Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Just rolling with it

I take it back. I've decided that instead of being a tube train driver, ice-cream taster, shepherd or professional protestor, my dream job would be to work as a Writer slash Photo-Journalist for Condé Nast's Traveler Magazine. That's the Ultimate dream! Who wouldn't want to travel the world and take photos? Now that's my kind of misery. I'd much rather hate my job in a 5 star hotel on a beach in the Caribbean, than in an office surrounded by paper jams and demonic staplers.

So dear reader, I have hardly been back in the saddle and I've been so busy with training, meetings, entertaining relatives visiting from Denmark and preparing for my cousins wedding that I hardly have time for anything. And as if to illustrate the point by physically manifesting itself - this past weekend I found my very first grey hair!

Now let me just say that I've always known that things would change over time. I've accepted that friends, back-fat and cellulite will come and go... but for some reason I always thought that I was exempt from getting grey hair. I'm only 30 years old! And I go to great lengths (excuse the pun) to keep it long and shiny and healthy (see for yourself). So you can imagine my surprise when I saw this white strand sticking out like Snoop Dogg at a Celine Dion party.

Anyway, my entire routine has changed. I now work for an American company, so I have to work American times. I've never had to work until 5pm before (it was always until 4:00pm or 4:30pm the latest) so I've had to adjust to that. I've also never had to adhere to US customs and laws before, where any kind of breach constitutes jail time. I no longer have time to gym or Zumba, so I have to eat sensibly and make sure that I power walk wherever I go and take the stairs instead of the lift. I don't get to socially interact with anyone as much as I did before...

But I'm sure that no matter what happens, me and my grey hair will be just fine. To be continued...


  1. Bah, I just found a white-ish hair the other day as well but I feel a little better because I found some in my younger sister's hair too and she's 24. Maybe you can still Zumba on the weekends?

    I'll put in an extra workout for you!

  2. This new job is aging you! I bet even a short-term travel writing gig would have the effect of a dip in the fountain of youth..

  3. Ouch, I'm fortunate to not have any white hair yet, at least none that I can see...(knock on wood)

    Definitely need to choose one thing for fun (zumba, social time, etc.) and make sure its mixed in. Set it as a priority otherwise you'll go crazy soon too.

    Hope you settle in soon!

  4. "[...] sticking out like Snoop Dogg at a Celine Dion party."


    I, too, wanna be a travel writer. Oh MAAAAN would that be the best dream job evaaaaah. And I'd take Yogi along to do the photojournalling since he rocks as a photographer and me not so much.


    Forget the grey hair. Would you believe that my dad found a grey hair in my head when I was all of SEVEN?! Yuh huh. Crazy stuff. I then rediscovered this same hair a few years ago...or maybe it was its spiteful eeeviiiiil twin. :D

    Ooh, I'm intrigued by this new American company with its US customs and laws, heheh...hope there's at least some interesting work and that you get settled into the new routine post-haste.

    Up and atom!
    (Radioactive Man, tee hee!)


  5. rooth
    I wish I could find grey hairs on either of my sisters heads, I'd feel less alone in this aging process LOL! I was thinking that I'll Zumba on the weekends :)

    Roving Retorter
    You're right, the grey hair would have made its appearance regardless of where I am and what I'm doing. Though, a grey hair on a beach in the Caribbean is so much better than a grey hair in an office on the 4th floor :)

    I agree, and that's why I've taken to taking stairs and brisk walking during my lunch hour etc. to maximise my output so that I can at least make up the gym time during the day. I'm going to have to re-organise my social life though *sigh*

    Pretzel Thief
    One of my friends at school had grey hair in his teens, so it's not uncommon... I guess it jut came as a shock to me LOL!
    I have really long days, starting between 6am and 8am and only coming home around 6PM! I don't mind as long as I'm gaining something from the work, like beneficial knowledge etc. :)

  6. It's not grey. it's spitfire silver/ash blonde. Embrace it as a sign of wiseness or pull it out and kill it! You sound like you've been super busy! I'm with you on the dream job, that sounds like perfection! Getting paid to do that! I wish...

  7. People seem to have difficulty believing this but I dye mine white. Or "graveyard blond" as they say in Germany . . .

  8. Travel writing and photography seems like fun, but I'm really bad at it... My holidays from last year still haven't seen the print version of themselves on the blog.

    I found my first white hair at 27. One silver white strand among the jet black hair.

  9. I am signing on as your assistant when you become a world traveling photojournalist! Sign me the heck up! As to the US customs and laws... what are they saying you can't do? My job gives me rules all the time. I just don't listen! :) lol

  10. When you're a famous photojournalist, you'll also want an entourage to pander to you and to I'm putting in my application now.

    As to white hair, you grow accustomed to it.

    An AMERICAN company? Americans are a pain in the neck. I know, I am one.

  11. Juliette
    Ash Blonde indeed :) I wonder how do people get jobs like that...

    I believe you. Who wouldn't want white hair, it's chic and trendy :)

    Terra Shield
    I have trouble believing that you'd have difficulty writing. I love to write about things I love or things that resonate, so I guess I wouldn't be short of words ;)

    I work in Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Fraud for a company that is Nationalised by the US Government. So we are answerable to the State Treasury and several Federal institutions including the US Government.
    You know you'll be one of the first people I call when I'm off taking photos in yonder ;D

    I actually find that working for a wholly owned US company is much better than working for a South African firm. They have very strict policies on Ethics and other stuff that I can respect completely. It makes me want to be a better worker. It's not patronising like other South African companies that I've worked for.
    Oh, and you're on the entourage list, don't worry :D

  12. When I saw my first grey hair I was ah this is all silver and shiny. Now, that MORE have added and pulling them out is no longer an option, I'm not at all impressed. Blaming it on the genes helps!

    Seriously, you're only as young as you feel, so don't let the grey hair get you down. Pooh to the work hours, hope you get relief soon iA.

  13. Roshan
    I think the only thing we can really do is own it. Although, I'm not about to go and dye the whole lot of it Grey like Kelly Osbourne :)

  14. i can totally get it, Azra !
    i can never settle for an office job after all these years of moving from one scene to another. i hope my next job wouldnt keep me behind a desk because i'd be the crankiest bitch the world would ever see.

    grey hair. a friend pulled out my first 3 months ago. just a random single strand. maybe it's just that for you as well :)

    good luck with your new job. you'll adjust just fine.

  15. Your very first grey hair... Is that a fact? My condolences. I have fifty.

  16. Jaya
    Mine was also a single random strand. I didn't pull it out yet lol.

    I can imagine Randy - but you're older than me so does it count? ;P