Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Bora Bora. I initially had another (much colder) destination in mind but decided on this one to beat my current winter blues. Oh the lies we tell ourselves, delusions of grandeur. Anyways, every night before I go to sleep, I think of sailing leisurely around the French Polynesian Islands - specifically Tahiti and Bora Bora. There's little wonder why...

To be honest, this has got to be my favourite destination along with the Mediterranean coastline and CuraƧao. If I only ever got to travel to these three destinations, I'd die a very happy woman. Bora Bora in particular is something of a wonder... a slice of paradise on earth.

And that is that ladies and gentlemen. There really are no words to describe it all, no words to capture this kind of beauty. I've only ever dreamt of a place like this. And once again, I'm sure that if my eyes were lucky enough to behold such magnificence, I'd never want to leave. Authorities would have to sedate me like a wild monkey and drag me by the hair to get me on the plane.

Yeah, there's a hammock out there somewhere, with my name on it :)


  1. It looks almost too perfect and pristine to be real!

  2. "Authorities would have to sedate me like a wild monkey and drag me by the hair to get me on the plane."


    You and me both, sister. ;-) Love this comparison, tee hee.

    And yes, Bora Bora is just BEYOND. I mean...siiiiiiigh.

  3. this post is not good for my way of life, Miss Azra, because i feel like kicking off my shoes, empty my bank account and head to that hammoock with your name on it right away, after checking in to that little villa on water.
    love all the blue shades.

  4. Now these posts of yours, make me start aching all over again!! SO MANY places to experience and see, it hurts. It makes me wants to say, "to hell with it!" and just buy a ticket to wherever I fancy and figure it all out once I step off the plane onto new lands.

  5. It's cruel to go to paradise, only to have to leave.

    To me the biggest problem with any vacation is the need to return to 'reality'.

    Bora Bora is a completely different latitude/attitude and though I've never been there, I can't help but agree that once bitten, you'd have to return even if it meant melting grandma's silver down to pay for it.

  6. Oh those are so beautiful! I want to go there too!

  7. Roving Retorter
    It does, doesn't it!? That's why I said I've only ever dreamt of a place like this... it's like I know it exists but part of me still refuses to believe it.

    Pretzel Thief
    Seriously, it makes every other place on earth look like Hell... ok maybe not Hell but close! ;)

    This is the life Jaya. I'm actually envious of you because you're quite close or much closer to Bora Bora than I am. Perhaps we should have our Blogger convention on this Island and get Richard Branson to sponsor our trip because we're all so fabulous :D

    These are dangerous posts, I concur. And especially dangerous to our sanities. Who would want to go back to a concrete jungle after this?!? Sure as hell not me ;D

    Cruel indeed. I must be the only person on earth that goes on holiday and NEVER wants to come home. And it doesn't matter where I'm going or for how long I'm gone, I never ever have that desire to come back home.

    Hello and welcome. Here's to making our dreams come true! :)

  8. These pictures are sooo beautiful! The water is so clear and bright! I wish I was there! :D

  9. Definitely agree. Would need to be sedated like a monkey and put in a crate before leaving!

    Wow, what a beautiful place.

  10. Count me in. Now. Instant gratification request.

  11. I believe I could die happy there. Sign me up. I will need a few years to save. LOL

  12. GAh, that water! So blue! And the hammock! Oh my. OH MY.

  13. I love your dreamy posts. Those photos look surreal, magical. SO when you going to make your dream to sail in the Tahitian islands come true?

  14. Oh Azra! I REALLY want to go there- Should we all do a lottery syndicate or something? Just look at it. It's heavenly. Why wasn't I born there? It's not FAIIIIIIIR!

  15. Alyssa
    I wish I was there right now too :)

    I wonder what else would one want when you live in Paradise :)

    I think we're overdue on a Blogger Convention. Everyone can bring their gadgets with and we could convince Bill Gates to sponsor it under the guise of a techno convention ;)

    Don't worry, I have huge plans and they involve getting Bill Gates to pay for everything LOL!

    It is :)

    Hammocks haven't ever looked so appealing to me :)

    Gosh, I hope someday soon! I believe the first step to making things happen, is to desire it :)

    We can play the Lotto for good measure. In the meantime, I'm putting a pretty convincing proposal together for a Blogger Convention sponsored by Bill Gates ;)

    Terra Shield
    It is a stunning place indeed :)