Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Curaçao. Think Amsterdam in the Caribbean. That's exactly what it is. Just off the coast of Venezuela, in the southern Caribbean, is where you'll find this little gem. Curaçao is one of the five island territories of the former Netherlands Antilles:

The Country of Curaçao includes the main island as well as the small uninhabited island known as Klein Curaçao (which is both Dutch and Afrikaans for Small Curaçao). It is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Willemstad is the capital and is in the shape of a star:

Curaçao's heritage is Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch but because of its history, the island's population comes from many ethnic backgrounds. There is an Afro-Caribbean majority from African descent as well as sizeable minorities of Dutch, Latin American, French, South Asian, East Asian, Portuguese and Levantine people.

The majority of the population are multilingual, speaking English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamentu. There are also Christians from almost every division as well as Muslims, Jews and Hindus living on the island. The country is also known for its exquisite beaches and with a warm tropical savanna climate all year round, what more could you ask for?
Piscadera Bay - Curaçao

My only concern is that once I'm there, I'd never want to leave.


  1. Well, if that's your only concern, I'd say get on board that plane. I'm not sure if it really looks like Amsterdam, though. It looks so much better, really. Better is good, right?

  2. ah, niceee. looking at all these pics makes me feel like travelling soon. maybe i should just leave for a year or so and go travelling, Azra. i dont mind picking fruits for a living every now and then :)

  3. If I ever get married, this is one of the places I'd put on the prospective-honeymoon-locales list.

  4. Such a lovely blue sky. I certainly wouldn't blame ya if you wanted to stay there forever.

  5. RCB
    It does look a little better infra-structurally speaking... but for me it's all the same. However, in a competition, Curaçao would win just because it's an island - in the Southern Caribbean. Now that's definitely better than cold, wet Amsterdam :)

    Just tell me when you're leaving, I'd love to join you picking apples and backpacking across the world. I can think of nothing better. Oh, and pinching nice guys bums too :)

    Roving Retorter
    Yes, definitely. I'd actually want to get a yacht and sail through the Caribbean, stopping by all these quaint, beautiful places.

    Terra Shield
    Seriously though, I'd never come back. I'm one of those people who never want to come home :P

  6. It looks AMAZING!! Gah, look at that blue blue blue water!

  7. What I meant is... Curaçao looks so much better. That included the weather, most definitely.

  8. Ahhhh that place looks so awesome I agree I dont know if i'd be able to come back!

  9. I love the star shaped Klein Curacao, oh...i just noticed. It is not star shaped, it is a turtle =D. I've never been to Amsterdam but the houses on the peer do look like it from the pics i've seen.I suppose i am an armchair traveller...for now.I'm kind of the opposite of people who want to sun on a beach, i'd rather explore the culture and cities. I like all different people mixing together, as it should be. What a great review. Nice pictures too.

  10. It looks like such a lovely place...

  11. Deidre - It does look amazing indeed. I'm sure the Great Barrier Reef holds its own in that department :)

    RCB - Well, the entire country has less than 150K people on it. I'm sure they could use a few more so here's my plan... I reckon all my favourite blogger people join me at our new residence:) We just need to make sure their broadband is up to speed. Good plan no?

    I reckon that's a good enough reason to stay there :)

    You're in luck because Curaçao boasts rich culture and heritage. I love both cultural aspects of a place as well as sitting on the beach. So essentially there's something for everyone.

    You can join us if you'd like ;)

  12. Oh my gosh, WHY have I NOT been here? Bye...

  13. Juliette
    I ask myself the same question too...

  14. That looks amazing, even I have to admit, despite not liking heat.

  15. Prixie
    I have a mass blogger exodus planned and you're on the list! Don't worry, I'm packing an air-con too ;D

  16. Wow, I'd never even heard of Curaçao, but as of today I'd love to live there!

  17. Michi: Yeah, I'm quite POSITIVE that I want to live there too :) Just think of all the other awesome places we don't know about... Oh why can't someone pay me to travel?!?

  18. I'd be so very good at it (the travelling)...