn't) my type.

    Three minutes a week sounds much better than 7 hours a week. They may be on to something with their theory that more isn't necessarily better.

    Roving Retorter
    My current regime is 90 minutes of Zumba 5 days a week. I will definitely try the cold glass of water with lemon!

    I will do. It's hardly fair that men don't have to go through half of what we have to go through!

    Nutella has been the entire problem (ok maybe 25% of the problem)... I've been trying to cut out sugar and dairy.

    Well we were chatting about late night snacking remember? And you said that you were trying to quit. My biggest problem is that the change in weather makes me want to comfort eat.

    I heard about green tea too. Will give that a try as well. Sorry about your wedding dreams LOL... don't worry about it too much. It's going to happen either way so why worry:)

    I didn't know that you knew Raul as well. My list is shorter because I'm female and we know how to prioritise LOL!

  10. I vaguely remember. I never did succeed - permanently - in stopping the habit...

  11. Very funny. Everyone who says women don't have a sense of humor should go and listen to you. Prioritize..... yeah, right. Shoes first, then make-up, then chocolate, then my man....

  12. P.S. And when I say 'my man' I mean your man, not my man. I don't have a man. Maybe you don't either. Okay. That's clear now.

  13. In this case, my feelings and my thinking are completely unbalanced! My emotions are pretty much my over-analytical brain's b____.

    I like your three personal requirements. How did you get so wise? (I could use some wisdom, lady!)

    Sometimes, when it comes to these love and life things, I feel like I'm still a wobbly colt and wonder how I've gotten as far as I have, and how soon I'll stumble and fall, hard.

  14. Re: the perfect man list, funny story about parents. My mom married late, having turned down numerous suitors because she wanted the three highs.

    1)High Height
    2)High Education
    3)High Income

    She met my dad and got married in a month. My dad was:

    1)He is 5'4'' (about 163cm)
    2)Bachelors in Japan but going to Community college in US at time
    3)Working as a gardener

    Life is funny like that!

  15. dreamlife
    The change of season has me with the bad habit of craving a late night snack. Been trying to shake it off for a few weeks now. It's a state of emergency.

    My man, your man... what difference does it make. And I like shoes, but not as much as men... chocolate always comes first ;)

    Unfortunately, wisdom only comes from (often terrible) life experiences, watching others and learning the lessons. Sometimes I think I've had too many lessons.

    LOL, so true - life often takes us where our wishes and imaginations don't. Destiny is a funny thing.